Adornment Care Instructions | how to wear african head wrap tutorial – Afro-Indie Adornments

Adornment Care Instructions

Cleaning Your Head Adornments

To ensure that you take proper care of your gorgeous head adornments, hand wash them in cold water and allow to air dry thoroughly. DO NOT use bleach or any detergents or soap with bleach in it! You may use light heat and/or steam to iron your head adornments on the wrong side of the fabric if wrinkled.

Cleaning Your Fabric Accessory Adornments

First thing first, DO NOT put your adornments in the washer or dryer. We have found that the Shout Wipe & Go wipes, Tide’s To Go pens, and Micellar Cleansing Water are pretty much reliable for cleaning your fabric pieces. These recommended products we have found to work on MOST stains, but there is a possibility that you may encounter some stains that are more stubborn than others and therefore we recommend addressing any noticeable stains as soon as possible rather than allowing them to set which makes them more aggressive to remove. Disclaimer: Before using these recommended products on your adornments, please do test them out first on a small area or spot on the back of your pieces to ensure that it works for you. Also, we do strongly advise that you DO NOT work out/exercise in your adornments to ensure that you keep them in the best possible condition at all times.

Cleaning Your Shawls/Garments

Fur Shawls and other garments (Temple Adornments): We highly recommend dry cleaning. DO NOT put shawls in the washer or dryer. 

Neck Scarves (Neck Adornments): Hand wash in cold water and hang to air dry. DO NOT use bleach of any kind





Product Care

Wool and Fabric Care:

  • For wool and other fabric fedoras, begin by removing dust with a soft-bristled clothes-brush; always brushing with the nap of the fabric. You can also use a lint roller to remove fuzz and dirt. Use it gently to prevent mis-shaping the hat.
  • If you get caught in the rain and your hat becomes wet, shake off excess water. Allow to air dry away from high heat or direct sunlight. If possible, use a hat form or large jar to support the hat to keep the brim from flattening and the top or "pinch" of the hat from becoming mis-shapen.
  • If you perspire heavily while wearing the hat, carefully wipe down the inside and outside of the hat with a damp cloth to remove excess body salts. Turn the hatband out and allow the hat to dry completely between wearings. If salt stains form on the felt, dip a white cloth into an equal mix of distilled white vinegar and water. Spot clean the salt stains and then allow to dry completely. Use a soft brush to restore the nap of the felt.

DO NOT use liquid cleaners on the hat.


Fedora Care:

  • Store your fedora in your Afro-Indie dust bag or a covered hat box to prevent dust from settling onto the hat. If your hat is not on a flat surface store it upside down to prevent the brim from becoming mis-shapen, this is especially important during traveling.
  • To help preserve the shape of a fedora, always grasp it by the brim. Make sure your hands are as clean as possible each time you touch the hat.
  • If your fedora gets crushed, place it on a hat form or over a rounded jar. Use a handheld clothing steamer or hold over a kettle of boiling water to steam the hat until slightly damp. Reshape the hat to the original condition and allow to air dry away from direct heat.
  • If you decide that your fedora needs a refresh or you would like to treat a stain, contact a professional dry cleaner that specializes in the care of wool for possible options.