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Why You Need Large Studs in Your Earring Collection

Earrings are a great accessory to experiment with because there are just so many different types of earrings out there. From sparkly dangles to colorful drops, there is something for everyone. First, however, let’s talk about one of the most underrated earrings: large studs. Yes, Queen, studs. While we love more intricate earrings, nothing beats a simple but striking large stud. 

We love studs for things like their durability, style, color, and timeless design. Regardless, if you are completely new to experimenting with large studs or want to get back into them, we are here to help. So, Queen, here are a few reasons why you need more large studs in your earring collection! 


Reason #1: They are easy to wear!

One of the reasons people love studs so much is their natural simplicity. But, while they are beautiful, dangles or ruffles are not an ideal accessory for a busy morning. They can get stuck on your clothes or hair if you are not careful, and that is just a recipe for disaster on a hectic day.  

Studs, however, can easily be put on in seconds, and they do not get stuck in your hair. On top of that, if you plan on wearing layers, you will not have to worry about your earrings falling off if you are taking something on or off. Instead, your large stud earrings will stay right in place. Not only that, but studs are incredibly versatile. They can be dressed up for a formal event or dressed down for something more casual. 



A perfect example of this is the ‘Chinara’ Large Studs in Fuchsia/Gold. These earrings are beautifully handmade with Ankara African print. With their versatile color and design, you can wear these studs anywhere in any way you like! They are perfect for someone new to statement pieces are they are simple to wear and style! 

Reason #2: Perfect pop of color! 

Want to add a pop of color to your outfit? Try wearing an eye-catching large stud! Everyone has a moment to put on an outfit and know that something is missing. Well, one of the cures to that intolerable situation is to add a vibrant, large stud! 

A large stud will effortlessly elevate your outfit to another level. If you want your studs to stand out even more, you can even put your hair up and let your earrings do all the talking. Studs are a perfect accessory for those who like small but striking accessories that help add a bit of spice to any boring, old outfit. 



Our ‘Chinara’ Large Studs in Fuchsia/Blue are a great pop of color. Its name ‘Chinara’ actually translates to ‘Received by God’ in the African language, making it a great reminder that God always receives you! These earrings were handmade using unique Ankara African print. The stud’s bright blue and fuchsia color will help you attract attention and compliments everywhere you go! 


Reason #3: Large studs are lightweight and durable!

While intricate and unique earrings are stunning, they can be quite difficult to travel with or even wear. However, with these large studs, you will never have to worry about your ears being in pain after wearings them for a few hours. Pain and discomfort will be nonexistent with these gorgeous studs. 

These large studs will be your go-to accessory if you plan on traveling soon. They are eye-catching and stylish but also easy to wear and travel with. They can fit in your purse, luggage, or carry-on luggage without having to worry about them getting tangled or breaking. On top of that, studs are a great accessory to wear to the airport. They do not require much attention; they are comfortable yet still stylish and fun to wear! 



The ‘Chinara’ Large Studs in Brown are a perfect example of this. These earrings are beautiful with their unique brown Ankara African print, but their size makes them lightweight and durable enough to be taken anywhere. They are also handmade with materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can feel great knowing where and how your earrings were made! 


Reason #4: They are a beautiful accessory!

Sometimes the simplest reason is the best reason. For example, large stud earrings are beautiful to look at and wear. Their unique print and color make them a must-have accessory. After all, it does not hurt to own a stunning accessory!

The ‘Chinara’ Large Studs in Orange showcase this excellently. These earrings have a gorgeous orange Ankara print that is incredibly striking. The earrings were handmade using materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. These studs can be worn casually with a pair of jeans and your favorite shirt, or they can be worn with a beautiful black dress for a more formal look. 



We love how these earrings will add a unique touch to any outfit. So just slip these studs on and prepare for all the compliments you receive. Trust us. It will be a lot! 

In conclusion, we are almost certain; large studs are the perfect accessory for almost any occasion. They are versatile enough to be worn for a night out on the town with friends or just casually as you spend the day inside. If you think your outfit is a bit too simple, throw on your favorite large studs. Or, if you are in a rush and need to put something on, reach for your studs quickly. So on and so forth. The style options are completely endless when it comes to these stunning earrings! 

Large studs might be slightly underrated in the world of earrings, but like our most reliable friends, they are always there when we need them! So, Queen, will you give these large studs a special place in your earring collection? If so, let us know which ones!