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What Accessories Can You Wear With a Gold Dress?

Gold is a timeless color that looks great on necklaces, rings, shoes, and even dresses. Gold dresses are among the most popular dresses to wear to a formal event because of their glistening color. However, for some, accessorizing an already striking color can seem intimidating. If this is you, do not worry, we are here to help, Queen! Here are some of the best accessories you can wear with a beautiful gold dress! 

‘Basha’ Layered Chain

This handmade chain is perfect for those who want to make their gold dress stand out more. Due to its intricate design, you might think this chain is too bold for an already flashy fabric, but that’s not true. In reality, due to its multicolored stones and silver chain, this necklace can perfectly match your dress without looking too outlandish. This chain is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with statement jewelry on a gold dress without being too theatrical.



The chain is named ‘Basha,’ which means ‘Daughter of God’ in Indian Tamil. The chain itself was handmade from oxidized silver decorative beading decorated with silver metal pendants and multicolored stones down the middle. It is finished with a striking multicolored jhumka (traditional bell-shaped design) at the bottom. 

‘Diya’ Dazzlers

Bring out the lovely gold color in your dress by wearing these timeless earrings. With their mini pearls, these earrings can give a more romantic or elegant flair to any of your outfits! Which makes this accessory ideal for someone who has a classic sense of style or wants something sophisticated for a formal event. It is also a great way to bring out your personality, as its name ‘Diya’ means ‘Dazzling Personality’ in the Indian Tamil language. 



These earrings were handmade and embedded with mini pearls inside a captivating gold frame. A jhumka (traditional bell-shaped design) dangles from the bottom of the earring. All the materials used to make this lovely earring were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. So you can feel good about knowing where your accessory came from! 

‘Siri’ Dazzlers — Red

Since gold is a very striking color, you might feel a bit too nervous about incorporating other colors (incredibly bold colors) into your outfit. This makes these earrings perfect for someone new to experimenting with eye-catching colors. The name ‘Siri’ itself means ‘Richness: Beauty: Gold’ in the Indian Tamil language, making sense because these earrings will bring a flair of beauty and richness while bringing out the gold in your outfit!



The ‘Siri’ dazzlers in Red have gold accents that will match your dress, but use white, red, and green to add a bit of color. It is the perfect accessory for those who worry that their dress is too dull or underwhelming! These earrings were handmade and handpainted with a deep purple color and bright gold finish. It has a bell shape dangling from the bottom and a gold finish.  All the materials used are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide.

‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Ring

Not only does will this gold ring perfectly match your gold dress, but it is also a great way to show off your love for Africa! The ring's name is ‘Morowa,’ which means ‘Queen’ in the African language, and this ring will certainly make you feel like a queen! This gold ring is the perfect accessory to add to your shiny outfit already! Nothing goes with gold better than more gold! 



Since this ring is handmade and created from materials sourced from Africa and worldwide, you can feel so much better knowing how and where your ring was made! The ring itself was carved from gold brass into the shape of Africa. This ring is the perfect conversation starter and a must-have accessory if you want to amplify the gold in your wardrobe! 

Zopa Coil Bangle (Pearl)

Elegance and grace never looked as good as it does on this bracelet! We can not help but recommend getting yourself this lovely pearl bangle for the ultimate sophisticated look. Gold and silver are two peas in a pod for jewelry, so why not pair them together? This bracelet is perfect for someone who wants to bring some elegance to their outfit while still complimenting the gold in their outfit!



The bangle’s name ‘Zopa’ translates to ‘Patience’ in the Indian language, making this bracelet a great reminder to keep your patience even in troubling times. The handmade bangle was made with silver accent beads and a white pearl. It might seem like a simple accessory, but the quality and design of the bracelet speak for themselves. It is a great way to play around with statement jewelry more subtly. 

‘Charvi’ Beaded Cuff (Black/Gold) 

We highly recommend this black and gold beaded cuff for a more bold look! If you want a slight edge to your gold dress or maybe some darker statement pieces, this bracelet will help you accomplish either goal! 



The bracelet was handmade with unique black and gold beads! All the materials used were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. We love how versatile this bracelet is, as it can either be dressed down for a more casual look or up for a formal event! The bracelet was named ‘Charvi,’ which means ‘Lovely; Beautiful Woman’ in the Indian Tamil language, and you will feel like a beautiful woman in this accessory! 

Who does not love a chic gold dress? It is timeless, stylish, and makes everyone look like a million dollars! Unfortunately, when it comes to accessorizing the bold color, things can get confusing for some. However, hopefully, our advice and jewelry recommendations helped ease any styling problems you may have had! So now nothing is stopping you from rockin’ that lovely golden dress, Queen! 

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