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The Perfect Statement Jewelry To Wear To Work!

Experimenting with color on the weekends is one thing, but it’s a whole new level of satisfaction when you wear a striking outfit to work! In addition, the confidence you gain from wearing an outfit you feel confident and captivating in is something all of you, Queens, should experience. So, to help you get started on this journey, here are some perfect statement jewelry to wear to work! 

‘Fawzaana’ Choker (Orange/Silver)

If you are still new to bold statement jewelry, we can’t help but recommend this eye-catching choker. This choker is perfect for a working woman with an active job. Also, since it is a choker, it won’t dangle or break easily while still adding a bold pop of color to your outfit!



This handmade choker is made out of an adjustable cuff choker decorated with silver and orange beads and silver twine. All the materials used to make this necklace are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide! The choker itself is named ‘Fawzaana,’ which means ‘Salvation; Successful’ in the Indian Tamil language. These words perfectly represent the energy you should bring into your job: success and salvation! 

We love how this choker can be worn casually over a white shirt for a business casual look and over a black blouse and blazer for a more professional look! 

‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib

We can’t control the sometimes dull environment we work in, but we can control how stylish and bright our outfits are. So bring some joy to your day and enhance your outfits with a bold necklace like this one! This yellow necklace would look incredible on a nice button-down shirt for a radiant look. Bonus points if you wear matching yellow shoes! 



The accessory is named ‘Manvi,’ which can be translated to ‘Peace of Mind’ in the Indian Tamil language, and you will undoubtedly have peace of mind knowing your accessories are captivating. This handmade necklace is made from materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can feel good about your purchase. 

The necklace itself is made with a gold rope tie with yellow and mint/chocolate brown marble beads and accented with clear jewel stones that have been embedded in a gold color setting. 

‘Charu’ Glams — Royal Blue 

For those with a more glamorous sense of style, these earrings are perfect for you. These royal blue earrings are named ‘Charu,’ which means ‘Beautiful; Attractive; Pleasing’ in the Indian Tamil language, and this accessory indeed is beautiful to look at! 



These handmade earrings use an indigo blue color at the center of the accessory, but it is enriched with gold accents, pearls, and clear jewel stones for a unique design. This is perfect for a woman who loves a classic design with a modern twist. We can see these earrings looking lovely with a business casual matching royal blue dress or with a more subtle white blouse! 

‘Chinara’ Studs (Orange/Yellow)

Life can get hectic for everyone, which means your time in the morning to get ready might be shorter than ever. So if you need something convenient but stylish and bold, these studs are your ideal choice. 



Since these studs are so subtle, they are ideal for some with limited experience styling bold colors. However, you can still have fun experimenting with color without feeling overwhelmed by the color or pattern. So, if your job has a strict dress code or you’re still not ready for striking jewelry, these studs are your new best friend. They would look great with a simple white or black button-down shirt or a business casual yellow jumpsuit! 

These handmade studs are unique in their orange, yellow, and black Ankara African print patterns. These oval studs also come in small, medium, and large for a more subtle or distinctive look. We’re sure you’ll also love the heartfelt name meaning behind these studs! This stud is named ‘Chinara,’ which translates ‘Received by God’ in the African Igbo language! 

‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Cuff

Show off your love for Africa at work by wearing this striking gold cuff. This bracelet is a great conversation piece and a lovely way to elevate your outfit for work. If you also happen to work in an education setting, like a school, this makes this lovely bracelet even more perfect for you! The cuff is named ‘Morowa,’ which means ‘Queen’ in the African language, so it certainly will help unlock the Queen in you!



This handmade bracelet is ultimately craved from gold brass. The materials used to make this bracelet are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. This bracelet would look stunning with a short-sleeved blouse of any color! One of the benefits of this bold cuff is that it can go with anything! 

‘Sajil’ Bangle Stack (Fuchsia/Orange)

Ever put on an outfit and felt like it was missing something? If you relate to that, may we recommend adding this vibrant bangle stack to your jewelry box? This bracelet is an ideal accessory to polish any dull outfit while remaining professional. 

The handmade silk-wrapped fuchsia and orange stack of nine bangles are decorated with rhinestones, pearls, gold beads, and accents. All of the materials used for this bracelet are sourced from local artisans from Africa and worldwide.



‘Sajil’ actually means ‘Most Beautiful’ in the Indian Tamil language, and you can feel like the most beautiful version of you wearing this bracelet! These bangles are perfect for a working woman who wants to embrace her bold sense of style and love of color. These bangles would look stunning with a black blazer or blouse for a business casual look! 

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Well, there you go! Hopefully, this inspired you to show up at work professional but stylish in statement jewelry, Queen! Remember that statement jewelry can still be work-approved and respectable! So if you need new statement jewelry, don’t be shy and look through the rest of our accessories at Afro-Indie Adornments!