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The Perfect Statement Jewelry to Wear to Church

During the holiday season, you might be wondering how you can wear statement jewelry that is still appropriate enough to wear to church. While this might seem difficult at first, it is very easy to find versatile statement pieces. To get you started, Queen, here are some perfect statement jewelry to wear to church!

‘Fawzaana’ Choker — White/Silver 

We recommend going with this white and silver choker for a more elegant but striking look this holiday season. This choker is perfect for those who don’t want to grab too much attention but still want to experiment with statement jewelry. This color allows this necklace to go with anything, but we think it would look stunning with a classic red dress with a white cardigan. 



‘Fawzaana’ translates to ‘Salvation; Successful’ in the Indian Tamil language, and you certainly will find success and salvation if you wear this lovely choker! The choker is handmade with silver and white beads and silver twine wire layers. All materials are sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world! 

‘Itoro’ Chunky Beaded Bib (Green)

This green necklace is the perfect eye-catching accessory to bring to church! While this might seem intimidating and hard to style at first, this necklace is actually really simple to wear. You casually pair it with a black sweater or a white dress. 



The necklace is named ‘Itoro,’ which translates to ‘Praise’ in the African language. You’ll definitely receive praise and compliments after wearing this necklace! The necklace is handmade with a mess of bright green seed beads adorned with a mixture of ethnic beads. All the materials are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. 

‘Diya’ Dazzlers 

The holidays are the perfect time to embrace your inner classy, elegant style, and these earrings perfectly embody that style. Due to their eye-catching design, we recommend wearing a light-colored dress with your hair up. This way, these earrings can get as much attention as possible. 



These handmade earrings are made with mini pearls within a bright gold frame. The earring also features a traditional bell shape design at the bottom! The earring is named ‘Diya,’ which translates to ‘Dazzling Personality,’ which is certainly a great way to express your personality and sense of style! 

‘Amala’ Stud Dangles

Have you ever put together an outfit and realized it was missing something? These shiny earrings are right up your alley if you relate to that sentiment. The ‘Amala’ stud dangles are ideal for a woman who loves jewelry that exudes opulence and extravagance. With that being said, these earrings would look absolutely perfect with a white blouse or dress for the ultimate timeless look.



These earrings are handmade and polished with a generous amount of mini pearls and clear stone accents, all embedded in a bright sun-catching gold brim. There are also mini Jhumka’s (traditional bell shape design) dangling at the bottom for a captivating effect. All the materials used were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. If you needed another reason to love these earrings, its name ‘Amala’ actually translates to ‘The Pure One; Hope’ in the Indian Tamil language. 

‘Iyawa’ Signature Ring (Black/Gold)

Recently, vibrant rings have been making a huge comeback in fashion. So join the trend by getting yourself this striking ring! This ring would look great with matching gold or black jewelry. A ring like this is perfect for someone who prefers a more subtle, bold accessory that doesn’t take too much time to put on! 



This ring was handmade with Ankara print molded ring with gold and fuchsia accents in print set on a black rustic, textured base with a silver ring band. It can fit any ring size, and all the materials used were sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. Its name ‘Iyawa’ actually translates to ‘A Skillful Women’ in the African language, making it a great way to remind yourself of your gifts and talents! 

‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Ring 

Show off your love for Africa with this stylish gold ring! We love how versatile this ring is! It can truly go with anything due to its simplistic design while still remaining the center of attention! It is perfect for those still experimenting with bold designs and want something more subtle.



This ring is named ‘Morowa,’ which means ‘Queen’ in the African language, and you certainly will feel like a Queen wearing it! The ring is made from gold brass and can fit any ring size! All materials are sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world!

Zopa’ Coil Bangle

You can never go wrong with white and pearls during the holiday season. This is why this ‘Zopa’ coil bangle is the perfect accessory to wear to church. The name ‘Zopa’ actually means ‘Patience’ in the Indian language, which makes a great reminder to keep your patience during this busy season. 



This bracelet is ideal for a sophisticated sense of style but still wants to experiment with statement jewelry. This bracelet is handmade with white pearls and silver accents heads. 

‘Sajil’ Bangle Stack (Red/Blue) 

Red and blue are always considered traditional holiday colors, so why not embrace the festivities and wear these classic colors on your bracelet. If you love holiday colors and need an accessory to spice up your jewelry collection, we highly recommend this bandle stack. Its name ‘Sajil’ translates to ‘Most Beautiful’ in the Indian Tamil language, and it will be the most beautiful jewelry in your collection.



This handmade bracelet is made out of seven bangles that have been decorated with rhinestones, pearls, gold beads, and accents. All of these materials have been sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. 

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See, finding bold and appropriate jewelry is easier than you thought, Queen. So, don’t be afraid to walk into church feeling confident and comfortable in your statement pieces! The only thing you have left to worry about is how to deal with all the compliments you’re going to get!