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The Perfect Statement Jewelry to Wear to a Wedding!

As wedding season approaches, Queen, you might be wondering about what different types of statement jewelry you can wear with your outfit. Even if it’s not wedding season for you, you might have just been invited to a wedding and struggling to find a stunning, bold accessory to wear. If so, we have got you covered, Queen! From bold earrings to stunning necklaces, we found accessories everyone will love. So, to make this already hectic season easier, here are some of the very best statement jewelry you can wear to a wedding!

Try on the ‘Amala’ Stud Dangles 

These gold earrings are perfect for those who want to show off their love for glamour this upcoming wedding season! You can pull your hair up and let your accessories do all the talking for you! Due to their versatile gold color, you can pair it with anything in your closet. However, we recommend styling this bold accessory with a simplistic floral dress and white or nude heels. This pairing will likely fit any wedding dress code and perfectly complement your bold earrings!



In the Indian Tamil language, ‘Amala’ means “The Pure One; Hope”. This handmade earring itself is stunningly decorated with mini pearls and clear stone accents embedded in a sun-catching gold brim and accents, with mini jhumkas, a traditional bell-shaped design, hanging at the bottom.

Create a colorful look with the ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib 

Embrace your love of color with the stunning ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib! This handmade bib has an adjustable gold rope tie decorated with yellow and mint/chocolate brown marble beads. It is further decorated with gorgeous clear jewel stones embedded in a gold color setting. Furthermore, its name ‘Manvi’ can be translated to “Peace of Mind” in Indian Tamil. You will definitely have peace of mind knowing how good your outfit will look!



This accessory is perfect for brightening up a dress you would not normally consider “wedding approved”. For example, a black dress. Although typically a darker fashion choice, your look will appear more proper and eye-catching with this chic accessory! You can add matching yellow heels and even a nice white cardigan to complete the look!

Add some drama with the ‘Liya’ Glam Dangles 

If you have an outdoor wedding coming up, do not mistake not wearing the ‘Liya’ Glam Dangles to the special event! These earrings are perfect for outdoor events because of their stunning colored stones that just so happen to glisten under a bright sun! Regardless, they are also just a stylish accessory that will add an alluring pop of color to all of your outfits! 



The word ‘Liya’ actually translates to “Beautiful; Intelligent; Ambitious” in the Indian Tamil language, making them a nice visual reminder that you are a beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious individual! The handmade earrings have been decorated with colorful stones and adorned with plenty of small silver bead balls! 

You can pair these earrings with a colorful, printed blouse and a charming black pencil skirt. You can finish the look with a lovely pair of nude or black pumps. Whatever works best for you!

Wear the ‘Basha’ Layered Chain for extra coverage

If you have a slightly too revealing top or dress, just wear this ‘Basha’ Layered Chain. This necklace will not only offer extra coverage, but it will also elevate your look to another level completely! You can pair this chain with a low-cut slip pastel dress, possibly something with a blue or purple hue, and some white kitten heels! Add some extra silver jewelry, and your look will be complete!



In the Indian Tamil language, ‘Basha’ means ‘Daughter of God’, which serves as a great reminder that you are always a worthy daughter of God. The ‘Basha’ Layered Chain itself was handmade using a layered chain of oxidized silver that had been decorated with silver metal pendants down the middle with little multicolored stones. The necklace is finished off with an eye-catching multicolored beaded jhumka. This traditional bell-shaped design hangs at the bottom. 

Make your look more enchanting with the ‘Fawzaana’ Choker — (Orange/Silver)

You can never go wrong with a striking choker like the ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in Orange/Silver when in doubt. It is a bold accessory you easily throw on, and it will make all of your outfits. This choker, in particular, would look incredible with a colorful red or orange sleeveless dress. You can complete this look with basic nude pumps and equally bold earrings! 



This handmade necklace has an adjustable cuff choker that decorates your neck with stunning layers of silver and orange beads, as well as a silver twine wire! Its name ‘Fawzaana’ can be translated to “Salvation; Successful” in the Indian Tamil language. 

Make heads turn by wearing the ‘Amika’ Dazzlers 

Be the center of attention at your next wedding event with the charming ‘Amika’ Dazzlers! These earrings have a versatile gold color, which means you can practically pair them with absolutely anything. However, we think these earrings would look stunning with a high neckline green or blue dress. You can wear a pair of white heels and a simplistic gold bracelet to finish the look! 



These handmade gold earrings have been decorated with clear jeweled stones and mini pearl accents that dangle from a mini jhumka (a traditional bell-shaped design). The word ‘Amika’ can be translated to “Loved Friend” in the Indian Tamil language, which makes this earring a wonderful visual reminder that you are a loved friend by many! 

See, Queen, finding flattering statement jewelry to wear to a wedding is easier than you thought. Hopefully, this list made finding statement jewelry so much more effortless from eye-catching earrings to attention-grabbing necklaces! There is truly something for everyone to love! So, Queen, now that you have some inspiration, feel free to tell us which accessory you will be wearing at your next wedding!