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The Perfect Statement Jewelry to Wear to a Holiday Party

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means church events, dinners, and holiday parties are soon going to fill up your whole calendar. Some might think you have to avoid statement jewelry to be “appropriate,” but that is not true during these events. Queen, you can still remain stylish in statement jewelry while also being proper and respectful! However, if you are having difficulty finding appropriate bold accessories, here are some of the best statement jewelry to wear to a holiday party! 

‘Fawzaana’ Choker — (White/Silver) 

This shimmering is going to be your favorite accessory for the holidays. Due to its white and silver color, this choker can go with almost any outfit you have! This is a huge bonus if you hate having to buy specific outfits for your jewelry. We also love the name meaning behind this necklace. This necklace is named ‘Fawzaana,’ which translates to ‘Salvation; Successful’ in the Indian Tamil language!



The necklace itself is a handmade adjustable cuff choker decorated with layers of silver and white beads and silver twine wire. All the materials used to make this choker are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. It is the perfect accessory to wear for a holiday party. It is stunning and versatile enough to be appropriate. However, if you need ideas, we think it would look beautiful with a red dress or white blouse with black jeans! 

‘Lalita’ Stud Drops — (Blue, Red & Green) 

These ‘Lalita’ Stud drops add a perfect pop of color to any of your usual holiday outfits. These stud drops have equal parts blue, red, and green in their design, which means they will perfectly match any of the Christmas-themed outfits you already have! Earrings like these could look stunning with a red dress, blue blouse, or green sweater! The choices are endless due to their multicolored and versatile style! 



The name ‘Lalita’ actually translates to ‘Elegant’ in the Indian Tamil language. You will feel elegant wearing these stunning earrings! The earrings themselves were handmade with an uncommon floral jhumka (traditional bell-shaped design) that showcases hand-stained flowers and small beads that dangle from a gold base. All the materials used to make these earrings were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. 

Ultimately, these earrings are perfect for someone who appreciate a unique, vibrant design in their statement jewelry! All I have to say is, be prepared for all the compliments you will receive when you wear these earrings to a holiday party! 

‘Amala’ Stud Dangles 

The holidays are the perfect time to show off your love for statement earrings! Finally, you can put your hair up and let your earrings do all the talking! These earrings, in particular, are perfect for those who are aiming for a glamorous and elegant style this year. 



These earrings are handmade from a bounty of mini pearls and clear stone accents, all embedded in a bright sun-catching gold brim and accents. There are even small jhumkas (traditional bell shape design) dangling at the bottom. As always, all the materials are sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. This way, you can feel good about knowing where and how your accessories were made! 

These earrings would look stunning with a white — possibly with a high neckline — dress or just a basic turtleneck. Its name ‘Amala’ translates to ‘The Pure One; Hope’ in the Indian Tamil language, making these earrings a great reminder to keep hope in the pure one (The Lord God Almighty) during the holiday season!

‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Ring 

Embrace your love for Africa at a party by wearing this beautiful gold ring. The ring is a great accessory to wear because not only is it a great conversation starter, but it will also easily add a stylish flair to any of your outfits! The ring's name is ‘Morowa,’ which means ‘Queen’ in the African language, and you certainly will feel like a queen while wearing this ring!



The ring itself is the shape of Africa but craved from gold brass. It is handmade and can fit any ring size. As usual, all the materials used to make this ring was sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. This ring would look stunning with a formal dress or even a button-down shirt for a more casual look!

‘Zopa’ Coil Bangle (Pearl) 

For the ultimate elegant look, we recommend adding this beautiful pearl bangle to your outfit. This bangle is handmade out of white pearl and silver accent beads for a classic but versatile look. This bangle is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with statement jewelry without using too much color. 

What is great about this bangle, other than the fact it was handmade with materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world, is that its name ‘Zopa’ translates to ‘Patience’ in the Indian language. So, every time you wear this lovely bangle, you will be reminded to be patient, which is a great reminder during a hectic time like the holiday season. 



Due to the versatility of the color of the bracelet, it can go with almost anything you already own. You can wear it with a stunning silver dress for a formal party or a more colorful blouse and dress pants for a more casual event! You can match your bangle with silver shoes or just stick to nude pumps. However, no matter how you style this accessory, it is bound to make you look stunning and luxurious! It is s a must-have accessory for any future holiday parties! 

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See, Queen, you can easily find statement jewelry that helps you express yourself while remaining appropriate for holiday parties!! After all, there is plenty of statement jewelry that has a balance between proper and stylish out there! Hopefully, this list gave you the confidence to wear some of these pieces to any of your future holiday parties!