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5 Statement Accessories She’ll Love (And Actually Wear!)

The season of giving is upon us, and frankly, it's time for some holiday cheer... Nothing says holiday season like the uncontrollable urge to shop till you drop! Now guys, we know that during the festivity of it all, it can sometimes be hard, or overwhelming to shop for that special someone; I mean, nobody wants to be that person that gives a boring gift like a candle, or another ugly Christmas sweater right? To combat that feeling, we've put together a carefully curated list of the perfect gifts for the under-appreciated Queens in your life. Everyone knows that (behind diamonds of course) accessories are a girl's best friend, as well as being cost-effective, you’re sure to make an impression on her with some bold and beautiful pieces. With this in mind, we couldn't resist coming up with a Holiday Gift Guide featuring Afro-Indie's most unique pieces. Bedazzle your queen in our adornments and watch her face light up on Christmas morning. 


‘Mohi’ Dangles



To kick things off, let’s take a look at the earrings that’ll turn her on her love goggles in an instant, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the ‘Mohi’ Dangles. The name ‘Mohi’ translates from the Indian Tamil language to ‘lovely’ and ‘attractive’, and it’s safe to say that these earrings do not disappoint in that department! They might look effortlessly stunning, but the same certainly cannot be said about the creative process, the ‘Mohi’s are carefully hand-crafted, and stained with a bold and bright fuchsia and orange pattern, with a silver undertone. As well as the earring itself being like a vivid dream, the tassel-like dangling beads give ‘Mohi’ an eye-catching streak that takes the intricacy level on the earring to 100. As if this wasn’t enough, take a closer look at the silver on the ‘Mohi’, she's carved with small complex designs that take this from ‘just an earring’ to a true statement piece. The ‘Mohi’ also comes in a rainbow and turquoise colorway. Shop here now and get 25% off until December the 25th. 



‘Zikora’ African Print Mask and headwrap set


In recent months, we’ve all had to make a number of changes in the way we live, and this includes the way we style ourselves. With COVID-19 looking more and more like something we will have to live with long term, rather than a distant memory as we’d all hoped, the most important thing, and the thing that will most likely characterize the next few years, is protection. For many of us, the COVID-19 shielding starter pack consists of gloves, loads and loads of sanitizer, and masks, but who said we can’t fight the virus in style? The 'Zikora' African Print Mask and headwrap set incorporates a stylish design concept into the practicality and necessity of a face mask. You can’t go wrong when buying this as a gift for a special lady in your life, everyone needs a mask nowadays, and having this one is a huge bonus! As well as the fact that the 'Zikora' comes in an array of gorgeous tribal print colors; Our favorite thing about this face mask is that it comes with a matching headwrap, meaning it can be styled in a multitude of different ways. Check out our Instagram page and website for ways to style the head wrap. 



‘Fawzaana’ Choker Cuff


Next up, is the 'Fawzaana’ Choker Cuff. This marvelously dramatic choker goes amazingly with a bubbly, fearless personality, if this sounds like a lady in your life, then you’ll want to hear this! The choker cuff is embellished with astounding alternating layers of orange and silver beads that will command the attention of everyone in the room. The flamboyance of the orange, which represents creativity, vibrancy and enthusiasm compliments the regality of the silver, which represents femininity, clarity, and purity. With such a rich background, ‘Fawzaana’ presents a gift with deeper sentiment, as well as a gorgeous addition to her jewelry collection. If you snag one for the right woman, it’s no doubt that ‘Fawzaana’ will go down a treat. Think it might be the one? Take a leap of faith and shop the choker in a whopping 8 different colorways and 25% OFF using the code HOLIDAY25!



Manvi Luxe Bib


If you liked ‘Fawzaana’, you’ll definitely love this one. For those days when we’re feeling a little extra (we all have them) we have the 'Manvi' Luxe Bib. This piece is certainly for the ladies that like to take things outside of the box when it comes to fashion. Whilst the mustard accents on it mean that it would typically be considered a Spring/Summer piece, the spirit of ‘Manvi’ is all about breaking traditions and creating your own rules, so this also works as a gift during the holiday season that can be rocked right away! As well as aesthetics, ‘Manvi’ also scores highly in the ‘tradition’ department, the meticulous beading on this neckpiece aligns with traditional Asian and African jewelry-making styles and takes it to the next level. She is handmade with mustard and brown marble beads and accented with clear jewel stones. If your special someone is all about combining the old with the new, then you should definitely keep your eye on this one!



‘Ananda’ Tribal Clutch


Finally, we have our 'Ananda' Tribal Clutch (Red). Look out everyone, this one is a shade of red that screams ‘dangerous’, that is, dangerously sexy! Gift your sweetheart this bag and watch your love life go from 0 to 100 real quick! The amazing thing about the ‘Ananda’ is its versatility, it can be worn as a crossbody bag on a busy day, yet with the simple removal of the chain strap, it becomes a gorgeous, elegant clutch bag, with that kind of awesome practicality, who wouldn’t want to receive this as a gift? Shop the ‘Ananda’ now and get 25% off! 



Now that we've highlighted some of our favorite Afro-Indie Holiday looks. Sleigh and save on all of our looks this Holiday season. The Holiday Showroom Sale is now on! So why not treat the Queens in your life to something special this holiday?