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Statement Jewelry to Wear with Turtle Neck

As the weather is becoming colder and colder, you have probably found yourself being more drawn to sweaters and turtle necks instead of your usual t-shirts. Who can blame you? Nothing beats the comfort of a turtle neck during the fall or winter. With that being said, some still might find it hard to accessorize their turtle neck to be comfortable but also bold and stylish. If this is you, we’re here to help you, Queen! Here are some of the best statement jewelry you can wear with your turtle neck! 

‘Basha’ Layered Chain

Make your turtle neck more eye-catching by wearing this layered silver chain! Since it is multicolor and made out of silver, this necklace can go with any of your turtle necks! This necklace is perfect for someone who wants to add drama and color to their simple turtle neck! 



The chain is named ‘Basha,’ which means ‘Daughter of God’ in Indian Tamil. Which makes this accessory the perfect reminder of your love for God. The necklace itself was handmade with oxidized silver decorative beading and decorated with silver metal pendants and multicolored stones down the middle. It is finished off with a multicolored jhumka (traditional bell shape design) at the bottom. All the materials used to make this necklace are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide! 

‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib 

Nothing can brighten up a dull old turtle neck that is a vibrant necklace! This necklace is perfect for someone who loves bright colors and striking jewelry. It would look incredible if paired with a white or even a light patterned turtleneck. The name ‘Manvi’ actually means ‘Peace of Mind’ in the Indian Tamil language. So you will definitely have peace of mind knowing your outfit looks incredible.



This handmade necklace was created with a gold rope tie, yellow and mint/chocolate brown marble beads, and clear jewel stones embedded in a gold color setting. As always, all the materials used are sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. So you can feel as good as you look about your purchase! With that being said, if you do not know which earrings to style it with, do not worry! This necklace actually comes with free matching earrings! Isn’t that a great deal? 

‘Ashanti’ Luxé Beaded Drape

One of the best accessories to pair with a turtle neck has to be a long dangling necklace. It is a great pairing because the necklace adds much-needed ‘pizzazz’ to an outfit. With a dangling necklace, your turtle neck will never look boring. This sentiment is especially true with this specific necklace.



This necklace, in particular, is named ‘Ashanti,’ which means ‘Divine’ in the African language, and we can see why. Not only is this necklace divine, but it is also unique and captivating. It is the perfect accessory to wear to steal everyone’s attention. This necklace would probably be best paired with a white or black turtle neck; this way, the necklace can get as much attention as possible. 

The necklace was handmade with an array of seeds beads that have been embellished with a variety of multicolor tribal beads. All the materials we used were sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. These beads are the perfect pop of color for any outfit! 

‘Yasomati’ Dangles

Have you ever wanted to wear a turtle neck to a formal event but did not know how to make it more elegant or sophisticated? If you relate to that problem, then you will love these sleek silver earrings. These earrings will bring a flair of luxury and grace to any of your turtle necks! 

These delicate earrings are versatile enough to work with almost any turtle neck in your collection. However, you could pair it with a matching dark fuchsia turtle neck and a black skirt for a more eye-catching look. Or, for a more elegant outfit, you could pair it with a simple black turtle neck and matching dress pants. 



These handmade earrings are named ‘Yasomati,’ which means ‘Successful Lady’ in the Indian Tamil language. Which makes this accessory a great reminder that you are a successful lady no matter what! The earrings themselves were hand-carved from oxidized silver metal in a jhumka (traditional bell-shaped design) base, hanging from a lovely flower-shaped stud. It is finished off with a beautiful dark fuchsia jewel stone hanging from the center. All the materials used to make these gorgeous earrings were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. 

‘Siri’ Dazzlers — Red

This earring was named ‘Siri,’ which means ‘Richness; Beauty; Gold’ in the Indian Tamil language. This accessory truly accurately represents those words in its design. This necklace exudes beauty and richness and takes advantage of its beautiful gold finish! This is are the perfect earrings to spice up any dull turtle neck. 



You can easily pair these striking earrings with a red or white turtle neck to make your earrings pop out more. However, if you do not have those colors in your closet, these earrings also work with a simple black turtle neck. Ultimately these earrings are perfect for someone who loves an eye-catching and glamorous accessory! 

These earrings were handmade and hand-painted with a rich deep purple and a bright gold finish. In addition, they were decorated with mini pearls and gold detailing! As always, the materials used to make this lovely accessory were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. 

See, Queen, styling a turtle neck is not that hard! There are plenty of different ways to elevate your turtle neck or have it match your personal sense of style. If we’ve learned anything, it is that a statement necklace can easily make your outfit look twice as stylish and eye-catching as it was before! With that being said, we hope this list gave you a couple of ideas and inspiration for future, bold outfits! 

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