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Should You Splurge on a Luxury Fedora Hat?

This style guide highlights the many features of the fedora hat. Learn how to wear a fedora for work and play!

The fedora first made an appearance in 1882, as they were worn mostly by women. Once Prince Edward wore the same hat, they soon became a part of men's attire as well, pushing it to the top of the most popular head accessory list. A luxury fedora hat is an ideal accessory for a women's wardrobe due to its versatility. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Many fedora hats are made of quality materials that will absorb moisture to protect your hair from sweat. 

When shopping for a new hat, be sure to double-check the material and fit. Avoid purchasing a fedora that fits too tight around your head, or that's made of textiles that will dry your hair. Splurging on a luxury fedora hat is an investment that you won't regret since you'll be able to keep it in your wardrobe for years to come. 


Wearing a fedora with casual outfits

If you need a casual look that you can wear every day, try wearing a fedora with jeans and a t-shirt. Wear a fedora hat with a band or graphic t-shirt, and high waist destroyed jeans. Your jeans can have many rips and tears for a rocker-style look. Or, your jeans can be lightly destroyed at the knees for a more polished look*. Pair your look with flats in a coordinating color and a cross-body handbag. 



You can also wear a fedora with a casual dress. Try wearing a long dress that's not quite a maxi dress but stops at your shin. You can wear a dress that has a v-neck cut and side splits that show a little skin but not too much. Add sneakers and a double or single strap shoulder tote to fit paperwork or other things you need to carry throughout the day. Wear your fedora hat and add simple accessories like a silver-tone necklace that drapes to the opening of your v-neck design. 



How to create a girly look with a fedora?

When you're in the mood to wear a girly mini-dress, try wearing a floral print dress with your fedora. You can wear a dress that has soft elements like an off-the-shoulder halter top design and tiered designs that scrunch a bit at the seams. Pair your dress with a cross-body handbag in a leather or suede style and flat t-sandals. You can also wear sunglasses in a coke bottle shape to protect your eyes from the sun while you attend daytime events. Your sandals can bring out elements of nature with stone-like designs. You can keep your look monochromatic black and wear silver accessories to compliment the embellishments in your sandals. 



For a super flirty look, try wearing a romper! You can wear this outfit for laid-back occasions such as a movie date or a festival. Go for a romper with a busy floral print. You can add a small-sized chain purse and layered necklaces. If you're undecided on shoes, this look is the most versatile and can be paired with open-toe heels in nude, black, or brown. You can even add a color heel that has strappy ankles that brings out a hue within your main piece, like purple or blue.



For a mid-day brunch look or a casual networking event, wear your fedora hat with a white mid-length or maxi dress and sunglasses that have a bright color frame. You can finish your look with ankle strap sandals in a vibrant color like lime green or yellow. Add simple accessories with studded earrings. 



Adding a fedora to professional inspired looks

When you need an ensemble that is both glamorous and business-appropriate, try wearing a fedora with a printed button-up blouse. Your print can be in an all-over pattern and worn with black bell jeans that flare at the legs. Add a signature belt and tuck your shirt for a polished look. If you find yourself running a few errands, try wearing oversized sunglasses that have a slight tint. Finish your look with a link-style watch that will add more poise to your outfit. 



You can also create a professional look with white jeans. When it comes to creating looks that are both casual and professional, the key is to create a look that has an ultra-fine blouse that can be dressed up or down a bit. Try wearing a Saija Luxe Fedora, made of 100% wool and lined with satin. The hat is designed with luxe fabric and has a genuine leather sweat that helps to keep your hair from drying out while you wear it. 

You can wear this hat with a green, buttoned blouse and pair them with white jeans. Since the printed purple and pink design is striking on its own, you won't need a shirt with patterns. Add a neutral color handbag with a top handle that will appear more as a briefcase. Wear stacked, gold-tone bracelets for added fun and complete your look with vivid makeup. Add colors with pinks and purples on the eyes, but not in a harsh way that looks more theatrical. Keep your pinks and purples more towards the pastel spectrum of color and choose tones that will contrast well with green or blue. Add a beaded necklace or earrings and sunglasses if you'll be amongst nature. 



If you need outfit inspiration with a more career-driven aesthetic, try adding a faux-fur vest and a button-up with your fedora. Your dress pants can be cuffed and have a middle seam within the design. Wear caged black heels with your outfit. You can wear a chain-strap handbag, or you can wear a clutch with this look. Add stacked bracelets and cuff your sleeves. This look is more professional with a welcoming appearance. This look is also perfect for wearing reading glasses if you need them. 



Wearing a fedora in cool weather

When it's more chili outside, and you want to wear boots, try wearing a fedora with a bold sweater. Your sweater can have textured elements like cable-knit or fringe. Pair your sweater and hat with skinny black jeans and ankle boots. Add an oversized hobo bag that fits lower when worn on the body. Finish your look with a medium-length necklace that has a small pendant in a gold-tone.



For more evening wear, try wearing a silk-like maxi dress. You can add a double-strap leather handbag that sits higher under the shoulders and has silver-tone hardware throughout. Since the sheen of your fabric provides the feminine aspect, try adding an unexpected shoe to balance the overall look with leather ankle boots or booties. For a dramatic effect, be sure your boots are pointed toe. You can add aviator-style sunglasses, but keep your jewelry accessories minimal. Wear a simple chain necklace and one ring. Or a jumbo ring and no other accessories. 



A fedora is every Queen's staple accessory to have in your wardrobe, especially one of luxurious quality that you can style in different ways. When wearing a fedora, you're not restricted to wearing dress pants and a blouse. You can keep your look casual enough to wear to intimate events or to professional places like school or work.