How To Elevate Your Look With Afro-Indie Hand and Wrist Adornments


Woman wearing bold jewelry

Simple, understated clothing can be amplified when you add a bold accessory. Adding a statement piece like a ring, bangle, or handbag instantly elevates your outfit. Our Afro-Indie statement accessories advances the look by giving your outfit the pop of color you never thought it needed. There is nothing like a woman who cares about the intricate details in her outfit. Accessorizing is our thing and today we're talking all about how you can elevate your look with our Afro-Indie hand and wrist adornments. 

Step 1: Start with a basic. 

Choose your favorite v-neck, scoop-neck, or even step it up with a square or mock neck basic top. Because we want the accessories to pop, it would be best to stick with a neutral color. Go for black, beige or a pretty Fall brown. 

Next, you want to choose bottoms that compliments the top. Though we are keeping the bottoms basic, we can go for pant styles that adds an interesting twist. Instead of skinny leg jeans, choose culottes pants. Instead of a basic knee-length skirt go for a midi-length body con skirt. 

 Step 2: Layer up!

It's getting chilly outside and though we are all about keepin' it cute, we must protect ourselves from the cold and stay warm. Choose anything from a vest, denim jacket, or depending on where you live, you can throw on your cute trench coat. 

Step 3: Choose the right shoes.

This step is simple, yet so important. Choosing the right shoes is vital. Our suggestions are booties and if you're feeling optimistic, try an eye-catching knee-high boot. 

Step 4: Accessorize!

Now on to our favorite part: Choosing the perfect accessory! We have done the work for you on this one. We have chosen two of our favorite Fall hand and ring adornments to help you pull the look together. 

Meet the 'Morowa' Tribal Africa Ring. This is how you wear your heritage! She is carved from gold brass and sculpted in the shape of our beloved motherland. The best part about her, is that she is totally adjustable to fit any finger size. 

Woman wearing bold jewelry


Next is the 'Morowa' Tribal Cuff. We love how she extends slightly past the wrist going up the forearm. She is a stand-alone accessory and looks best worn with short sleeve tops. If we had to recommend a specific top, she would look absolutely beautiful paired with a trendy shoulder pad top or white blouse as pictured below. 

Woman wearing bold jewelry
Woman wearing bold jewelry sets

 Bonus look:

Did you know our 'Morowa' Tribal cuff and ring comes with matching earrings?! Use her to complete the look and you're ready to slay the day!


Woman wearing bold earings


There are so many ways you can rock our Afro-Indie accessories and though we have only listed two, we have a plethora of options that best suits your unique style. You can check out our hand and wrist adornments here. We would love to see the styles that you come up with. Send your photos over to us using our contact form or you can use the hashtag #WearYourHeritage on instagram or twitter for a chance to be featured on our social media pages. We can't wait to see how creative you get with our pieces. As always, keep Queenin' in these streets. See you all next post!