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How To Elevate Your Look With Afro-Indie Hand Adornments: A Step by Step Guide

 Woman wearing bold jewelry


Since the beginning of time, the number one rule of fashion has always been: Don’t be afraid to accessorize! You should never underestimate the ability of your accessories to take your look from an average 6 to a breathtaking 10 in no time. Your body is obviously a vessel for accessories all over, but the place where it’s really at - is your hands. That’s right, your hands give you the most opportunity to bling out the rest of your fit. A ring here, a bangle there, and you’re good to go. Here at Afro Indie, we take things a step further; our striking pieces mean that as well as generally elevating your outfit like all accessories do, you have the added pop of color that you didn’t know you needed (until now!). There is nothing like a girl who knows what looks good, and in this case, the key is in the details. Accessorizing is our thing, so sit back and relax, today we go over our step by step guide to putting together a pretty look, and taking it to the next level with Afro-Indie hand and wrist adornments. 


Step 1: Start with a basic

The key to the ‘pop of color’ aesthetic, which we can’t get enough of this season, is giving room to the accent color to stand out. For example, if you wanted your bright red bangle to pop, it would be best to go for something more muted, and block coloured in the clothes department, you know, like a basic white tee. As with any look, it’s also extremely important to dress for your body, I mean who doesn’t want to show off the parts of themselves that they love the most. For larger chested ladies, a V-neckline, or sweetheart neckline works best, but for the itty bitty titty community, you might want to go for something that accentuates your breasts, like a halter neck bodysuit. The point here is, we want to start with something basic on the top, to give the accessories some time to shine!


Step 2: Pick your bottoms

Now, on to the bottoms! Of course, we want to pick a pair of bottoms that complement our top half, but we don’t want to go too far into Basicville, so we can definitely switch it up a little here. If you’re wearing a white tee, you can wear pretty much any colored bottoms, from denim, to corduroy, to leather, it’ll all work. But for the sake of putting together an outfit, let’s keep it simple with the blue denim. If you’re feeling brave, go with your favorite painted jeans, or perhaps you prefer a ripped, and/or distressed denim? Throw it on! If you’re not a huge fan of trousers, or you live in a country with an all-year-round heatwave, then we’ve got just the idea for you! Switch out the denim pants for a cute black denim mini skirt, and add a twist by seeking out a side slit or two!


Step 3: Layer up!

For those of us living closer to the top of the Northern Hemisphere, the winter and fall months are the ones where you really want to wrap uptight! But your comfortability should never come at the cost of your style! To protect yourself from the cold while keeping it cute, go for a gorgeous, muted shahtoosh scarf (around the neck or on the hair) and flourish. As for jackets, choose anything from a vest, denim jacket. Depending on where you live, you can also get away with throwing on a cute brown trench coat. 


Step 4: Choose the right shoes

Now, this is probably one of the simplest steps you can think of when it comes to putting together an outfit, but don’t be fooled by this! Your shoes carry an obscene amount of weight, they literally make or break your fit! For the fall and winter, it’s probably best to go for a simple pair of muted booties to tie the whole theme of simplicity together nicely. 


Step 5: Accessorize!

Now for the fun part: Choosing the perfect accessory!

Here is where we’ve done the most of the hard work for you. We’ve chosen two of our favorite Fall hand and ring adornments to give this look the pop of color it so desperately needs. 

Meet the 'Morowa' Tribal Africa Ring. This is how you wear your heritage! She is carved from golden brass, and sculpted in the shape of our beloved motherland. The best part about her is that she is totally adjustable to fit any finger size. 


Woman wearing bold jewelry


Next is the 'Morowa' Tribal Cuff. We love how she extends slightly past the wrist, embellishing you all the way up the forearm. She is a stand-alone accessory and looks best worn with short sleeve tops. If we had to recommend a specific top, she would look absolutely beautiful paired with a trendy shoulder pad top or +white blouse as pictured below. 


Woman wearing bold jewelry



Did you know our 'Morowa' Tribal cuff and ring comes with matching earrings?! This is the perfect accessory to complete the look and be ready to slay the day!


Woman wearing bold earings


Now that you have a full look, you’re ready to go out there serving looks! With Afro Indie, you will always have a multitude of options that best suit your unique style. Like what you see so far? You can check out our hand and wrist adornments here. Because we always love to keep up with our queen, we want to see you slaying in Afro Indie! Send your photos over to us using our contact form. Use the hashtag #WearYourHeritage on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in all your glory on our social media pages! We can't wait to see your creativity shine through! As always, stay real, stay strong, and keep Queenin' in these streets. Look out for the next post!