Afro-Indie Neck Adornment: The 'Serwa' Luxe Bib Is Special, Here's Why!



There's nothing like a statement necklace to spruce up your wardrobe. We are sure our Afro-Indie neck adornments will give your outfit that extra mmmf you're looking for. Today we are highlighting the 'Serwa' Luxe Bib. She is an absolute beauty. It's no secret why we chose her to be our product spotlight for the day.

If you have been rocking with the Afro-Indie brand for a while, then you know our goal is to connect you to your roots through fashion. We love celebrating the African and Indian culture and try our best to not only provide you with quality accessories but teach our supporters about the heritage of women of color. Because of this, each design is given a name from the African and Indian language. Serwa means a noblewoman in the African language. A woman who is honored and highly respected. Our desire is for our neck adornments to make you feel like royalty because, whether you believe it or not, that is who you are. 

The 'Serwa' Neck Adornment is embellished with an array of multicolored fabric beads. Though she is 46' inches in length and looks heavy, she is a lightweight necklace that can be styled a numerous of ways. Dress her up in an all black look with a black blouse and black bottoms and add her in for that extra pop. Not feeling an all black look? No worries. Throw on your favorite pair of blue jeans, a solid white basic v-neck tee and add her in for a pop of color. Lastly, don't forget to throw on your favorite lippie Queens! 

As you adorn yourself with the 'Serwa' necklace, you will be sure to attract a higher level of respect. We hope you enjoyed our product spotlight! We love going in depth about the inspiration behind our interesting designs. Stay tuned for more product highlights and follow us on social media so that you can stay connected to your roots through fashion.