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Our Top 3 Favorite Statement Clutches To Spice Up Your Look

It’s safe to say that a woman’s wardrobe is one of the most important things in her life. Fashion not only serves the purpose of aesthetic fulfillment, but also allows us to express ourselves and our interests; in fact, it can even be said that fashion forms a significant part of our personal identities. One of the most understated yet emphatic accessories out there, is none other than the clutch. The chic accessory is a leading fashion trend today and can be paired with an array of different outfits. Women from all around use the slim hand-held accessory to store small items such as their phones, cards, and keys. Understandably, many women have a tendency to treat their clutch bags like fine China, only whipping them out for use during special occasions, but we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. Give yourself permission to make everyday a special occasion, because it’s your world and you make the rules! Take your clutch bag along with you for date nights, brunch with the girls, or with your Sunday Best. Follow along as we highlight three of our favorite Afro-Indie clutch handbags!


 Woman carrying the 'Gasira' Large Fold-over Clutch, a bold pattern accessory


1.'Gasira' Large Fold-over Clutch


Where else could we begin but here? Your prayers for a bag that screams ‘Look at me!’ but not too loudly have been answered! Here’s the ‘Gasira’ Large Fold-over Clutch. The beautiful composition of this piece isn’t even the best part about it, its practicality means that you can count on this for those long conference days at work, or perhaps a long day with the family. This eye-catching clutch has become one of our most popular handbags, and we can certainly see why! It is handmade and arrayed in a beautiful bright orange and green print fabric. And what’s more? The ‘Gasira’ is large enough to fit all of your everyday essentials and for all my girl bosses out there, it’s even got enough room to carry a small Laptop or a tablet. Going for a chic and sophisticated look? Pair with the 'Amara' Fabric Frames to create a unique business savvy look. To bring the look all together, throw on your favorite body-hugging blouse or t-shirt and a light wash pair of jeans. 


Woman carrying the 'Gasira' Large Fold-over Clutch, a bold pattern accessory


2. 'Rishita' Tribal Clutch


We could never do this list and leave out this darling piece. Bringing elements of the East and the West together in the prettiest way possible, we have the ‘Rishita’ Tribal Clutch. With a fluffy trim along the outer lines of the bag, and an aztec-style vibe, the ‘Rishita’ will certainly have you pulling off boho glam (which are two styles we never thought we’d see in the same sentence) wherever it is you might be off to. This work of art is woven together with a bold mauve, black, and gold tribal pattern. She is handmade with an intricate beading pattern embedded into the flab of the clutch. You can rock this piece as a handheld clutch, or you can wear her as a cross-body bag with the attached silver chain. You can dress her up with a cute date night look or go casual with a jumpsuit or a pair of jeans and your favorite blouse. It’s your choice!


Woman carrying the Rishita' Tribal Clutch, a tribal accessory


3. 'Ananda' Tribal Clutch (Red)


Next up, we have the mother of all clutch bags, the one to watch out for, the one that’ll leave them wanting more every time. With this one, you’ll have the attention of the room right from the moment you pull up at the event (even if the ‘event’ happens to be a casual brunch with the girls!). Ladies, let me introduce you to none other than the ‘Ananda’ Tribal Clutch. The striking red on this bag gives it the sultry undertones, and classy overtones that we all look for in a bag! To put it plainly, the 'Ananda' is for my ladies who love a little glitz and glamour. It is blinged out with canvas material and adorned with mixed metal embellishments of silver coins and bronze studs and metallic faceted beads. 'Ananda' can be worn as a handheld clutch or a cross body bag as well. Pair her with an all black look to complement the bright red color of this unique handbag. 


4. ‘Aniq’ Beaded Clutch


Okay ladies, you caught us out, we definitely saved the best till last! You often hear the statement ‘a pop of color’, but have you ever heard of multiple ‘pops’ in one piece? Well, now you have! The ‘Aniq’ Beaded Clutch provides you with a playful yet sophisticated accessory to tie it all together. One part of this piece that we simply cannot get over is the beading on this, it’s just totally outrageous, the meticulous arrangement of each beading pattern alongside one another, yet intertwined can only be described as pure genius. Another mind blowing thing about the ‘Aniq’ is the fact that the colors on this are out there, and each pop individually, yet come together to form a singular pop of color. Despite shining individually, the pink, blue, white and gold beads on this will collectively cause a stir when you step in the room. If you’re feeling brave, pull on a gorgeous pink blazer with an all black outfit, and go with some metallic grey heels to compliment the outlandish beauty of the ‘Aniq’. 



So, there we have it ladies, we come to the end of another blog post, if you didn’t see the significance of clutch before, we’re sure you do now! And for the ladies who only break out the clutch every few months for that formal event, we hope we’ve helped you out a little today. Hopefully, you enjoyed our Top 3 in the Afro Indie Clutch section. Which one best fits your vibe this fall? Give us the low-down in the comment section below, and don't forget to subscribe to our email list so you can stay in the loop on style tips, new drops, promotions, events, and more. As always, keep Queenin' in these streets! Until next time.