An Afro-Indie Update: The Heart-Beat of Afro-Indie Adornments

Today we're doing something a little different. Our brand is growing and everyday we see new supporters becoming #AfroIndieQueens. It is important to us to connect with you because well... you're family to us and family communicates with one another. With that being said, let's catch up Queen! Today we will be updating you on new things happening with the brand, our mission, and passion behind Afro-Indie Adornments. Read along to check it out. 

Afro-Indie Adornments was founded by Grace Johnson or Grace Jae (@lovegracejae). You may have seen her grace your feed with a creative styling tutorial, a word of encouragement, or even as a model. She wears all of the hats! It is no wonder why the Afro-Indie brand has become what it is today. 

"Afro-Indie" is a term that Grace Jae created which implies "Cultures of Color." It comprises of various ethnic cultures of primarily African, East & West Indies influences to include all cultures that have representation of women of color and this is reflected in her designs. The blending of these cultures in the form of fashion creates a work of art that Grace Jae often refers to as "Signature Looks" which are looks that expresses one's personal identity that they are known by that is not typically common to many or considered the norm because Afro-Indie women were not born to fit in but to stand out. 

With racial injustice at its peak, it is important to us that we educate and bring awareness to the beauty and uniqueness of our cultures. We hope to spark a sense of pride, not just through our traditional tribal jewelry, but through the stories of the African and East and West Indies diaspora. We encourage women of color everywhere to continue raising the standard and breaking barriers. We are resilient QUEENS with an incredible heritage. Our stories deserve to be heard and our heritage deserves to be celebrated. Our mission is for Afro-Indie to become a safe space for all women of color to be who they are and live freely in their authenticity while staying connected to their cultural roots and embracing their heritage shamelessly and unapologetically.

We are so excited you have decided to embark on this journey with us. We can't wait to grow with you! This past Thursday we re-launched our Head-wrap Huddle and went live on IG and Facebook. We did a head wrap tutorial styling session to show you all how you can rock your Afro-Indie accessories effortlessly. It is okay if you missed this one because there will be plenty more   where that came from! Be sure to sign up for our email list and follow us on social media to stay tuned for when we go live again! As always, Keep Queenin' in these streets and we will see you next time.