It's A BestSeller For A Reason: Check Out Our Top 3 Best Selling Adorn – Afro-Indie Adornments

It's A BestSeller For A Reason: Check Out Our Top 3 Best Selling Adornments

Although humility is probably one of the greatest virtues you can have, it’s always important (and nice) to highlight the positives in life, which is what we’ve chosen to do today. Did you know that every accessory we have is handmade and has a meaning behind them? If not, you will find out just how unique each piece is after we share some of our favorite adornments. Today ladies, we will take a look at some of our bestsellers at Afro Indie, whilst we can’t be certain about what gives these items the twinkle that’s got them going like hotcakes, it’s certainly fun to speculate a little! Reading on will give you the lowdown on what makes each of these items special to us. Is it a certain colour? Is it a style that just happens to be particularly on trend right now? Who knows!? Oh, and while we’re at it, we might as well highlight the inevitably interesting cultural background of each of our bestsellers right? Learn why they've made it on our bestseller list and ways to style these beautiful, bright and bold Afro-Indie Adornments.  


Woman wearing statement accessories

1. 'Chesa' Beaded Bib

Starting the line up today we have a gorgeous piece, one that will undoubtedly give you an edge over pretty much anyone you come into contact with. Here we have, “chesa”, a gorgeous blue toned bib with a red trimming, and a bold floral design. ‘Chesa’ translates from Tibetic into ‘greatness’. After laying eyes on it, we can completely see why. As well as having a translation packed with amazon imagery and symbolism, part of what makes the ‘Chesa’ so special to us (and perhaps to you) is its reference to its rich history. The ‘Chesa’ provides an insight into culture that stems from Ancient East Asian civilizations. ‘Chesa’s structure and design concept clearly mirrors that of the traditional Chinese ‘Dudou’ and the Vietnamese ‘Yếm’. Both were traditionally worn as bodices under the clothes, and had a number of different uses, including preserving the flow of energy through the stomach.  This statement piece is embellished with bright red, turquoise, gold, sky blue and black beads. The bib also includes cowrie shells that lie on the center of the piece. Wear this gorgeous piece with an all black look and some red lippy to give it’s distinctive design a plain canvas to stand out from. 


Woman wearing statement accessories

2. 'Kosarachi' Leather Bow Fringe Choker

This one is a real looker! With this on, you can be in the office at 4pm, and at the cookout by 5pm without missing a beat in terms of your outfit. Here is the ‘Kosarachi’ Bow Fringe Choker. The name ‘Kosarachi’ is pronounced (Koe-sa-ra-chee), it means ‘Tell it to God’ in the Nigerian Igbo language. It's spunky, fun, and fit for my ladies with a lot of personality. The piece is made with Ankara fabric and comes with matching earrings ornamented with pure genuine leather. Style this with your favorite black top and let the adornment do the talking. One reason that this piece is special to us is its versatility, and surprisingly, its symbolism. The ‘Kosarachi’ incorporates African Ankara with a lively pattern which is typical of African fabrics, into a bow tie, which for many people in Western cultures, represents wealth, glamour and formality. For us, this hybrid piece signifies the idea that African culture can in fact fall into categories relating to luxury, despite often being overlooked. Aside from sentimental value, the ‘Kosarachi’ incorporates genuine leather, and a gorgeous two toned purple that’ll put the spotlight on you at all times!


Woman wearing the African accessories


3. ‘Amara’ Fabric Frames

If the word ‘fun’ had a physical form, it would certainly come in the shape of the ‘Amara’ Fabric Frames. The striking Ankara print on these frames is completely out of this world, especially for an accessory that would otherwise be mundane and regular. If you’re looking for attention as soon as you arrive at the function, keep listening, these might be the ones for you! Now, what makes the ‘Amara’s so special? Although we’re sure you can probably see why just by looking at them, these glasses are the truest form of a ‘statement piece’. Being that at Afro Indie, we are literally all about fearless, avant-garde fashion, it becomes clear that the ‘Amara’ is probably the one product that embodies these ideals the most. We know that all our #Queens are about taking risks with your outfit choices, so naturally, it would be one of your favourites, wouldn’t it?These frames were handmade with Ankara print fabric of bold and bright fuchsia and turquoise colors. Throw on your favorite blazer to create a fun yet sophisticated look. “Amara” pronounced (Ah-mah-rah) translates from the Nigerian Igbo language into ‘Grace’. 


4. ‘Zikora’ African Print Mask

Finally, we have a piece that undoubtedly mirrors the general zeitgeist of the past year and a half, the ‘Zikora’ African Print Reversible Mask. With the unwelcome rise of COVID-19 this year, there’s no other option but to keep safe by wearing your mask out in public. But what we do have an option on, is whether to do it in style or not. With the ‘Zikora’, you’re choosing both protection and panache, giving you room to remain the best version of yourself despite the unforeseen challenges that may have arisen. The way that the ‘Zikora’ works is that it offers an added inner pocket for optimal protection from particles with bad vibes that might be coming your way. It’s no secret that this hasn’t been an easy year for any of us, so when there’s an opportunity for even just a speck of vibrancy in all the darkness, of course we’re hopping on the wave!

Well, there you have it, queens, our top 3 bestsellers… We are so excited that you were able to join us for our first blog post! Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and tutorials to keep you slaying at all times. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our new blog posts. See you next time!