It's A BestSeller For A Reason: Check Out Our Top 3 Best Selling Adornments

Okay ladies! Let's talk statement pieces. Today we are highlighting some of our bestselling statement adornments. Did you know that every accessory we have is handmade and have a meaning behind them? If not, you will find out just how unique each piece is after we share some of our favorite adornments. Learn why they've made it on our bestseller list and ways to style these beautiful, bright and bold Afro-Indie Adornments.  


Woman wearing statement accessories
1. 'Chesa' Beaded Bib


“Chesa” pronounced (Che-sah) means Greatness in the Tibetic language. This statement piece is embelllished with bright red, turquoise, gold, sky blue and black colorful beads. The bib also includes cowrie shells that lies on the center of the piece. Wear this bib with an all black look and a red lippie to give this design a plain canvas to stand out. 



Woman wearing statement accessories

2. 'Kosarachi' Leather Bow Fringe Choker

Next up is our 100% real genuine leather Kosarachi Bow Fringe Choker. This piece “Kosarachi” is pronounced (Koe-sa-ra-chee) and name means Tell It To God in the African language. It's spunky, fun, and fit for my ladies with a lot of personality. The piece is made with Ankara fabric and has matching earrings ornamented with pure genuine leather. Style this with your favorite black top and let the adornment do the talking. 


Woman wearing the African accessories

3.  Amara Fabric Frames

The Amara Fabric frames were made to command the attention in the room. Talk about fun statement eyewear. These frames were handmade with Ankara print fabric of bold and bright fuchsia and turquoise colors. Throw on your favorite blazer to create a fun yet sophisticated look. “Amara” pronounced (Ah-mah-rah) means Grace in the Nigerian language. 


There you have it Queens, our top 3 bestsellers! We are so happy you were able to meet us here on our first blog post. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and tutorials coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our new blog posts. See you next time!