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How To Wear Statement Jewelry with Confidence

This fashion guide covers all things accessories. Find out how to ditch boring embellishments and wear statement jewelry with confidence!

The thought of wearing a bold, unexpected jewelry piece may send you in panic. Your initial thought may be what outfit do I choose with this necklace? Or, you may be tired of wearing simple pieces, but you're afraid if you step too much outside the box, you'll overdo it, and your look will be a disaster. 

Don't let your thoughts run too wild with your imagination on wearing statement jewelry with confidence. Bold accessories are not only much easier to wear than you think, but they're also perfect for bringing life to your outfit. Follow this guide to learn how to style appropriate looks when necessary, sexy, fun, and always fit for a Queen!


Pair your casual outfit with a bold ring or bracelet

When you're running errands or need to grab a quick coffee, jeans and a t-shirt should be your go-to outfit choice. Instead of skinny or straight-leg jeans, try wearing bell jeans that have a dramatic flare. You can wear a v-neck, scoop-neck, or off-the-shoulder tee in a slightly larger size. This will create a relaxed look that feels comfortable against your body as you move throughout the day. Add a multi-color coil bangle, which will give the illusion of stacked bracelets, although it's one piece. If you want to hike up the drama, add more than one bangle to showcase each of the vibrant colors. This look can be dressed up with open-toe heels or pumps when you're feeling extra feminine. Or, you can keep the relaxed, casual look and wear sneakers. 



You can also wear your t-shirt and jeans with a large, gold-tone ring. With this look, you can wear a white tee or a rich color like royal purple. If you want a more bubbly look:

  1. Try wearing a hot pink t-shirt with a v-neck design.
  2. Add white jeans instead of blue or black so that your ring and top color are highlighted.
  3. If you choose to wear earrings, try wearing simple studs in a diamond or pearl-like design.

You don't want to overdo it with accessories, and distract from your ring is the focal point. 



Add enchantment to your date night look with chandelier earrings

Date nights are nights you want to feel super sexy! You can wear a two-toned dress that has romantic elements with balloon sleeves or a deep v-neck design. Your clothing doesn't necessarily have to be short. You can wear mid-length clothing that stops right above your knee. Or, you can choose a dress that fits directly below your knee. With this type of dress, make sure the fabric drapes along your body instead of a more stiff fabric that will leave you feeling restricted throughout the night. This will allow you to move freely between eating, dancing, and funny conversations with your date.  

Add strappy heels to accentuate your legs while showing off a fresh pedicure. Complete your look by wearing chandelier earrings with rich colors that pop against a gold base. Since your earrings will be bright, make sure your dress is in jewel-tone colors. This will put your earrings on full display but won't look too matchy-matchy. 



If your date night is headed towards a black-tie venue, try wearing chandelier earrings with stone elements that will glisten and bring a sense of glamour to your outfit. 



Create a vibrant look that's appropriate for church

Church can be a more solemn occasion, but you're still there to praise and connect with others. Try wearing an outfit that is fitting for the ceremony and has personality, bringing positive vibes in a classy way. This can be a time to wear a bold piece with which you can create a chic, colorful look. Try wearing a tribal beaded necklace with a black, a-line dress that has a square neck design. This way, your necklace will create a centerpiece that lays flat to keep your look polished. If you want to wear heels, wear a simple pair that has a strap at the ankle. 

You can also wear dress pants and a square neck top in black. Or, you can wear a black turtleneck and the same bib necklace. This will create a striking clean look, allowing you to wear more comfortable shoes. If you're wearing flats instead of heels, go for a pair with pointed toes to give the illusion of heels. To achieve this look, make sure your pants drape over your shoes.  



If you want to wear statement jewelry with a modern look:

  1. Try wearing a shorter beaded bib with the same dress style (or top).
  2. Instead of a square neckline, wear a circle or scoop neck.
  3. Choose a bib-style necklace with a mixture of small and medium-sized beading, which will create a busy pattern artistically. 



Add layered jewelry when you're dressing for a girls' night

When you have a girls' night to relax from work and life woes, this is the time to dress as you mean it! You can wear a fun piece of jewelry that says you're out on the town and spontaneous for the night. Try wearing a tank or halter in white, orange, or blue. Add skinny jeans or jean shorts (if you're feeling flirty) in a dark wash. For your statement jewelry piece, choose stacked bracelets that have a bit of sparkle that includes a color from your top. Make sure your bracelets also have gold and stone design elements with pearl-like beading and studs. Since this accessory look is versatile, you can wear gold or silver earrings. Try small hoops to complement your wrist jewels. Finish your look with open-toe shoes that have a wooden heel. 



Try wearing a statement layered chain if you have a girls' night where you'll need to dress up a little more. You can wear a v-neck dress, allowing your necklace to drape, creating a focal point. Or, you can wear a leather-style skirt and a black tank. Add a blazer and pumps for a sexy, sophisticated look. Your necklace will still be the focal point in this outfit combination, but it will allow you to skip wearing a ring or large earrings.



When choosing how to wear statement jewelry, the process can seem intimidating. However, you'll create different looks that flow and don't appear overdone if you sensibly wear your jewelry. Always remember to accentuate your natural attributes by wearing colors that complement your skin tone. You'll not only build a fashionable outfit, but you'll also create a striking glow to your overall look.