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How To Wear Statement Earrings: 5 Easy Tips

After a year of all-things COVID, the social scene is pressing play once again, and Queens, we've got to make up for a lost time, so the only proper way to emerge from our homely walls is to come in hot, making statements! And there's no better way to go about it than with a pair of statement earrings. 


Why Statement Earrings?

The fastest, simplest, and most effective way to elevate any outfit is by donning the perfect pair of earrings. However, it's not subtle, dainty earrings, but bold and colorful earrings that have an impact. 

As we all know, fashion is rarely ever as simple as slipping on your most out-there, super-sized earrings and calling it a day. Fashion is an art form, and you want to be making all the right kinds of statements with your ear-jewels of choice. If not done correctly, statement earrings can look messy, which is why we have a few tips to offer the Queens reading this because that will never be you- not on our watch!



Get Your Colors Right

Color is key to everything. As a starting point, please choose a color that flatters you and take it from there. The color of your outfit will either make or break the statement earrings and will also determine their impact on them. Instead of going to town on outfit colors, save the boldness for the earrings. Pair statement earrings with black, white, or neutral tones so all emphasis is on the earrings. A colorful outfit, paired with statement earrings, takes the statement out of them. You want to let the earrings do all of the talking. 

Luckily, the 'Nanda Oversized Studs' and 'Chinara Large Studs - Orangesay all the right things. Like much tribal jewelry, the colors reflect nature- think rich, turquoise blues and toasty, glowing hues!



Style Inspiration: How To Wear the Nanda Oversized Studs




With our social calendars filling up again, we are not shying away, Queens! Remember the whole' bigger is better, and better is bigger' thing? Well, the same applies to statement earrings... most times. When we think of statement earrings, usually the first thought that comes to mind is huge, dangly earrings, but believe it or not, you can have hoops, studs, and other small and simple earrings that make just as much of a statement. Small and mighty, as they say. If a pair of earrings are colorful and exciting in their own right, they have the power to make a statement. Another thing you may want to consider is whether or not the size of a pair of statement earrings is proportional to you.

Our 'Chinara Small Studs – Green/Ivory' make fabulous statement earrings. They may not be as big as other earrings on our site, but they still pack a punch… and a good one, too! Did someone say humble brag?

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Don't Overdo It

Queens, statement earrings are made to look busy, so don't clutter your looks by doing too much on the jewelry front. An outfit with statement earrings can too quickly look messy when loaded with all sorts of necklaces, bracelets, and all the rest of it. 

Set on spicing up your neck just a little? At the most, choose something small and simple- not your most elaborate neckpiece. Choose carefully to avoid going overboard. If you want to embellish your look, you can do so with head and hair jewelry as an alternative. They pair well with statement earrings without taking away from them.

We've got you covered Queens, with our 'Chinara Studs – Orange/Multi' that match perfectly with our 'Jaiyesimi Head Adornment.'



 Style Inspiration: How To Wear the Chinara Studs– Orange/Multi



It's All in The Neckline

Let's get it right; if you're wearing statement earrings, chances are you want them seen. So, let's talk necklines. Draw attention to your dazzling earlobes by keeping the neck area simple. Keep your chest clear and instead pair your statement jeweled lobes with your skin and collarbones. It looks nicer than it sounds. We're talking scoop necks, v-necks, square necks- all of the chest-baring necklines! Keeping this area's base of your ears empty is the ultimate compliment to your statement jewels. Allow your statement earrings to work their magic- all on their lonesome. 

Pair our 'Mohi Dangles – Turquoise/Multi' earrings with a white scoop neck for a gorgeous, summery look.



Made Up and Slicked Back

It's not rocket science that with statement earrings comes a lot of extra attention… to your face. You can use this to your advantage by touching on colors again. Queens, when wearing a statement earring, pay attention to your lipstick. Not many people talk about this, but it does such an excellent job in bringing a whole look together if you get it right. When you're drawing more attention to your face through your earrings, brighter lip color can do wonders in bringing balance to your finished face!

Now you know all eyes will be on your face, let's talk hair. Updos are the best way to go with statement earrings because it leaves the jewels to be seen on full-show and avoids looking messy, with your hair otherwise having the potential to get caught up in the often bigger, statement earrings. 

Check out the 'Chinara Stud Dangles – Purple' and 'Sushma Dazzlers' on our site because if you're getting some extra attention, it may as well be for all the right reasons.




Style Inspiration: How To Wear the Sushma Dazzlers 



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And there we have it! Now we all know what to do when it comes to statement earrings; it's time we all stick a pair on. Like, right now. With all of these earring options available, deciding which to get may prove to be a tough decision. So save yourself the hassle and get your hands on them all.

It might seem there are many rules to follow, but the main thing is that you have fun with it all! Statement earrings are a great focal point to show off your personality and ramp up an outfit. As long as you're having a good time, that's all that matters, Queens!