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How To Wear a Beaded Necklace: 5 Simple Tips To Follow

Wearing a beaded necklace can add personality and sweet touch to your outfit. Each necklace is made with different beading style elements that can match casual and evening wear. When choosing a necklace, there are 5 simple tips to follow, Queen. Each tip will help you get the best wear out of your necklace with outfits that aren't so expected, as most. Follow this guide to discover the many ways you can wear a beaded necklace. 


The Chesa Tribal Beaded Bib will stand out with a backless dress

Wear the Chesa Tribal Beaded Bib when the party is after dark. The shape of the necklace will hang in front of your chest, giving a modern superwoman type of effect! This accessory can easily pair with gold, pinks, and greens. If you want to keep your look super sexy, try wearing a backless dress or a dress with a strappy back design. You don't have to stick with the colors within your necklace print. You can switch things up and wear completely opposite colors like yellow. If you want to keep the downward direction of your necklace moving towards your legs, wear a pair of ankle strap heels. 



Slim down your shape with a long beaded necklace

Elongate your figure with the Ashanti Luxe Beaded Drape necklace. When the necklace wraps around your neck, this will bring attention from your neck down to the hem of your dress. Be sure your necklace has a prominent base color and wooden beads, as well. A layered necklace will be the best way to wear a look with both busy patterns and solids. Be sure your necklace has many colors but not an overwhelming amount of color elements. When you're wearing a slim-fitted dress, you can wear a bandage design that will also help with slimming your silhouette. You can wear a long dress with an off-the-shoulder design, which will also showcase your skin tone. With this type of look, you don't have to worry about wearing the highest of heels. You can wear shorter heel heights in a nude color, or you can choose a vibrant color. 



Add florals with geometric shapes

The Leki Tribal Beaded Bib will also elongate your torso. You can wear this necklace with floral prints to add a soft touch. This look can be worn with both pants and shorts. You can also pair it with a sleeveless dress if you'd like. For shoes, try choosing a shoe with Ankara print in yellow, blue, or green. Or, you can select a multi-color pair of shoes. If you want more of a color-blocking fashion look, choose an orange or yellow top, purple or blue pants, and silver shoes. 

When choosing florals, they don't necessarily have to be within your top. You can choose a solid, corset-style top and pair them with floral print pants that are flowier versus stiff. If you choose a more structured trouser style, be sure the floral prints are smaller in size than large or jumbo prints. You want to avoid overpowering your necklace design with your pant type.



Wear a choker style necklace for glam looks

For a striking glam look, wear the Amika Dazzlers. They are great for wearing with jeans and a dressy top. Finish your look with a beaded necklace. Since this necklace is more of a choker style, you'll be able to wear a tank top that has thin straps. Or, you'll be able to wear a high-collar sweater. If you want a different look, try wearing a thin turtle neck top in black with your beaded choker-style necklace. Add a leather-style skirt or a corduroy skirt if it's a bit nippy outside. 

You can wear this necklace style with more professional wear as well. Try choosing a black top that has a more business-like design, although it can be off-the-shoulder. Wear it with a cuff or a watch piece. You can also wear your beaded necklace with a handkerchief scarf if you need a refreshing look that you can wear with jeans. Add a scarf in a triangle fold, just as you would a bandana, and add the necklace. This look is perfect for adventurous events and chill days where you still want to look fashionable. 



Pair multi-colored beaded necklaces with a simple outfit

When choosing a multi-color beaded necklace, go for the Serwa Luxe Bib. You don't want to overdo it with pieces that have bunching or ruffles. Instead, try selecting a sleek design that will allow your beaded necklace to shine. Go for a jumbo, beaded necklace that gives an oversized element and pair it with a dress that has a smooth surface like a tank or t-shirt dress. Avoid ribbed designs that may take away from the fringe of your necklace. 

If you want to add an element of sexy to your necklace, try wearing a sleeveless sweater. You can play up your beaded necklace with a large bangle in a multi-color print. Or, you can choose a silver bangle that looks more like a cuff. Finally, try selecting a dress that will stop a little past your knee to focus on your necklace. If you know you'll be wearing a shorter dress because you're feeling extra sexy, this necklace will still work. You can even wear colorful earrings with this necklace too. 



A beaded necklace may seem complicated to style. Still, with touches of color and beaded designs, you can create multiple looks. When wearing a beaded necklace, don't pull your weave out trying to style simple outfits. Instead, wear a necklace that you can keep as the focal point and add complimenting tops, skirts, pants, and dresses. It's that simple, Queen! So how will you wear your beaded necklace the next time you're ready to turn heads? 

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