How to Style and Accessorize a Blazer? – Afro-Indie Adornments

How to Style and Accessorize a Blazer?

When it comes to getting ready to go to work or a professional event, most of us just wear a basic blazer and call it a day. After all, it is a simple garment that can make most outfits look more professional or put together. Most companies even insist on their employees wearing blazers. However, after a while, wearing a blazer can get a bit dull. Well, luckily for you, Queen, we know that one of the best ways to rejuvenate a blazer is by styling and accessorizing it! So, to keep it feeling brand new, here are some of the best accessories to style your blazer with! 

Add a ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib to your blazer!

One of the best ways to spice up a dull blazer is by wearing an eye-catching necklace like this one. The ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib’s bright and vibrant hues will easily elevate the style of any ordinary blazer. Its name ‘Manvi’ actually means ‘Peace of Mind’ in the Indian Tamil language. So you will definitely have peace of mind knowing how stylish your blazer looks with this necklace!



This handmade necklace was created using yellow and mint/chocolate brown marbles and decorated with clear jewel stones embedded in a gold color setting. All the materials used to make this mesmerizing necklace were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. If you don’t know what to pair this necklace with, don’t worry, as it comes with a free pair of matching earrings!

Wear a pair of ‘Diya’ Dazzlers with your blazer!

Make your blazer more glamorous by pairing it with these lovely earrings. These earrings have a charming design perfect for someone who wants to add an ‘elegant’ flair to your blazer! Moreover, due to its versatile gold color, you can wear it with any color or shape blazer. Which is a huge bonus for someone who loves wearing bold or colorful blazers! In the Indian Tamil language, ‘Diya’ can translate to ‘Dazzling Personality,’ which is fitting because these earrings are a great way to show off your dazzling personality!



These earrings were handmade with materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can have peace of mind knowing how and where your accessory was made. Its mini pearls have been embedded in a bright gold frame, with an enchanting jhumka (traditional bell-shaped design) dangling at the bottom! 

Match your blazer with an ‘Iyawa’ Signature Ring (Black/Gold)!

A bold ring is always a great tool to use to spice up any dull blazer. It is simple but striking enough to rejuvenate any old blazer you might have lying in your closet. This ring, in particular, is perfect for those who love a vibrant and enchanting accessory!



Its name ‘Iyawa’ actually means ‘A Skillful Woman’ in the African language, so it is a great visual reminder that you are talented and skillful! The ring was handmade using a molded Ankara print with fuchsia accents set on a black rustic, textured base. Of course, all the materials used are sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world! 

Try wearing a ‘Zopa’ Coil Bangle with a blazer!

You can never go wrong with pairing a bangle with a blazer. This is simply because a classic bangle almost always compliments a blazer and is versatile enough to still look good in a business, casual, or formal setting! This bangle, in particular, is the ideal accessory for those who love a simple but graceful style! But, of course, you can also pair this bangle with a blazer of any sort and color due to its versatile silver color.  



This handmade bangle was created with white pearl and silver accent beads for a sophisticated look. Its name ‘Zopa’ means ‘Patience’ in the Indian Tamil language, perfect for those who need a reminder to stay patient during stressful situations. 

Pair a ‘Halimah’ Head Adornment (Satin Lined) with your blazer!

If you love a dramatic accessory that commands a room, then feel free to look into this head adornment! This head adornment is a striking and unique accessory that will make your blazer feel brand new. You can wear this head adornment in a million different ways, but to give you a few examples, you can use it as a head-wrap, a Bantu top, and a wrap scarf! Its vibrant colors will easily complement and rejuvenate any old blazer with minimal effort on your end, and that is always a bonus! 



Also, its name ‘Halimah’ translates to ‘Gentle’ in the Nigerian Hausa language. This fabric is very gentle with your hair because it is lined with satin for maximum hair protection! This handmade head adornment also uses a yellow and coral swirl African print fabric with a brown and white checkered print. 

Wear a ‘Tambara’ Tulle Belt and Head Adornment with your blazer!

This ‘Tambara’ Tulle Belt and Head Adornment is the ultimate accessory to pair with your blazer, as it is not only stylish, it is incredibly versatile! This belt and head adornment are perfect for someone who wants to make their blazer more radiant and enchanting. Its name ‘Tambara’ actually means ‘A Girl Who Is At Ease’ in the Nigerian language, and you will feel like a girl at ease knowing your blazer looks stunning with this accessory! 



This handmade accessory was made using a navy blue, green, and white Ankara print tulle bow belt decorated with tulle around the top and bottom. Its glamorous design was created using materials from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 

See, Queen, you don’t have to buy a new blazer when you are bored with your old one. Instead, you can breathe new life into your go-to blazer by wearing some of these accessories with it! But, of course, soon enough, you will be obsessed with your old blazer all over again! So, tell us, which one of these accessories will you be using with your favorite blazer?