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How to Style a Bold Statement Necklace: 5 Easy Steps

If you are looking for new ways to style your capsule wardrobe, bold necklaces will never let you down. A statement necklace is designed to give you the ultimate fun experience as it quenches your thirst for glamour, reinstates your confidence, and makes you feel like the goddess you are. The different color mixture makes the dullest outfit seem vibrant and in a fashionable way. If you have never tried wearing bold statement necklaces, it's time you opened up to this new world of glamour.

To begin with, you must understand the unspoken rules of styling a statement necklace since any mistake may send the wrong message. 


So let us look into five easy steps to help you style a bold statement necklace.

1. Less is more

Bold necklaces are meant to stand out. For instance, the Basha Layered Chain necklace is a colorful piece and creates a considerable sensation that will attract attention on its own. So, you wear it on its own without crowding it with other conspicuous jewelry like bold earrings. Also, avoid wearing layered necklaces with bold belts, as they give an impression that so much is going on. Instead, let the necklace be the sole statement and the center stage of attention.


2. Keep it Simple

Always keep your outfit simple when wearing a bold necklace. The only responsibility of bold necklaces is to stand out; thus, avoid clothes with busy patterns and embellishment such as branded shirts and dresses. 

You will never go wrong with a black dress and a bold necklace. For instance, Chesa Tribal Beaded Bib is colorful and conspicuous on its own; thus, wearing it on top of a black dress will automatically turn heads even in Times Square if you must wear additional accessories, which I do not recommend, keep them to a minimum. So if it is a bracelet, wear only one and let it match your necklace, that way, it complements your outfit. 

Another outfit that will help you look your absolute best with a bold, colorful, big, and bright necklace like the Chesa is a pair of jeans and a white top. 

Your capsule wardrobe may differ based on your preference; the only way to ensure you are on point while wearing bright-colored necklaces is by sticking to neutral and block-colored items. On the other hand, if you can maintain attention towards the statement necklace, you can always dress it with pattern outfits. 


3. Match the correct necklace with the right neckline

The necklines that ensure I stand out while wearing a bold necklace are strapless, scoop-necked, off-the-shoulder, and v-necked tops. Wearing a dress or top with this neckline ensures that the necklace is the talking point as not much is going on around your neck. For instance, the Leki Tribal Beaded Bib is colorful, significant, and can only be perfect when left to stand on its own, that is, without collars and halter necks. Also, avoid having any detailing close to the face since they tend to clash with bold necklaces. There only notable trend I have observed and works well with bold necklaces is wearing a one-colored turtle-neck sweater with the chains. However, you must ensure it is form-fitting and has a uniform color. 

If you want to wear a statement necklace, you must trust it to do you justice by letting it shine. So wear the attention-grabbing necklace to simple one-colored, neutral tones to keep your looks elegant. 


4. Wear a Necklace that creates an Outfit

What are statement pieces for? You guessed it right- to make a statement. So when shopping for a necklace ensures it creates an overall outfit. 

If you want to look polished and prim, opt for Itoro Chunky Beaded Bib. Story Chunky Beads add a unique flavor to your outfit while being messy, giving you that prim look you've always wanted.


Vintage or floral pieces such as the Diki Tribal Beaded Bib are spectacular for a feminine and romantic outfit. So now you know what to wear that mini dress that you love but now feels plain, 


While colorful beads such as the Serwa Luxe Bib and the Ashanti Luxe Beaded Drape are a must if you are going for a boho look, you really can't get more boho with Ashanti Luxe Beaded Drape as it gives you that effortless mix of fashion.


5. Keep it loose

The beauty of statement necklaces is that they do not require you to dress up. Instead, the best way you should wear these necklaces is by pairing them with a loose and flowing top or T-shirt dress. The beauty behind wearing loose outfits is they create a harmonious balance helping you maintain your outfit's casual look while attracting the most attention. For instance, the Daraja Dazzler Bib is colorful and perfectly with casual outfits such as loss tops and jeans or dresses.


If you have to wear a jacket, I would prefer a plain leather jacket as it is classy and still maintains the attention towards the necklace. 

Now that you understand the unspoken rules behind bold statement necklaces, it's time you find that bold necklace that projects how you feel. As a woman of color, it is nice to pay attention to you, not only because you are good at what you do but also because you deserve it. In addition, wearing bold necklaces encourages you to be confident around people as you always attract attention. 

Trust me, follow the five simple steps of styling your statement necklace, and a whole new world of glamour is going to blossom before your eyes.