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How to Stack Bracelets: 5 Easy Tips

Stacking your bracelets is a great way to show off your personality and sense of style! The combination can be as colorful or simple as you want, but it will always be unique to you. However, Queen, making sure your bracelet is complimentary and not gaudy can be a bit difficult at times. So, whether you are new to stacking bracelets or just need some extra advice, here are five easy tips to follow to make sure your stacked bangles always look incredible! 

Try to avoid using too much color

When you start experimenting with stacking bracelets, you should know how many colors you are using and how that color affects your outfit. See, if you are wearing a vibrant outfit, you should try to avoid wearing striking jewelry. This is because bold outfits and bold accessories tend to clash with each other. On the other hand, if you wear a plain outfit with little to no colors, you can experiment with more colors on your bracelet. 

The key is to make sure you have one statement piece in your outfit. If you keep your outfit vibrant, then you should look for simpler jewelry. However, if you want to continue experimenting with your bracelets, just change into a more simple outfit. 



The ‘Zopa’ Coil Bangle in Silver/Multi is a great, vibrant bangle to experiment with. This bangle’s bright colors are the perfect eye-catching accessory for those who love color and playful accessories! The name ‘Zopa’ can be translated to ‘Patience’ in the Indian language, making this accessory a great reminder to remain patient with yourself. The bangle itself was handmade with red, blue, and green ball beads. All the materials used were sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 

Be wary of the bangle’s size

Before you start putting those bangles on your wrist, you should try to be wary of the sizes you are experimenting with. A safe rule is to avoid covering more than ⅓ of your forearm. These sizes will give you a different look every time you experiment with them. For example, using all thin gold bangles will provide a more classic look. However, using too many large bangles can easily look a little gaudy if you are not careful. 

It is safe to say that if you are a beginner at stacking bracelets, you might want to avoid too many large bangles at once for that reason. But, on the other hand, using too many small bangles can get pretty dull quickly. So, if you are starting out, maybe try using at least two or three large bangles and just a handful of tiny bangles. This way, your accessories will look more flattering rather than overwhelming.



A great idea is to invest in a bracelet like the ‘Sajil’ Bangle Stack in Fuchsia and Orange. This accessory already comes with nine fuchsia and orange bangles that will look stunning on anyone’s wrist. You can pair these bangles with some more bangles or just wear them by themselves. These handmade bangles are decorated with rhinestones, pearls, gold beads, and accents. Their name ‘Sajil’ actually means ‘Most Beautiful’ in the Indian Tamil language, and this bracelet will soon be one of your most beautiful accessories. 

Don’t be afraid to mix metals

The best way to find out which styles work for you is by experimenting. So, feel free to try out wearing different metals together. For example, pair a gold bangle with a silver or rose gold bangle and see if you like it. If paired correctly, you can love the effect these accessories create together!



A great bangle to experiment with is the ‘Zopa’ Coil Bangle (Pearl)! This bangle is handmade using white pearl and silver accent beads, which makes it a simple design you can experiment with. Due to its versatile design, you can easily pair it with some basic gold or rose gold bangles! You can also feel great knowing that your bangle was not only handmade; it was also made with materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 

Try wearing a watch

After pairing the same bangles together over and over, you might be thinking of ways to spice up your bangle collection. If so, a great way to make your bangles more interesting is by wearing them with your favorite watch. The key is to pick a watch that has a bracelet-style band. This way, your watch will blend in with your bangles easier. 



A magnificent bangle to pair with your favorite watch is the ‘Haniah’ Glass Beaded Bangle. Due to its colorful prints, this handmade bangle can effortlessly match almost any watch and the rest of your favorite bangles. This bangle was decorated with a mix of unique beads, and its glass beads were hand-painted to create an intriguing look. Its name ‘Haniah’ means ‘Happiness and Bliss’ in the African language. So you will feel happiness and bliss knowing how great your bangles look!

Start small

For those who are new to statement jewelry or just stacking bracelets, remember to start small. While experimenting is important and fun, it might be a smart idea to start with a few bangles at first. This way, you can get used to wearing this bold statement piece before you start trying out bolder styles. 



A great start is to wear a few similar bangles, then slowly work your way up. One of the best bangles you can experiment with is the ‘Pavu’ Coil Bangle. Its silver metal and multicolor beads allow it to be versatile enough to match the rest of your jewelry. You can pair it with anything and not have to worry about it being too overwhelming. This bangle was handmade using silver metal and red, mint green, and black stones. If you need another reason to love this bangle, its name ‘Pavu’ actually means ‘Innocent; Purity’ in the Indian Tamil language! 

While these tips might seem overwhelming, they will be easy as something once you get the hang of stacking bracelets. Either way, don’t let these tips stop you from experimenting, Queen! As long as you feel comfortable and confident in wearing your bracelets, that’s all that matters!