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How to Spruce Up Your Outfit with an Ankara Belt

After a while, Queen, you might find yourself looking at your closet and thinking you have absolutely nothing to wear. While, yes, technically, you do have clothes in your closet to wear, it just all seems boring and underwhelming after a while. Well, instead of spending hundreds on a new wardrobe, a great way to rejuvenate your clothes is by getting yourself a bold accessory like an Ankara belt. Queen, this belt is not only stylish, but it will also revitalize your clothes and make them feel brand new! So, to get you started here is how to spruce up your outfit with an Ankara belt!  


6. Pair it with a classic black dress!

A black dress is one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe. It can look classy and opulent but casual if you pair it with the right accessory. Unfortunately, this classic staple piece can get quite dull easily. So, a great way to breathe new life into your dress is by wearing a bold Ankara belt! This belt will add a nice pop of color and make your dress feel completely brand new! 



The teal ‘Tambara’ Tulle Belt & Head Adornment is a great belt to wear with your dress. It is a handmade belt perfect for those who love color and vibrant patterns. It has a gorgeous navy blue, orange, white, and teal Ankara print fabric. Furthermore, it is decorated with fashionable blue tulle around the top and bottom. So, whether you want a more formal or laid-back look, this belt will effortlessly complement your black dress!


5. Try wearing your Ankara belt with your favorite pair of jeans!

What makes jeans great is that they are versatile and reliable. You can just put them on, throw on a random shirt, and go on with your hectic day. However, if you are in the mood to spice up your jeans and experiment a little, we know just the accessory you should use. Make your jeans more eye-catching by adding on an enchanting Ankara belt



This belt will add a striking pop of color to your jeans effortlessly. You can finish the look off by throwing on your favorite white blouse and nude pumps. We recommend keeping your outfit simple, so your belt can be the main statement piece, however, feel free to think outside of the box and experiment! 


4. Pair your belt with a nice black blazer!

Keep your outfit bold and professional by pairing a high-quality blazer with an eye-catching Ankara belt. Wearing a bold accessory like an Ankara belt is a great way to bring some color to your normal workplace attire! With a belt as fashionable as an Ankara belt, do not be surprised when you effortlessly command the attention of every room you enter!



You can finish off the look with your favorite trousers and blouse to create a stunning, professional outfit. Or you can just wear your belt and blazer with some jeans for a more casual look. The options are truly endless with this charming pairing! 


3. Style it with your favorite button-up shirt!

Everyone has a simple button-up shirt somewhere in their closet, and there is a reason for that. It is a simplistic but fashionable shirt that can be worn in a professional setting but also casually. Sadly, these shirts can become underwhelming and boring if you wear them too often. So, a great way to make these shirts feel brand new is by styling them with a stunning Ankara belt



To spice up your favorite button-up shirt, we recommend wearing it with this navy blue ‘Tambara’ Tulle Belt & Head Adornment! This belt was handmade and has a stunning navy blue, green, and white Ankara fabric pattern. It is finished off with a beautiful navy blue tulle that surrounds the top and bottom of the belt. In the Nigerian language, ‘Tambara’ can be translated to “A Girl Who is at Ease”, and you certainly will feel at ease knowing how good your outfit looks with this belt! Ultimately, if you love glamorous and vibrant accessories, you will absolutely adore this belt! 


2. Wear it with a denim dress!

If you want to experiment with different patterns and fabrics, we recommend that you pair your Ankara belt with a beautiful denim dress! A denim dress is a bold statement in its own right. So what is better than to compliment your dress with a bold Ankara belt? Both belts have a blue hue that would match any denim dress easily. With these two items, you will be able to create a unique, bold outfit that will showcase your rare sense of style!


1. Pair your belt with a black pencil skirt!

A black pencil skirt is a classic item you can wear to the office or even casually as you hang out with your friends. However, after a while, you might be wondering how you can spice up this timeless piece. Well, a great way to breathe new life into your skirt is by wearing it with an Ankara belt. You can wear this versatile look to work, to a formal event; this belt will rejuvenate your skirt easily and make it feel completely brand new! You can finish the look with a navy blue top and some black heels to create a business casual look! 

See, Queen, a great way to revitalize your wardrobe and keep it from getting boring is by getting yourself a bold accessory like an Ankara belt! This belt will add a pop of color to all of your outfits and make things feel fresh and new. From professional outfits to laid-back looks, there are plenty of different ways you can style this bold belt, Queen! So, now that you know how to rejuvenate your outfit with an Ankara belt go ahead and tell us which look you plan on wearing!