How to Spruce Up Your Look with Ankara Statement Frames? – Afro-Indie Adornments

How to Spruce Up Your Look with Ankara Statement Frames?

After a while, it is natural to feel like your closet is getting a little dull. Your wardrobe can be filled with clothes, but you will still feel like you have nothing to wear. So, Queen, if you feel like that, we are here to help. We think that one of the best ways to rejuvenate your outfits is why wearing a pair of Ankara statement frames.

These frames are stylish and bold accessories that will breathe life into your clothes in no time! Soon enough, you will not be able to stop thinking about all the outfit combinations you can pair with these frames. To help give you some inspiration, here is how you can spruce up your look with Ankara statement frames! 

Pair your frames with a nice blazer

For those who want a more preppy look, consider pairing your Ankara frames with a nice blazer. A sharp blazer and stylish pair of frames will make your outfit feel put together and professional. This fashion combination is also a great way to elevate your confidence and trust in yourself! 



The ‘Amara’ Fabric Frames in Fuchsia Pink/Turquoise is a nice pair of frames to put with your blazer. This accessory was handmade using fuchsia pink and turquoise Ankara print fabric. Before purchasing them, do be aware that they do not have lenses inside their frames. Their name ‘Amara’ actually translates to ‘Grace’ in the Nigerian language, and these frames will definitely add grace and elegance to all of your outfits! 

Wear your frames with a classic graphic tee

Looking for a more casual outfit? If so, try pairing your bold frames with a graphic tee shirt. Almost everyone has a graphic tee just lying around in their closet. So, find one of these comfortable shirts and put it on your frames! Of course, you can pair your graphic tee with a skirt or even just a pair of jeans; it is up to you! However, no matter how you style this combination, you will feel completely comfortable and at ease! 


Pair your frames with a button-up shirt!

Keep your outfit fashionable by pairing your bold frames with a nice button-up shirt. Similar to a graphic tee, almost everyone has a button-up shirt lying around in their closet. To balance the radiant colors in the frames, try wearing a white, beige, or black button-up shirt. This way, your frames can stay the main focal point of your outfit. 



This outfit is versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere. You can wear it to run errands, go to dinner with your friends, or even work! We recommend adding some simple jewelry that compliments your frames and button-up shirt to make this outfit more personalized. 


Try wearing it with a black dress

The next time you are invited to a party or formal event, bring your frames with you! In fact, keep your outfit appropriate by wearing your accessory with a nice black dress. A black dress is already a great, versatile item. You can wear it anywhere, and it goes with practically anything, including your frames. This look is elegant and timeless, so do not be surprised when you see yourself wearing this classic look again!



You can keep your look casual by adding simple jewelry — like necklaces, earrings, and more — that match your frames. Or you make your outfit a bit more professional and throw on a blazer. The options are endless for how you can make this look your own!

Match a purse with your frames

Create a unique and interesting look by matching your purse with your frames. This is a great, bold look for someone who loves to experiment with statement accessories! 

To create this look, start with a simple outfit. After all, your accessories will be your main statement pieces, so it is best to avoid any clashing. Then, put on a pair of stylish frames like the ‘Amara’ Fabric Frames in Orange/Green. These frames were handmade with beautiful orange and green Ankara print fabric. They, of course, have no lenses inside. These frames are perfect for someone who loves vibrant colors and bold accessories! Once you put on those frames, find an accessory that best matches your frames.



For example, these frames have stunning orange and green hues in their fabric. So, find a purse that showcases the same orange and green color. That can be a small orange clutch, a green tote bag, or even an orange and green clutch! This pairing will make your outfit look cohesive and put together yet still eye-catching! 

Pair your frames with a vibrant top

Be the center of attention of every room you enter with this colorful pairing. Your frames are already vibrant and colorful on their own, so what better than to add another pop of color with a bright top! With that being said, if you are not careful, this pairing can easily clash with each other. So, if your frames have an orange and green color scheme like the ‘Amara’ Fabric Frames, you should wear an equally bright orange or green top. Also, try to pick only one color out of the fabric to avoid being too matchy-matchy.

This pairing is perfect for an expert at dealing with bold accessories and wants to liven up their outfit. If you add on a simple blazer and a pair of trousers, you can actually wear this pairing to work. Or you can just wear this pairing with a pair of jeans and keep this look casual! 

Keep your outfits interesting and fun by wearing these striking Ankara statement frames. Queen, this bold accessory will make your old clothes feel brand new again! You can wear these frames with a blazer for a more professional look or a black dress for a stunning formal outfit! So, Queen, which charming outfit will you wear first with your Ankara statement frames?