How To Rock Your Afro-Indie Headwrap

The embracement of tribal head wraps is being normalized and more widely accepted in our society. When African women first arrived in the U.S., the head wrap became a sign of their enslavement. As African American men and women began fighting for justice, the traditional head wrap re-emerged as a symbol of pride and afrocentric celebration. Today you see women all around embracing their roots and connecting to their culture through the traditional African head wraps. Some women have different reasons for wearing them. They can be worn as a protective style, while others wear them as a fashion statement. Follow along as we show you different ways to rock your head wrap. 


Look # 1: Bow tie/knot with hair  out 

One style showcases some of the hair out in the front with a bow tie. Take your wrap lengthwise and stretch it out a bit to get rid of some of the wrinkles. After you're done stretching, wrap your head wrap around the back of your head. Ideally, you want your wrap to be even on both sides of your head to create a finished, even bow. Pull the fabric around your crown and tie it into your desired bow tie. 


Woman wearing African head wraps

Look # 2: Front Side tie/no hair out 

This is an infamous Afro-Indie look. Wrap the head scarf around the back of your head and go around one more time. Use the excess fabric to create a bow tie or a knot. This look is perfect for the ladies who may be having a bad hair day and prefer to keep it tucked and protected. 

Woman wearing African accessories

Look # 3: Full coverage. 

Throw your hair into a wrap when you want to keep it protected and out of the way. This style is so simple and ensures no strands get left behind. Wrap the head wrap around one time in the back and once in the front. You can use the access to tie a front tie or knot. 

Woman wearing African head wraps

Each head adornment carries weight on their own. The head wrap styles mentioned above are just a glimpse of how you can jazz up your everyday professional look. Shop our accessories for some cute chunky, bold, and vibrant pieces that will complete your work, church, or date night wardrobe with personality.