How To Wear A Tribal Head Wrap: Steal Our Top Looks – Afro-Indie Adornments

How To Wear A Tribal Head Wrap: Steal Our Top Looks

What a time to be alive, ladies! Cultural representation is at an all-time high for Africans, and tribal fashion has been no exception to this shift in attitudes! One thing in particular that we’ve noticed is that headwrap mania seems to be sweeping through America, though it started as a staple within Black culture, we are starting to see it permeate into the wardrobes of other ethnic minority groups. With more and more people choosing to incorporate the head wrap into their daily wardrobe, its status within the fashion world is becoming more and more cemented. Because we know that no one likes to be left behind on the style train, we make it our duty to keep you in the loop! The headwrap, which was once a symbol of entrapment and suffering, has now become somewhat of a poetic representation of freedom of expression. Once worn exclusively by slave women, the headscarf became a symbol of pride and Afrocentric celebration during the initial fight for justice in the 20th century. In its birthplace of Africa, the headscarf takes its place as an everyday accessory. Today, we see women all around embracing their roots and connecting to their culture through something as simple as a traditional African head wrap.


Woman wearing African head wraps


They can be worn as a protective hairstyle, while others wear them as a fashion statement. Whether it be for religious reasons, convenience or other reasons, we are totally here for it! Follow along as we show you different ways to rock your headwrap:


Look # 1: Bow tie/knot with hair out 


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you can never go wrong with a nice bow. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to constantly pull off the perfect mix between cute and sultry? The other thing with a bow, is that it can give an outfit that indescribable quality that forms the distinction between fashion and style. The good news is, you can in fact, incorporate a bow into your tribal head wrap, with the added flair of culture, you’ll elevate yourself to an untouchable level in the fashion game. We know it might seem a little complicated, but after trying it a few times, you’ll be a bow tying machine… The way to do it is, to take your wrap lengthwise and stretch it out a bit to get rid of some of the wrinkles. After you're done stretching, pull your headwrap around the back of your head. Ideally, you want your wrap to be even on both sides of your head to create a finished, even bow. Pull the fabric around your crown and tie it into your desired bow tie. This will leave you showing off your gorgeous head tying skills and your beautiful locks, talk about the best of both worlds!


Woman wearing African accessories


Look # 2: Front Side Donut 


Without a doubt, the front side tie has always been and will remain a classic in the headwrap game. This donut style look will give you a dramatic pop that only comes with a few styles. With this style of head wrapping, versatility is the word! It works for pretty much anything. Doing the school run? Out for brunch with the girls? The donut is your go to! Aside from it literally being the easiest method of tying a head wrap, the timeless opulence of the donut is what makes it so special. We’ve chosen to focus on the front side donut, but let tell you now, it doesn’t stop there! The donut can be worn facing straight forwards, backward, or even as a top knot! The possibilities are endless here. If it wasn’t already clear by now, the front side donut is somewhat of a signature Afro Indie look, we just can’t get enough of it! To pull it off: Wrap the headscarf around the back of your head and go around one more time. Use the excess fabric to create a knot. The best part is, you can leave your hair inside the scarf, or out, meaning that this look is perfect for the ladies who may be having a bad hair day and prefer to keep it tucked and protected. 


Woman wearing African head wraps


Look # 3: Full coverage


Whilst the hair can be either in or out with the front side donut, this is a style that’ll protect and shield your hair without fail Every. Single. Time. So for the girlies who are transitioning into fully natural hair, or just want to keep their hair protected during tougher times, this one's for you! Aside from protecting your hair just by laying on it, the full coverage look also helps by allowing you to avoid styling it every day. This is important because for many of us, the constant reworking of our hair is the very catalyst for breakage that we so desperately try to evade. With this style, it really is just as simple as throwing your hair into a wrap when you want to keep it protected and out of the way, think of it as a ‘no strand left behind’ policy, with the added bonus of providing a sure-fire way to save time in the morning. To pull off the Full coverage look, tie the head wrap around your head once in the back and once in the front. You can use the excess fabric to tie a front tie or knot. 


Without a doubt, each of the head adornments carry their own weight, once you remove the goal of looking fashionable, this becomes more and more apparent. As well as the goal of attaining healthy, beautiful natural hair, the head wrap also stands as a representation of progress and being comfortable in your skin. The headwrap styles mentioned above provide just a glimpse into how you can jazz up your everyday professional look. Shop our accessories for some cute chunky, bold, and vibrant pieces that will complete your work, church, or date night wardrobe with personality.