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How to Mix and Match Statement Jewelry Pieces: 5 Easy Tips

Do you ever just finish getting ready, then look in the mirror and realize: something is missing? Your outfit is just missing something. Well, a great cure to that dilemma is to add a few more accessories to your outfit, Queen. Truth be told, mixing and matching jewelry can be incredibly rewarding once you learn to do it correctly. So, if you are new to playing around with jewelry or just want to learn a few more tips, here are five easy tips on how you can mix and match statement jewelry pieces. 


5. Choose a starting point!

If you are new to experimenting with statement jewelry, you might think mixing and matching jewelry can be difficult, but that is actually not the truth. Mix and match statement jewelry is really simple as long as you have a starting point or main focus. So, for example, your starting point could be a bold necklace. Once you decide that a necklace is your main focus, you just have to find other jewelry that complements your necklace. It is a great way to keep your accessories looking cohesive. 

A great starting point would be a necklace like the ‘Itoro’ Chunky Beaded Bib in green. This necklace has a striking green color that is perfect for some who love a unique design! This handmade necklace has an eye-catching mess of vibrant green seed beads that have been decorated with a mix of ethnic beads. Furthermore, its name ‘Itore’ means “Praise” in the African language, which is fitting because your outfit will definitely be praiseworthy with this necklace! 


4. Don’t be afraid of your jewelry clashing! 

The great thing about fashion is that it is all about experimentation. The best way to find out what works for you is by trying on different accessories, even if it is out of your comfort zone. So, pieces that you think will clash might actually look beautiful on you. Or jewelry that is “supposed” to go together might just look dull when paired together. With that being said, try being a little fearless when accessorizing. You never know what combination might just become your next obsession.



The ‘Charu’ Glams in royal blue is a wonderful accessory to experiment with. Its royal blue color is versatile enough to play around, and its pearls and gold accents leave plenty of room for experimentation. The word ‘Charu’ actually means “Beautiful; Attractive; Pleasing” in the Indian Tamil language. You definitely will feel beautiful, attractive, and pleasing while wearing these earrings. They are handmade and were decorated with gold accents, mini pearls, and clear jewel stones. So, if you have a classic sense of style and love glamorous accessories, you will love these earrings. 


3. Feel free to mix metals!

While mixing metals used to be frowned upon, it is actually very popular to do now. The reason is that when you mix metals, you create a super unique and cool look with your accessories. Even for more subtle looks, you still create an interesting look by adding a different mixed metal into your mix. While this may seem intimidating at first, once you do get the hang of it, you will love the unique effect of mixing metals!



When it comes to mixing metals, we recommend experimenting with the gold ‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Ring. You mix and match by adding silver or rose gold rings next to or stacked on this bold, gold ring to create an eye-catching effect. The ring itself was handmade and beautifully carved from gold brass. It can fit any ring size, and it is perfect for a woman who loves a conversational piece. Also, in the African language, the word ‘Morowa’ can be translated to “Queen”.


2. Experiment with color!

A great way to spice up your jewelry is by adding a pop of color. While all gold or silver jewelry looks can appear stunning, it can also get a bit boring after a while. So, do not be afraid to experiment with a little bit of color. You can play around with only a few colorful pieces or make all of your jewelry vibrant. The choice is up to you! However, a great tip is to try pairing colors with a similar color scheme. So, for example, if your statement necklace has a navy blue and medium green pattern, try wearing some light green rings. 



We recommend wearing a bangle like the ‘Zopa’ Coil Bangle in Silver/Multi to get started. This bracelet is already multicolored, which gives you plenty of room to experiment with different colored jewelry within the bracelet’s color scheme. The handmade bracelet itself has beautiful red, blue, and green ball beads surrounded by silver that wraps around your wrist. It is the perfect pop of color to add to any of your outfits! Moreover, in the Indian language, its name ‘Zopa’ actually means “Patience”. 


1. Try layering your jewelry! 

If you feel like your jewelry is becoming too boring, do not be afraid to add another accessory. Sometimes you can create a captivating look by just throwing on another ring, necklace, or bangle. It is a fabulous way to personalize your look and make it completely you! The ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in White/Silver. Since it is a choker, you can mix and match by adding longer necklaces. ‘Fawzaana’ means “Salvation; Successful” in the Indian Tamil language. This handmade choker itself was created using silver and white beads and silver twine wire. 



While mixing and matching statement jewelry can seem a bit difficult at first, you will be an expert in no time with these five easy tips. Queen, we hope this gave you the inspiration to experiment with your own statement jewelry the next time you go out! Feel free to tell us which tip you plan on using in the future!