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How to Match a Purse with an Outfit: 3 Quick Tips

When it comes to fashion, experimenting with different styles and patterns is almost essential. Queen, you never know exactly what types of styles or colors you like until you try it on yourself. One of the best items to experiment with is accessories, specifically purses. There is a perfect purse for everyone, from eye-catching patterns on clutches to simplistic black handbags. 

However, if you don’t know how to mix and match your favorite purses with your outfits without looking overdone, don’t worry. We’re here to help, Queen! To keep your outfits and accessories always looking their best, here are three of our best tips on how to match a purse with an outfit!


3. Choose complementary colors!

A great way to make sure your bag always matches your outfit is to choose complementary colors. While we love bold colors and patterns, it is not always the best idea to pair the eye-catching pieces right next to each other. See, a striking neon green bag will not exactly match an equally bright pink dress. They are more likely to clash with each other than match. So, to avoid fashion mistakes like that, try to go for colors that match each other. 

For one, you can pair warm colors with other warm colors and cool colors with other cool colors. For example, you can wear a warm orange dress with a red purse or a light blue blouse with a white purse. So on, and so forth. These hues and shades compliment each other, so they will automatically make your outfit look cohesive. 

However, this does not mean you have to avoid bold prints or patterns. In fact, the great thing about a purse is that it is a fabulous way to add a pop of color to all of your outfits. You just have to make sure that the patterns match your outfit or complement it. So, you can wear a multicolored pattern on your purse and match it with a striped shirt that has a similar color scheme, for example!



A great, versatile purse to wear is the ‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag in Black/White. This handmade bag was made using metal materials and has hand-stained black, white, and red tiles decorated with lovely gold accents. Due to its colors, you can wear it with almost anything. Furthermore, ‘Ani’ can be translated to “Beautiful” in the Indian Bengali language!


2. Be aware of the occasion you are dressing for!

One of the best ways to make sure your outfit always looks good is by dressing for the occasion you will. You would not wear your nicest silk dress to a pool party, now, would you? Exactly, so it is always a good idea to make sure you pick an appropriate purse for any event you are going to.



Depending on where you are headed, the size of your purse should and can change dramatically. If you are headed to the office, pick a large purse that can fit all of your essentials and add a pop of color to your outfit! Or, if you are going to a wedding, try wearing a smaller clutch like the ‘Basana’ Metal Mosaic Bag. This clutch can fit essentials like your wallet and keys while still not being too big or bulky. It was handmade with metal materials and hand-stained green and white tiles and decorated with stunning gold accents. In the Indian Tamil language, ‘Basnaa’ actually translates to “Beautiful”, which is fitting because you certainly will feel beautiful while wearing it! 


1. Keep your outfit balanced 

Overall, a great way to keep your accessories cohesive is to just keep your outfit balanced. Once again, we love prints and colors, but not all at once. If you have a bold print on a purse, try wearing a simple or even monochrome outfit. Or, if you have an outfit with bold and bright colors, consider wearing a simple black bag, for example. Furthermore, if your bag has gold hardware, you could match it by wearing simple gold jewelry. Doing simple things like that will keep your outfit looking put together and stylish!

A good tip is to avoid wearing statement jewelry if you plan to have a bold purse. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can only wear one accessory. Rather, you should just make sure only one of your accessories is the main focus. So, if your purse has a vibrant or bold pattern, keep it simple and wear simplistic jewelry that complements your accessory.



So, if you are wearing a simplistic outfit, a great accessory to grab is a purse like the ‘Gasira’ — (Large Fold-Over Clutch). This purse has a beautiful multicolored pattern and will add a pop of color to all of your outfits. Just by wearing it, you will feel like you’re wearing a completely brand-new outfit. The clutch itself was handmade using an exquisite Ankara African print fabric. Its name ‘Gasira’ can be translated to “One Who is Brave” in the African language, making this purse a great visual reminder to always be brave when facing your fears!

You can pair this purse with something simple like a white shirt and a pair of jeans for a more casual look, or with an orange dress for a more formal event! Due to its versatile pattern, there are a million more ways you can style this purse while keeping your outfit balanced. 


Making a cohesive look with your favorite outfits and purses has never been easier with these three quick tips! Queen, as long as you remember to choose complementary colors, dress for the occasion, and keep your outfit balanced, your outfits will always look stunning! It is that simple and easy, Queen! With these three tips, you will be creating fabulous looks in no time! So, next time you get ready, tell us how you will style your outfit and purse!