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How To Elevate Your Look with a Mosaic Clutch Bag

So, Queens, that event next week- you have a gorgeous outfit planned out, from head to toe- everything is sorted. Or so you think (hear us out). Unless your outfit bared in mind a mosaic clutch, we have got to put you on, Queens! There is genuinely no other unique accessory that pleasantly surprises and holds the same power to transcend an outfit entirely.

That’s all good and well, but what is a clutch bag?! Traditionally, clutch bags come in the form of a small envelope-shaped handbag, although now, they come in different shapes; the whole ‘small’ thing is a general rule. Known to be worn as evening accessories, this has also gone out of the window, with women wearing them just about whenever they should. Often, you’ll find that with clutch bags, practicality has been sacrificed, so that means no crazy lip combos for you because, in many cases, you’re lucky if a lipstick makes it in. 

Conventionally teeny tiny clutch bags are something we decided to change and steer away from, with our mosaic clutch-crossbody hybrids offering our Queens instead with enough space for all your essentials, without worrying about leaving anything behind! Not only that, but with our clutch bags embodying African mosaic, you’ll be rocking inspiring art steeped in - what we presume is - your own culture. So you’re welcome, Queens. 


‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag (Black/White) 

Handmade to bag perfection, this clutch, donning black, white, and red mosaic tiles, along with gold accents, screams sophisticated chic! But, of course, this high-caliber clutch needs to be wined and dined, Queens. Have any restaurant dinners planned? If so, the ‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag in black and white is the ultimate cuisine companion- it fits right at home, with it being a snack itself! It’s so good; you may even consider skipping dessert…



For this purse, a good way to match its sophisticated charm and make it pop would be to wear a red blazer, with either black or white colors underneath (thinking a bodycon skirt and shirt), with intelligent, black shoes that tickle your fancy! Pair this look with our ‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Ring, and you’re all set. Time to stunt on them, Queens!


Style Inspiration: How To Wear the ‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag



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‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag (Multi-colored) 

A colorful, mosaic clutch and cross-body, the ‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag (Multi-colored) is ample when it comes to brightening up just about anyone’s day. The rainbow spectrum plastered across this jaw-dropping mosaic clutch bag makes it worthy of a day at church. Coordinate with the stained-glass windows! Why? Nobody likes a clash, Queens. 



Seeing as this bag may be destined to see the light of day inside holy church walls, let’s strive for modest and tasteful when pairing this multi-colored clutch bag. For a modern chic, pair this hybrid bag with a white shirt and tailored black pants. Then, allow the bag to speak for itself and gold jewelry to match the would-be chef’s kiss. 


‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag (Pearl/Multi) 

The mesmerizing hand-stained pearly white and multi-colored tiles on the ‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag (Pearl/Multi). Queens, if you’re attending a wedding anytime soon, the iridescent glisten on this mosaic clutch is the perfect accessory choice and one that can be transitioned from day tonight. 



Not sure what to wear it with? Considering the pop of multi-colored accents on the bag, an excellent way to compliment this clutch would be to sport a cobalt blue midi dress and a pair of heels. Are you not feeling the bold cobalt blue? No worries, baby pink would look equally stunning, with a more feminine touch to your look. 


‘Ani’ Metal Mosaic Bag (Silver/Gold) 

Like all of our ‘Ani’ clutches made from metal, this one differs in that it is dressed in silver and gold hardware, giving a more glam finish than the rest! I don’t know about you, Queens, but we think this bag gives off the charismatic charm. This mosaic clutch was born for the mystery of after dark. So if you’re heading out to any bars or evening socials, this bag needs to be your plus one, ladies. 



For an evening allure, pair this bag with a cowlneck mini dress and stiletto heels. Step out in this combo and be prepared for the masses to grasp. 


‘Basana’ Metal Mosaic Bag – Green 

The intricacy ever-present in green, white, and gold blends across the ‘Basana’ Metal Mosaic Bag makes this clutch the ultimate accessory to boost any look. This hot and sassy mosaic clutch is a perfect gift for any occasion; this hot and sassy mosaic clutch goes with just about anything, Queens. Who said green couldn’t be the new black?



Style Inspiration: How To Wear the ‘Basana’ Metal Mosaic Bag



The wow factor on this bag is sensational, Queens. As such, this bag needs to bask in the glory of bright lights and vivid colors, and where better to be seen with this beauty than any parties you may have RSVP’d to?! With its vibrant green, you know it’s about to be a good time, Queens. For a look to dance your socks off, a white ruched dress would look insane! Pair this with wavy hair and gold jewelry, and the world will see you like the ethereal beauty you are!

We understand that clutch bags may seem to not be for everyone, but don’t knock until you try. Please go out and give them a whirl, Queens! This take on a somewhat minimal lifestyle is one that you may find yourself wanting to keep up. When nights and weekends roll around, think of all the things you’re not unnecessarily carrying around! Set yourself free with our mosaic clutch bags, Queens. 

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