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How to Elevate Your Look With a Faux Fur Shawl

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear but your closet is stocked filled with clothes? Well, Queen, if you do, then you should try wearing a faux fur shawl. This accessory will breathe new life into your clothes and give you plenty of outfit inspirations. So, here is how you can elevate your look with a faux fur shawl!

What is a faux fur shawl? 

For those who do not know, a faux fur shawl is a large wrap, scarf, or capelet made out of fake fur. It is typically worn over your shoulders. You might have seen these fur shawls worn by celebrities on the red carpet, as they are usually used for more glamorous events. However, they can also be worn casually for a more laid-back situation. It all depends on how you style them! 



A faux fur shawl is a perfect accessory to use to liven up your wardrobe. This accessory will elevate and rejuvenate any old outfit you have lying around in your closet with minimal effort on your end. With that being said, here are a few steps to take to elevate your style with a faux fur shawl! 

First, pick the right faux fur shawl!

Finding a faux fur shawl that fits your style can seem a bit intimidating at first, but it is actually more simple than it looks. When looking for a faux fur shawl, make sure the item is stylish, comfortable, and made out of high-quality material. If you do that, you will likely never be disappointed with the faux fur shawl you purchase.



Regardless, a great faux fur shawl to purchase from our ‘Aretta’ Faux Fur Shawl set. This orange shawl is delicately handmade using Ankara print Kente fabric and white faux fur! Its name actually means ‘A Charming Women’ in the African language, which is very fitting because you will definitely feel like a charming woman while wearing this accessory. 

This faux fur shawl actually comes from a set, which means you will also be receiving a head-wrap, Iyawa Signature ring, and button earrings. This makes this set a great gift to anyone (including yourself) who wants to experiment with a faux fur shawl and loves new accessories! 

Then, find a stylish outfit!

After you pick out your ideal faux fur shawl, find an outfit that compliments your accessory! A faux fur shawl is already a statement piece within itself, so you don’t want to wear anything too flashy. Otherwise, both bold items will clash with each other. 



With our ‘Aretta’ faux fur shawl, you can wear it up or down due to its versatile design and multicolored pattern. So, depending on where you are going, you have plenty of style options. We recommend wearing a simple, solid-colored dress or a dress with minimal patterns for a more formal event. Once again, try to avoid anything too bold or vibrant. Possibly something with a white, black, brown, or medium blue hue would look best. However, for a more casual evening, your favorite pair of jeans and a shirt — of the same colors previously mentioned — would also work! 

Pick out the perfect shoes!

The perfect shoes are a great tool to use to make your accessories and outfit successfully work together. For example, if you wear a simple dress for the formal event, you can wear a bolder pair of shoes. Find a pair of shoes that either match your faux fur shawl or your dress. For example, a white, orange, or black pair of heels would work easily. With that being said, for the more casual evening, anything from white tennis shoes to nude pumps would work! 


Start accessorizing your outfit!

A key to making your faux fur shawl stand out and elevate your outfit is finding the right complementary accessories. Obviously, the faux fur shawl is your main statement piece, so you should look for slightly smaller and simpler jewelry. This way, if you need to take off your faux fur shawl at any point, your outfit will still look stylish no matter what!

If you plan to wear the ‘Aretta’ faux fur shawl, you should look into silver jewelry. Gold jewelry might clash a little with the orange hue of the shawl. But, no matter what the occasion is, simple silver jewelry will effortlessly flatter your orange faux fur shawl! So, wearing small jewelry like a chain necklace, a watch, and stud earrings is always a great idea! 



However, if you feel confident in your ability to wear multiple bold accessories at once, then feel free to wear the head-wrap, Iyawa Signature ring, and button earrings that come in the ‘Aretta’ faux fur shawl set! Their matching patterns are perfect for someone who loves bold patterns and vibrant colors! 

Do it all over again!

With a versatile faux fur shawl like the ‘Aretta’ shawl, you can wear it in a million different ways. There are a million other options for how you can style this item. Like we said previously, you can wear it for a formal or casual event. This faux fur shawl can also fit a million different styles, so do not be too surprised when your friends start asking to borrow it! You can make it fit a more classy aesthetic or fit a more playful style. 



As we just said, the options are truly endless. After wearing it a few times, you will find that this faux fur shawl can elevate your outfit in many different ways! So, create that Pinterest board and start thinking of outfit ideas! 

There you go, Queen! Now you have a stunning outfit to wear for a casual and formal event. With your new faux fur shawl, we are sure you will be able to come up with plenty of more beautiful outfits to wear! Until then, feel free to check out the rest of our blogs for more style inspiration!