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Fall In Love With These Statement Head Wraps

There are many things we all love about the fall, pumpkin spice lattes, dinner at grandma’s for Thanksgiving, oh, and we could never leave out a good Afro Indie African head wrap now could we? For some of us, a head wrap is simply a gorgeous accessory to add to our ever growing fall closets, and to that we say, more power to your wardrobe girl! But for some women (and men) the headwrap does a little more than just make us look great. It provides us with a gateway into hair protection when the harsh, dry air of the autumnal months roll around, and we’re here to tell you that you deserve to shield your hair in style! Living in countries like the United States where it gets colder during the fall, it can sometimes feel daunting to go anywhere near bright colors due to the acceptable uniform of the fall correlating with a lot of browns, nudes, and tans, but as an Afro Indie girl, you’re bound to embody the saying ‘you are what you wear’ and break some rules! Whether you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe, or survive the famous fall hair breakage, we’ve got your back - We’ve highlighted some of our head wraps that are perfect for the fall. Let’s get into it! 


1. ‘Adaolisa’ Head Adornment

Kicking us off today, we have the ‘Adaolisa’ head adornment. Translating from the Nigerian Igbo language into ‘God’s daughter’, this headscarf is a truly heavenly one! Now you might look at this bright yellow and brown headscarf and think ‘but the color


Woman wearing the African head wraps


yellow doesn’t go with the fall’ or ‘isn’t that too bright for the fall?’ but with all the natural browns and oranges we see outside during the fall, ‘Adaolisa’s yellow provides a much needed pop of color (and culture) in our society, yet remains on brand, with the same undertones as the more traditional fall colors. The headscarf comes as a free-form handcrafted African Ankara print fabric, which means that when it comes to styling, you completely take over creative control! Maybe you’re feeling a front facing bow one day, and an all back donut the next? With ‘Adaolisa’, the options are literally endless. Whilst we’re talking about her, the ‘Adaolisa’ would go amazingly with any sweater in a color that has golden undertones, and a pair of gorgeous blue wide-leg denim jeans.


Woman wearing the African head wraps

2. ‘Almasi’ Head Adornment

Do you ever feel like you could do with just a little bit more attention? Well, this next one is for our ladies who love to be the main attraction from the moment they step into the room! This beguiling number goes by the name of ‘Almasi’, as well as coming in pink to make the boys wink; the Almasi incorporates the traditionally fall-based color of brown into itself, somehow, the brown manages to take up most of the room on the headscarf, yet remains a background color, giving the pink all the room it needs to shine. ‘Almasi’ translates from Swahili-Arabic into ‘diamond’, and trust us, with this head wrap, you’ll certainly be a diamond in the rough, shining through the darkness, or in this case, the dull skies of the fall! The Almasi wrap is also a handmade free-form carefully crafted piece of fabric. The ‘Almasi’ with a brown or white knitted sweater dress and thigh-high boots would definitely be a look.


Woman wearing head wraps


3. ‘Adaoma’ Head Adornment

If you haven’t already noticed by now, at Afro-Indie, we believe in going all out. That means patterns, patterns, and more patterns! Sometimes you just have to make a statement, which is where the beautiful ‘Adaoma’ steps in… With this headscarf, bold is an understatement, the incorporation of the colors purple, black and yellow paired with the highly elaborate patterning on the scarf take it to a whole ‘nother level. Maybe it’s that work Christmas party, or the Fall high school reunion, perhaps a date night? The point is, when you walk in decked out with your ‘Adaoma’, no words will be necessary. Translating again from the Nigerian Igbo language into ‘a good and virtuous lady’, ‘Adaoma’ has some virtues of its own! Being that it is also free-form, it can be tied in an endless possibility of styles. The colors on this headwrap would go beautifully with an awesome mustard leather fall dress. 


4. ‘Azuka’ Bow Headband

Whilst the Afro Indie headpieces of the fall are largely centered around bold pops of color, and making a statement, don’t think that we’ve forgotten about the hair protection girlies! During the fall and winter months, the wind and harsh cold air can suck the moisture out of our hair (especially type 4 hair), causing it to be more susceptible to tangling and breakage. You might think that throwing on a regular winter hat will do the trick, but the truth is, they can pull and snag on your hair, causing even more breakage! With the right hair care routine, and very importantly, the right hair coverings, you can brave the winter months, and maybe even come out unscathed! The ‘Azuka’ Bow Headband provides you with a brilliant starting point. Although the ‘Azuka’ doesn’t cover your whole head of hair, it still wraps fully around your head, meaning it’s got your front and back roots in check, so if you’re in a situation where you still want to show off your beautiful locks, this is the one for you! As well as having a lovely bow to keep you slaying till the break of day, the ‘Azuka’ incorporates a satin lining, eliminating the snag on your hair and giving you the peace of mind you need to get you through the season to be jolly!


These are just a few of the gorgeous headpieces available on the Afro Indie website. We have headpieces fitting for every season and every outfit, Visit us to find your favorite fall headwraps. Can’t tie to save your life? No worries, we’ve included a style tutorial under our headwrap huddle so you can tie your headpiece perfectly and beautifully.