FALL In Love With Our Afro-Indie Head Adornments

Fall is in and so are our African headwraps. Whether you want to protect your hair from the harsh weather, or you simply want to accessorize your autumn sweater–– we have you covered. We’ve highlighted three of our headwraps from our website that are perfect for fall. Let’s get into it! 

  1. Adaolisa

The Adaolisa–– meaning God’s daughter–– head garment is a free-form, handcrafted Anakra African print fabric. It contains beautiful earth tone colors such as brown, tan, and gold. Because the fabric is free-form, it can be tied in any style that fits your mood or your outfit for the day. This headwrap would look beautiful with any warm colored sweater and wide-leg jeans.

   2. Almasi


Almasi means diamond, and just as diamonds shine even in dark places, this headwrap is meant to provoke your inner light to shine bright. The Almasi wrap is also a handmade free-form brown and fuchsia garment. A brown or white knitted sweater dress and thigh-high boots matched with this headwrap would definitely be a look for fall. 

   3. Adaoma

This bold purple, black, and yellow headwrap’s name, Adaoma, means a good and virtuous woman. Being that it is also free-form, it can be tied in various ways. The warm colors in this wrap would go beautiful with your favorite yellow Fall outfit. 

Our head garments are just a few amongst many on our website. We have headpieces fitting for every season and every outfit, Visit us to find your favorite fall headwraps and no worries, we even included a style tutorial under our headwrap huddle so you can tie your headpiece perfectly and beautifully.