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Embrace Your Heritage with These Africa-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

Queens, it is time to honor our heritage. Africa is the birthplace of civilization, a vast continent of immense beauty, rich culture, and resilient people. There is so much fashion to explore that is beautiful and originates from our motherland. This is why people of African descent proudly wear clothes and beautiful African accessories that showcase their love for the Continent. So let us look at why we should be proud of the land, its people, and culture.


Africa world map


Africa is a wealthy continent, and this goes beyond just financial riches. The richest man on earth, Mansa Musa, originated from Africa. Musa became the ruler of the Mali Empire in 1312, taking the throne after his predecessor, who went missing on a voyage he took to establish the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. While most European nations during the period were struggling due to war and lack of resources, the Mali Empire was thriving thanks to ample natural resources like salt and gold. The Mali Empire grew under the leadership of Mansa Musa, spanning a sizable portion of West Africa, bringing with its vast resources. According to history, thousands of soldiers, heralds, slaves, draped in Persian silk and carrying golden staffs. Remembering such great African legends is an important task, and wearing rich items in their history, such as the Morowa Tribal African Cuff, helps tell their story. The cuffs are handmade just like jewelry worn by the West African King, and they are made from gold brass, a representation of the richness and wealth of our Continent.



Africa is also rich in culture, with thousands of ethnic groups, including Maasai of East Africa and the Zulu of South Africa. If you ever make it to Kenya or Tanzania, be sure to spend time with this tribe of warriors, who openly welcome visitors. Their bright red robes, intricate jewelry, and traditional face paintings set them apart visually. Even after the armed British drove the Maasai community from their land in the early 20th century, they still had great respect for the fearless tribesmen. 



Every boy in the Maasai community was required to kill a lion to be recognized as a warrior, depicting their bravery. The community’s bravery and love for their culture have made them a Pride of Africa. Their dressing involves red robes, beads cuff, earrings, and beads necklace such as the Gawa Long Tribal Beaded Cuff and the Gawa Short Tribal Beaded Cuff. The cuffs have been developed to represent the rich African culture drawing inspiration from the Maasai Community. Thus, every time you wear them, they will inspire you to feel brave and part of something great.


Massai Community


Heading further south, we meet the Zulus, the single largest ethnic group in South Africa. The tribe is known for its strong fighting spirit and has fashioned great warriors like the Shaka Zulu, who played a prominent role in numerous Zulu wars. Currently, the tribe is best known for its beadwork and basketry. Zulu dances occur during ceremonies and special occasions combined with rhythmic singing, with the most iconic feature of the celebration being the traditional attire worn by the men and women participating. Their traditional attires include animal skins, colorful robes, and beads accessories such as the Fawzaana Choker. Just like the Zulu wears their accessories proudly, the Fawzaana Choker allows you to be part of the African culture as their inspiration came from the Zulu cultural attire. Thus they aim to make you look spectacular while helping you exude happiness and great confidence.




If you are descended from Africa and close to the region, you understand why accessories showcasing our culture are essential. Wearing products such as the Morowa earrings allows us to tell our different stories from the world. The earrings, just like the cuffs, tell a great history of our background; thus, wearing the earrings openly gives a culturally rich statement while allowing you to enjoy your outfit. Our African parents living in Diaspora tend to love African dishes and outfits. This is because they understand their roots and are proud of them, and so should you. Thus, try wearing products that will help you come into sync with our motherland and our place of origin.



Tribal products are supposed to help you feel like part of something great. Thus, every tribal product you wear should tell a story that aligns with your belief. This is why each of our products has a story that highlights the pars of our rich African history. Additionally, the products are handmade to ensure you get the best and unique product in the market, such as the Iyawa Signature Ring. So we aim to help you walk down the street feeling like the queen you are and proudly enjoying your culture in a multicultural society.

Remember, our culture is rich, our culture is beautiful, and our culture is great.