Behind The Scenes Exclusive: The Creative Process Behind Designing Our Accessories

Hey Queen! Come behind the scenes as we pick the brain of owner and founder, Grace Jae. Get an exclusive insight on what inspired her to start the brand, her creative process behind all of her amazingly detailed statement pieces, and more. Read below. 
Woman carrying tribal accessories
1. What inspires you to create?
I am inspired by culture and the essence of its richness. I'm also inspired by scenery, emotions, colors, patterns, shapes and personal needs. I am a total creative visionary, so I see things in my head and work to manifest them in the physical. I am one of those that does not like looks that are similar to what the masses are wearing and so I love to create complimentary bold pieces that takes a persons look to another level and makes them feel like royalty. I was initially inspired to create based on a strong desire that I had wanting to incorporate my Nigerian culture into my everyday wardrobe without necessarily wearing the full traditional attires and as an accessory addict, I could not find the type of cultural pieces that I desired in the market place, so I set out to create them myself. 
2. Do you create moodboards for your pieces?
Actually, no I don't! Ideas basically download into my spirit and I write them down and try to draw them out and conjure up in my head all the items I will need to bring it to life. My desire is to start creating in collections soon, so moodboards I'm sure will be a tool I incorporate into my design process.
3. How do you stay inspired?
Keeping my "why" before me at all times. The ultimate longing desires I have that burns deep within me keeps me inspired. Time and financial FREEDOM keeps me inspired. The continuous ideas that the Lord gives me keeps me inspired. My family keeps me inspired.
4. How often do you design?
I design frequently but not all are executed immediately. Sometimes it's just finding the right time or season to release certain items but my wheels are always turning with being innovative in design creation.
5. Who inspires your design?
Hands down the Holy Spirit. He drops these amazing ideas within me to create and deliver to the world. Also, the traditional attires  women in various ethnic cultures inspire my design.
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