5 Perfect Handbags To Go from Casual to Glam

There is something about a nice handbag that brings out the confidence in women. They have been a staple accessory for years and have only improved over time. What we love most, are the bags with major detailing and bold colors to help bring the outfit all together. Women dream about owning their favorite designer bags and even make it their goal to own one. There is so much power in having a handbag that does all the talking for you. Today we have culminated 5 of our favorite handbags that will go perfect with your Fall wardrobe this season. 

1. 'Rishita' Tribal Clutch 

Woman carrying 'Rishita' Tribal Clutch, tribal accessories

First on our list, is the 'Rishita' Tribal Clutch and trust me, she is first for a reason. This beauty is woven together with a bold mauve, black, and gold tribal pattern. She is handmade with an intricate beading pattern on the flab of the clutch. You can rock her as just a clutch or you can wear her as a cross-body bag with the attached silver chain. You can dress her up with a cute date night look or go casual with a jumpsuit or a pair of jeans and your favorite blouse. 


2. 'Ananda' Tribal Clutch

Woman carrying  'Ananda' Tribal Clutch, tribal accessories

This handbag needs no introduction. Peek their interest with this statement item Queen! It is embellished with silver coins, bronze studs, and metallic faceted beads. If you were looking for that handbag that stands out, this is truly the one for you. Dress her up with your favorite date night dress and pair of heels. 

3. 'Ani' Metal Mosaic Bag

Woman carrying 'Ani' Metal Mosaic Bag, tribal accessories
Number 3 on the list is an absolute stunner! The mosaic bag is handmade with metal materials and hand stained black, white, and red tiles. This beauty is adorned with gold accents and has a beautiful gold chain that can be worn as a cross-body or carried as a clutch. Did you know 'Ani' means beautiful in the Indian Bengali language? The name is so fitting for this adornment. Throw on your favorite red or black dress for date night and she's ready to slay the night! 

4. 'Ananda' Tribal Clutch (Red)
Woman carrying 'Ananda' Tribal Clutch (Red), tribal accessories
Making it's second appearance on our top 5 is the 'Ananda' Tribal Clutch but this time in red! For my ladies who love a little glitz and glamour, this piece is for you. She is blinged out with canvas material and adorned with mixed metal embellishments of silver coins and bronze studs and metallic faceted beads.  'Ananda' can be worn as a clutch or a cross body bag as well. Pair her with an all black look so this clutch can pop. 

5. 'Bishara' (Medium Fold-Over Clutch) 

Woman carrying  'Bishara' (Medium Fold-Over Clutch), tribal accessories

Last but not least, is our 'Bishara' Clutch. Who said you can only wear brown and neutral tones for Fall? We are all about making statements here at Afro-Indie. Stepping outside of our comfort zones is what we do. This bold pink and blue clutch can be worn any season and she is sure to be the main attraction. She makes a perfect addition to outfits that need a pop of color. She also serves as a small tablet bag for all of my woman bosses out there. Throw on a cute fitted t-shirt with jeans and the outfit is *chef kiss* perfecto!  

We hoped you enjoyed our Top 5 Afro-Indie Fall Handbags. Which one best fits your FALL vibe? Answer in our comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to our email list so you can stay updated on more style tips, new drops, promotions, events, and more. As always, continue to keep Queenin' in these streets! Until next time.