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7 Ways to Wear Colorful Bangles

Bangles are a chic way to upgrade your style. If you like to explore different styles and colors, then colorful bangles are the go-to wrist adornment for you. They add a pop of color to any outfit, making you stand out. But what’s the right way to wear these colorful bangles? How do you choose the perfect style for your look? 

Choosing the right bangles and knowing how to style them can be tricky. With a rainbow of colors to choose from, a girl could take hours trying to decide which one to pair with her outfit. But don’t fret! We got you covered, Queen. In this guide, we’re sharing our best ideas on how you can wear colored bangles and take your look to the next level.

Let’s jump straight into the seven ways to wear colorful bangles!


1. Pair the bangles with professional pants in any color

You might be wondering if you can wear bangles to work. The answer is yes. I admit that accessorizing formal wear can be tricky. This is because one simple mistake might make you look unprofessional. However, colorful bangles can upgrade your formal wear and make it pop by pairing them with plain colored pantsuits to give off a classy vibe. The Zopa Coil Pearl Bangle is perfect for this look. The silver color and white pearl will blend perfectly. I suggest plain colored pants in orange, blue, and red, green, and of course black, depending on your favorite color.


When in a more casual setting, like hitting the town with your friends or going on a date, you can play with multicolored bangles to give off a fun vibe. It is an excellent opportunity to dress loudly. Bangles with different prints and patterns are the way to go here. A good piece for this look would be the Zopa Coil Bangle with large orange, yellow and blue ball beads. For an excellent finish, stack two of them together. I suggest printed official pants in any color for this look. I am a great believer in blending colors and not necessarily matching colors.


2. Wear the bangles with palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are popular at the moment for fun and comfortable looks. Pairing them with colored bangles will make you look unique and stylish. I suggest stacking up a maximum of three or two on each arm. This, however, depends on the size of the bangles. Be careful not to excessively stack big-sized bangles, resulting in a bulky look rather than simple and authentic. Instead, you can stack two of the Zopa bronze multi-color bangle on the one hand and the Zopa coil bangle in bronze and black on the other to balance out your style.


3. Wear the bangles with a black dress.

Colored bangles will add color to a black dress outfit. This will make you look edgy yet still classy. The silver multi-color Zopa coil bangle is perfect for this look. The blue, yellow, and red beads add a fun vibe to the dress. It opens up as a wrap to offer room for adjustment, making it a good option. Do not forget to find one that perfectly fits you. It should not be too tight or too loose. A loose bangle will keep rolling up and down your wrist causing interference when you do your daily activities or even fall off. A tight bangle will generally make our wrist look enormous. 



4. Pair the bangles with a short-sleeved, brightly colored chiffon top.

Short-sleeved chiffon tops are perfect for accessorizing with the bronze and black bangle from the Zopa line. You can wear one on each arm to look stylish. The top can be in any color. I suggest bright colors like red, blue, orange and green. The colors of the bangle will complement these colors perfectly. Short-sleeved tops to make the bangle the main focus. Long sleeves tend to hide the bangle making it pointless to wear one. 


5. Pair the bangle with a black skirt

You can never go wrong with black. However, it is challenging for black outfits to clash with your accessories. When accessories clash with outfits, it results in a rather unpleasant fashion fail to look. No one wants that. A plain black skirt would go perfectly well with the Zopa cuff bangle in a bronze color with large yellow, orange, and blue ball beads. This will add color to your general look. It will result in a chic head-turning look. I suggest stacking two of these bangles on the one hand or one on each hand.



6. Pair them with an Ankara dress

If you are not afraid of color, pairing an Ankara dress with colored bangles is genius. The different prints will result in a cultured yet chic look. I suggest mixing bangles with different patterns and designs to make your outfit stand out. Make sure the bangles complement each other. A good way of doing this would be stacking Zopa silver multicolored ball beads bangle on the one hand and one of the bronze multi-color variety on the other than pair them with an Ankara dress to attain a tribal flair look.



7. Pair with denim shorts or trousers

Denim shorts are an excellent way to pair colored bangles. I suggest denim shorts with a white t-shirt paired with colored bangles like the silver pearl Zopa coil bangle between the big sized like the silver multicolored Zopa coil bangle making sure that they don’t get covered up. Stacking up these two bangles is an excellent way to get a layered creative look.




As you can see, you should not be afraid to spice up your fashion looks with colorful bangles. These tips will help you up your accessory game using colorful bangles to achieve bolder looks. 

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