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7 Statement Earrings You Can Wear to Work!

Finding appropriate but striking accessories can be difficult at times, depending on where you work. If you have an active job where you need always be on your toes, you can not necessarily wear dangly or intricate earrings. However, if you have an office job, your boss may have a strict dress code. Whatever it is, Queen, we have found the solution to your problem with these accessories. These earrings are work-appropriate but stylish and express your personal sense of style. With that being said, here are seven different statement earrings you can wear to work! 

‘Diya’ Dazzlers 

A great accessory to use to show off your love for fashion is a sophisticated earring like the ‘Diya’ Dazzlers. In fact, ‘Diya’ can actually be translated to “Dazzling Personality” in the Indian Tamil language. It is certainly a remarkable way to showcase your dazzling personality. 



This handmade earring has been embedded with mini pearls inside a gold frame. Its jhumka, a traditional bell-shaped design, will make you feel confident and prepared for a hectic day in the office! 

These earrings have a simplistic and versatile design that easily matches your everyday work uniform. They are bold and striking without being too complicated or overwhelming, perfect for those whose jobs have a strict uniform policy!

‘Charu’ Glams — Mint Green 

Add some vibrancy to your usual professional outfits with this beautiful mint green earring. These earrings will add an elegant and glamorous flair to all of your work outfits while still remaining professional and work-appropriate! 



This mint-green earring was handmade and decorated with lovely pearls, clear jewel stones, and striking gold accents. In the Indian Tamil language, ‘Charu’ can be translated to “Beautiful; Attractive; Pleasing”, which is fitting because you will definitely feel beautiful, attractive, and pleased while wearing these earrings!

‘Sushma’ Dazzlers 

Make a statement at your job effortlessly with the ‘Sushma’ Dazzlers. What makes these earrings great is that they can be styled in plenty of different ways! These earrings can be paired with a preppy button-up shirt and a pair of trousers for a professional look, but also with a midi dress for a more business casual look! 



The ‘Sushma’ Dazzlers were handmade using oxidized silver metal with an intricately hand-carved design of peacocks that hang from a fuchsia flower jewel. It is also further decorated with small pearls that hang at the bottom! Its name ‘Sushma’ can be translated to “Beautiful Women” in the Indian Tamil language, making this earring a great visual reminder that you are always a beautiful woman! 

‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Earring

Show off your love for Africa with this stunning and unique earring. This conversational piece is the perfect accessory to wear to spice up your usual office uniform. Due to its versatile gold color, you can wear it with anything. You can mix and match different statement pieces to create a completely unique look with these stunning earrings! 



The handmade ‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Earring is carved with gold brass. ‘Morowa’ means “Queen” in the African language and will definitely make you feel like a queen! You can pair this earring with a striking blouse and straight-legged jeans for a put-together but fun look. Then add in some more jewelry to personalize your look!

‘Lalita’ Stud Drops — (Blue, Red, and Green)

We can’t control how dull or boring our work environment can be, but we can control how vibrant and striking our jewelry is. What makes these earrings so great is that they can effortlessly add a stunning pop of color to any of your outfits! 



The ‘Lalita’ Stud Drops have an incredibly enchanting blue, red, and green color scheme! These handmade earrings have a beautiful jhumka, a traditional bell-shaped design, that showcases the multicolored hand-painted flowers. It is further decorated with small beads that hang from a gold base. Not only as they appropriate enough to be worn to work, but they are versatile enough that you can keep them on all day if you have to run errands or meet up with friends later. 

‘Siri’ Dazzlers — Red

If you want something a bit more glamorous and elegant, you will absolutely love the ‘Siri’ Dazzlers in red. These earrings will have you feeling like you’re the most sophisticated and put-together woman in the room. With that confidence, you can do anything! 



These handmade earrings were decorated with mini pearls from top to bottom and hand-painted with a deep purple matte color and a gold finish. Also, its name ‘Siri’ actually means “Richness; Beauty; Gold” in the Indian Tamil language. 

‘Chinara’ Large Studs — Orange

Chances are that if you work in an active or hectic environment, wearing dangly or intricate jewelry is not always a great idea. Your earrings can easily break or get stuck if you’re not careful. However, that does not mean you must be doomed to wear boring, tiny stud earrings forever. 



The ‘Chinara’ large studs are perfect for someone who works in an active environment because they are easy to wear and put on. They will not get stuck on your clothes or environment but will still be just as eye-catching as the rest of your jewelry. 

These earrings were handmade with a stunning orange Ankara African print. Its name ‘Chinara’ translates to “Received by God” in the African language. So, let these earrings be a reminder that no matter what, you are always received by God!

See, Queen, when it comes to showing off your personality and sense of style in the office, you can never go wrong with a bold pair of earrings. Especially if they are earrings from Afro-Indie Adornments! So, whether you work an active job or a regular office job, there is a bold earring suitable for each work setting! Now that you know which eye-catching earrings you can wear to work let us know which one of these accessories is your absolute favorite!