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7 Reasons You Need a Pre-Tied Headwrap

Is there anything that screams cultural fashion more than African headwraps? Yeah, we don't think so either, Queens. So now we've established that we're on the same page, let's get into the crux of these stunning hair accessories and why you need to strut your stuff in a pre-tied headwrap or headband immediately.


What is an African Headwrap?

There's more to a headwrap than meets the eye, with these gorg garments also embedded in a great deal of history and cultural significance. To keep things short, Queens, an African headwrap is a piece of cloth tied around the head in a typically intricate way. 

These pieces have the power to make details about the person wearing them known. So, Queens, if you want to let the world and its wife in on your age, marital, financial, and social statuses, a headwrap can do all the talking for you.

Headwraps have grown into both forefront fashion pieces and mastery art, so it's no wonder international fashion designers are incorporating headwraps into national and international runways.

Wrapped up in all the traditional headwrap glory, plus the bonus of convenience, we present to you Queens pre-tied African headwraps and headbands. You are wondering where to get a pre-tied headwrap or headband for yourself? We have you covered, babe. You didn't think we'd leave you high and dry, did you?!

Available in different colors, patterns, and fabrics, we wanted to offer our Afro-Indie Queens with versatile headpieces, perfect to put on at the drop of a hat, wherever and whenever you want. 

Still not convinced that pre-tied headwraps and headbands trump the traditional tie-it-yourself? Keep reading, Queens!


1. Bad Hair Days Are a Thing of The Past

You know the palaver when your hair refuses to cooperate? Well, we don't know her anymore, and we think you should cut ties, too. So you owe it to yourself to skip the kafuffle of those dreaded days by opting for a pre-tied headwrap. Whether a hair rebellion is on your hands, or you don't fancy putting energy into your hair (we've all been there), a pre-tied headwrap is your best accessory. 

Our 'Chiamanda' Head Adornment is the ultimate handmade, pre-tied headwrap for any fashion trailblazer and statement maker. Lined with satin, you can rest assured your hair will keep happy and protected. 

In Nigeria, Chimamanda means God will not fail. So take that how you will, but we think it's a pretty good indication that your hair will be done justice and well looked after. 

The patterned fabric, adorning a vibrant red and entwined with dazzling black and gold, means that this headwrap, paired with even the simplest of outfit combos, is enough to make sure you are the stunning showstopper in town.



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2. Home Is Where Hair Is Kept at Bay

Whoever says they fumble around their homes, dolled up and hair on point, is lying to you. Nobody has time for that when you're dusting away surfaces and changing bedsheets. All of this calls for hair out of your face, and you may as well do it in style, right? If you're living with in-laws, some African cultures encourage covering your head as a sign of respect. If that's you, I think a pre-tied headwrap is calling your name, Queen.




3. Say Bye to The Tie

Not sure how to tie a headwrap? No need to worry about that, Queens. We bared this in mind with not only our pre-tied headwrap but our headbands, too. They're easy to wear, minus the pressure of getting it right because you guarantee to get it right every time with our headbands.

Our site's 'Chetachi' Headband encompasses a striking headpiece and undeniably glorious, grass-green African statement. Made with elastic inside, the fit on this headband promises to be nothing short of tailor-made. Furthermore, by pairing this headband with a caftan made of the same fabric, neither comfort nor style is compromised. 

Doesn't sound like a bit of you? You can always opt to wear this patterned headband with a neutral shirt and jeans for an effortless flair to your outfit. 



4. Time Is on Your Side

No longer needing to tie a headwrap means saying hello to some spare time on your hands. If you're needing to head out the door ASAP and have no time for any screw-ups when it comes to tying your headwrap, headbands are the way to go, Queens! So all the busy bees reading this, save time sorting your headwrap out and use it elsewhere. Who has the time (and patience) these days, especially when you know putting in a great deal of effort isn't all that necessary? Just slip on one of our headbands, and it is a case of bish, bash, bosh! Just like that, you're ready to take on the day.



5. Celebrate Your Heritage

African headbands are a lovely way to salute your heritage. This practical take on traditional headpieces is a fantastic accessory choice to pay homage to your African culture, particularly those of mudcloth, kente, and dashiki fabrics. 

Our handmade 'Azuka' headband makes head-turning styles possible. So far from shy, the attention-demanding blends of brilliant red and green prove the 'Azuka' ideal for cultural celebrations. Satin-lined and bow-tied, this headband is a compelling and beautiful way to express yourself. 



6. Church-Wear Worthy of The High Heavens

Add not only style but meaning to your church fits, Queens. A little goes a long way in the house of the Lord. So show up as your best self in either an African pre-tied headwrap or headband instead of the traditional Sunday hat.



7. All Signs Say Yes

With pre-tied headwraps and headbands offering all the same, if not more than traditional tie-it-yourself headwraps, it is a no-brainer that you need to add these to your wardrobes. 



Headwraps and headbands are the perfect accessories to freshen your look with a bit of passion and pizzazz. So whether you are dressing to impress or simply wanting to protect your hair, our collection of headwraps and headbands are the solutions to all of your hair-styling needs. 

We'd love to hear from you. Let us know whether you'll be giving these pieces ago!