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7 Ankara Accessories Perfect for Your Fall Wardrobe

Ankara print, worn by Queens across the globe, is the best print for vibrancy and versatility. These prints have been around since the 1800s, and they are here to stay. Plus, there are so many prints and patterns to choose from.  

The process of wax dying creates an endless amount of prints, leaving no two prints the exact same. Wearing Ankara print can lean on the risky side if you don't understand how to seamlessly add your accessories. To help you figure out how to style your Ankara accessories, we've put together this guide with 7 Ankara accessories that are perfect for your fall wardrobe. 


Stand out by wearing the Bishara Medium Fold-Over Clutch with solid fall colors

When you want to add layers, choose the Bishara Clutch, which has large flowers all over the design. Be sure there is a mixture of miniature floral elements as well. When you're wearing larger prints, especially with blue elements, you can easily wear jeans. If you want to switch things up and wear overalls, you can absolutely do this with a white or black cami. You can also wear a sweater vest and wheat color booties. Wear jeans and a shawl-like sweater that opens in the front, without buttons or zips, for a fall outfit that will make your Ankara print stand out. Add pointed-toe pumps and a t-shirt. 



Wear the Gasira Large Fold-Over Clutch with boots to create an edgy fall look

When you want to coordinate with the season, go for the Gasira Large Fold-Over Clutch. With an exposed black zipper, you can wear this accessory with black jeans and an unexpected boot in purple. Looking to make your look even edgier? Wear jeans and a sweater that has a ribbed pattern. In addition, you can wear a beaded bracelet or chandelier earrings. If it's a chill day, you can also wear black jeans and a t-shirt. Add a blazer with black jeans and a t-shirt, cami, or ruffle blouse. You can also try wearing a long, wool-like coat with dark-wash or black jeans and a sweater. Complete your entire look with ankle boots. 



Wear an Ankara headwrap with fur and suede 

When fall comes around, you'd better start bringing out those headwraps to take your style from 0 to one hundred! Choose the Kesandu Head Adornment. It's perfect for your fall wardrobe because it has an all-over print in circular shapes. Black against a brighter color like pink or red will work with a sweater dress or a fur-style jacket. You can also pair a cropped top in cashmere fabric. Wear your headscarf in a large wrapped bow for added drama. Wear your look with grey jeans. Whip out your thigh-high boots and a jacket that's made of suede-style material! Wear neutral makeup tones with pops of gold to complement the suede. If you want to add drama, try wearing bell earrings. 



Choose an Ankara headwrap for fall night outings

Try the Halimah Head Adornment, which has shapes and lines. Pair it with a blouse or spaghetti strap top. With this look, you can also wear a linen-style button-up with cropped jeans and strappy black heels. You can even spice up your look with an Ankara headwrap, destroyed denim, and platform pumps. This look is ideal with a top that has a feathered or fringe hem, as well. Wear your headwrap with jeans for a fall look that is also playful! Add circular earrings to keep with the circle concept. Wear bold makeup in blue eyeliner and contrast with softer lip colors.



Brighten your fall outfits with a chunky Faraja Cuff

When you want to be bright during the fall season, the Faraja Cuff is perfect. It has a chunky design and super cute prints. Try wearing this look with a western-style hat, a sleeveless, high-low blouse, or a top in a longer length. Couple with destroyed boyfriend-style jeans. Finish your look with open-toe heels or short boots that have a wooden heel. Finally, stack your bracelets if you want to add layers. This look can easily be worn with a fur-style vest and a long sleeve top. 



Choose Ankara studded earrings when adding layers to your fall looks

For a look that's extra layered, try wearing an oversized coat with thigh-high boots. You can wear boots that have a short heel and a clutch. Complete your look with the Chinara Studs that have elements of pink and blue. Keep your look neutral with an oversized black coat. If you want to completely stand out, go for a purple wool-style coat. You can wear beige or white color boots and tinted sunglasses if the sun is out, as well. Try wearing a clutch as a handbag or wear a shoulder carry that can also double as a crossbody. 



Soften your look with striped Ankara printed earrings 

When you want a nature-inspired look:

  1. Go for the Chinara Studs in a green, striped pattern. You can play into the softness of this look by wearing an off-the-shoulder ruffle top with a scalloped hem.
  2. Add jeans in a dark or light wash that have tapered legs.
  3. Finish your look with open-toe booties that close at the ankle with gold or silver hardware. You can wear a wheat or straw handbag with this look.
  4. Add a bomber or cropped jacket for chilly days and nights.
  5. Complete your look with a watch or charm bracelet for a girly look. If you want to wear sunglasses, be sure to wear aviator-style glasses to keep your outfit sharp. 



Wearing Ankara print is actually one of the easiest ways to accessorize. Since the fabric itself is vibrant and colorful on its own, the only thing left to do is add your jeans and build from there. Then, go for a super cozy look with a heavy coat and Ankara accessories. Or, keep things light with linens and suede since fall isn't a harsh weather season. Whenever you need to add personality to your look, and you're tired of wearing the same combinations, Ankara printed accessories are your go-to items for fall! Have you decided which style you want to wear the most? 

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