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6 Statement Clutches You Can Wear With Any Outfit!

While playing around with different, eccentric clutches can be fun, sometimes you might just want a versatile clutch you can wear anywhere and with anything. Queen, there are many benefits to having a go-to statement clutch, but its convenience is definitely one of them. Not having to change your outfit to match it and being able to just grab it in a rush without having to worry about looking mismatched is a huge advantage. So if you’re having difficulty finding a versatile clutch, here are six statement clutches you can wear with any outfit! 


1. ‘Ananda’ Tribal Clutch (Black)

Very few colors are as universal as the color black. Black can be worn with anything you already have in your closet. This clutch is universally flattering but also unique and stylish in its own right. Its name ‘Ananda’ means ‘Happiness’ in the Indian Bengali language. This clutch’s elegant design will definitely bring you pure happiness! 



The clutch was handmade using black canvas material and decorated with mixed metal embellishments of silver coins, bronze studs, and metallic beads. All the materials used for this clutch were sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 

This clutch is perfect for someone who wants a statement clutch that is bold and stylish and can match with any of their go-to outfits! To make the silver on the clutch pop out more, we recommend wearing simple matching silver jewelry!

2. ‘Aniq’ Beaded Clutch 

This beaded clutch is the perfect accessory to wear if you add some color to your casual colors. The name of the clutch is ‘Aniq,’ which can translate to ‘Elegant’ in the Indian Bengali language, which is a perfect name for such an elegant and fashionable purse! 



The clutch was handmade with a black canvas and multicolor (pink, blue, black, white, and gold) seed beads. Plus, you can look and feel good about wearing this clutch, knowing that all of its materials come from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 

This clutch can be worn casually with a white t-shirt and jeans, or for a formal event with a nice white dress! It’s a versatile and stylish piece, making it a must-have versatile piece in anyone’s wardrobe! 

3. ‘Rishita’ Tribal Clutch 

This clutch is an essential accessory for those who love a unique print! Due to its neutral colors, this clutch can easily fit in with any of your outfits. For example, you can wear this clutch with a black skirt and formal blouse for a more formal event, or you can wear it with brown jeans and your go-to graphic tee! The choices are endless! 



As usual, this clutch is handmade with materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. It was made using unique tribal patterns that will simply elevate your outfit to another level! Its name ‘Rishita’ translates to ‘Joyful’ in the Indian Bengali language. We love how even its name expresses the joy and love you’ll have for this clutch! 

4. ‘Bishara’ (Medium Fold-Over Clutch)

If you have a more bright and feminine style and want a clutch that resembles this style, we truly suggest checking out this lovely clutch! This clutch’s turquoise blue and fuchsia floral print is beautiful to look at! Its name ‘Bishara’ actually translates to ‘Good Tidings’ in the African language, and this clutch will certainly bring you good tidings! 



This clutch was handmade using multicolored (turquoise blue, fuchsia, white, and maroon) Ankara African print fabric. One of the best benefits of this accessory is that you can easily wear this clutch anywhere without changing your own personal style! For example, you can wear this clutch with something as casual as a white shirt or a black turtle for a more serious look!

5. ‘Gasira’ (Large Fold-Over Clutch)

If you need something large enough to fit all your essentials (which can be a lot depending on your lifestyle) but also stylish and vibrant to match your bold style, may we suggest this clutch? 



This clutch has a vibrant pattern in beautiful colors like green, navy blue, orange, black, and white! However, its colorful design can easily fit in with any outfit you already have. This clutch is versatile enough to be worn with your regular work uniform and still look professional. Still, it can also be worn with your favorite navy blue dress for a night out on the town with friends! 

The name ‘Gasira’ means ‘One Who Is Brave’ in the African language, making this clutch a perfect reminder to stay brave even during scary or uncertain situations. The clutch itself was handmade using materials sourced from local artisans in African and around the world! To be more specific, this clutch is made out of a multicolored Ankara African print pattern. 

6. ‘Ananda’ Tribal Clutch (Red)

If you want something a bit more striking than the black ‘Ananda’ tribal clutch, the red version of this tribal clutch is a perfect choice. Its bright red color can easily add a burst of color to any of your favorite outfits!



This clutch is handmade with red canvas material. It is adorned with mixed metal embellishments of silver coins and bronze studs, and metallic beads. The clutch is ideal for someone who loves color and is fearless with statement pieces! You can wear this clutch with anything in your wardrobe: a mini black dress, your favorite graphic tee, matching red heels, or even white jeans! It’s all up to you! 

See, Queen, finding a versatile but bold statement clutch isn’t that hard! Having a go-to statement clutch is convenient and perfect for those who live a hectic lifestyle. With these clutches, you can just effortlessly grab your bag and not worry about looking mismatched or it being too casual or formal for the place you’re going to! So, Queen, hopefully, this gave you some inspiration to find your own perfect statement clutch!

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