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5 Stunning Statement Necklaces to Wear With a Black Dress

Queen, everyone, and I mean everyone, has a little black dress somewhere in their wardrobe. It is a classic wardrobe staple that is universally flattering. As the former creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, once said, “one is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress”. However, it doesn’t hurt to breathe new life into your dress every so often by adding a stunning statement necklace to your outfit. So, whether you are new to playing around with statement jewelry or you are an expert, you will find something on this list to love. So, here are five stunning statement necklaces to wear with a black dress!


5. ‘Basha’ Layered Chain

Show off your love of silver with this stunning layered chain. There are few better duos than a silver necklace and a black dress. This timeless pair will have you feeling fashionable and chic all evening!

The ‘Basha’ layered chain was handmade using a layered chain of oxidized silver decorative beading decorated with beautiful silver metal pendants down the middle with delicate tiny multicolored stones. In the Indian Tamil language, ‘Basha’ means “daughter of God”. So, let this striking necklace be a visual reminder that you are always a daughter of God every time you look in the mirror!



Sequentially, this chain is ideal for someone who wants to add some drama to their basic black dress. To complement your statement necklace, you can pair some matching simple silver jewelry on your wrists and ears. But no matter how you style this necklace, you will always feel beautiful while wearing it!


4. ‘Ashanti’ Luxé Beaded Drape

A black dress can quickly become dull and lifeless if you are not careful. This is why a bold piece of jewelry like the ‘Ashanti’ Luxé Beaded Drape is the perfect item to use to rejuvenate any of your black dresses. Chances are that if you love vibrant colors and eccentric designs, you will love this striking necklace!



The necklace itself was handmade using an array of seed beads that have been embellished with a variety of multicolor tribal beads. When translated to the African language, its name, ' Ashanti', actually means “Divine”. This is a very accurate name because you will definitely feel divine with your black dress and bold accessories! 

The best type of black dress to pair this eye-catching accessory with has to be a medium to a mini black dress. A floor-length or long black dress would clash with the already long necklace. Ultimately, this necklace is perfect for someone who loves striking colors and unique designs in their accessories! 


3. ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib

Brighten up your black dress with this gorgeous necklace. You will absolutely adore this necklace if you love vibrant colors, clear jewel stones, and elegant designs! So, if you feel like your dress is a bit too boring and needs something more, just put on this necklace. It will breathe new life into your dress effortlessly!



The necklace itself was, of course, handmade with supplies like an adjustable gold rope tie and yellow and mint/chocolate brown marble beads. It is further decorated with clear jewel stones that have been embedded in a gold color setting! Its name ‘Manvi’ can be translated to “Peace of Mind” in the Indian Tamil language. You will definitely have peace of mind knowing you good your outfit looks! 

Furthermore, this necklace also comes with a free pair of matching earrings, so you don’t even have to worry about not knowing what to pair this necklace with! To bring out the brightness in this necklace, you pair a white or even yellow cardigan with your black dress. The choices are truly endless with this striking necklace! 


2. 'Leki’ Tribal Beaded Bib

Spruce up your black dress with an interesting statement piece like the ‘Leki’ Tribal Beaded Bib. What makes this necklace so great is that its colors are incredibly versatile. So, while it will look incredible with your black dress, it will also match the rest of your accessories just as well. With that being said, whether you are new to statement necklaces or an expert, you will absolutely love this beaded bib!



This handmade bib was made using striking red and gold beads and pretty cowrie shells. The bib has a unique royal shape embellished with a black necktie. In the Tibetic language, the name ‘Leki’ can be translated to “proud”, and you’ll definitely feel proud wearing this dazzling necklace! 

So, if you want to command every room you walk in effortlessly, just put on this eye-catching beaded bib. It will spice up your classic black dress and make you feel like a brand-new person! 


1. ‘Fawzaana’ Choker — (Black/Gold)

Nothing goes better with a classic black dress than a stunning choker like the ‘Fawzaana’ choker in black and gold! This choker will spruce up your black dress will still make you feel classy and sophisticated. Due to its simplistic black and gold color, this choker is versatile and super easy to wear. So, if you’re new to experimenting with statement pieces or going to a very formal event, this choker is perfect for you. 



The name ‘Fawzaana’ actually means “Salvation; Successful” in the Indian Tamil language, making it a great visual reminder that you are always worthy of success and salvation no matter what! The necklace itself was handmade using an adjustable cuff choker made out of gold twine, and it was decorated with black and gold beads. 

Wearing a stunning statement necklace is always a remarkable way to rejuvenate any old black dress you have lying around. Queen, you can make your dress more sophisticated with a ‘Fawzaana’ choker or more playful with the ‘Ashanti’ Luxé Beaded Drape. The options are endless with these gorgeous statement necklaces. Now that you have some outfit inspiration feel free to tell us which statement necklace you plan on wearing with your black dress!