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5 Headwraps That Are Perfect For Natural Hair

Headwraps have been worn for centuries. Today, the natural hair movement has reclaimed the head wrap trend taking the fashion world by storm. Headwraps are now cool fashion accessories that help you express individuality and make an artistic statement. They come in a variety of styles, prints, fabric, and colors. Maintaining natural hair can be a challenge because certain weather elements are not natural hair-friendly. For example, cold and dry air absorbs the moisture from your hair, causing frizz, breakage, and split ends; head wraps act as insulators. Other than being adequate protective gear, head wraps are also a quick fix for your hair on those bad hair days.

Pre-tied head wraps are the new trend. A pre-tied headwrap is a wrap that is already designed and sewed into place that allows you to wear it like a hat. They reduce the effort it takes to attain a perfect wrap. This means no more spending countless hours watching videos on how to tie headwraps. They help keep your natural hairstyle intact all day. They are perfect for styling big afro natural hair and short natural hair. If you struggle with tying head wraps or lack the skill and time, then pre-tied head wraps are the best option for you. A good head wrap can bring your whole hairstyle together. When worn correctly and perfectly. Choosing a good wrap for different natural hairstyles is a task. Getting a suitable wrap for your desired hairstyle is crucial.

Here are five perfect head wraps for natural hairstyles.


1. Ginika Head Adornment

This is a free-form headwrap that can be styled according to your preference. It is made from multi-color African Ankara fabric, so it makes an artistic statement. This headwrap is perfect for securing your hair and achieving the pineapple hairstyle and the two bun hairstyle. You also can pair this wrap with a high bun hairstyle with bangs and maybe loop it like a headband. Make sure to tuck in the ends of the wrap to secure your hair tightly.



2. Chiamanda Head Adornment

This is a pre-tied satin-lined headwrap made from African print fabric. It is a turban-like wrap with a beautiful spiral knot design at the top for that feminine touch. This wrap is perfect for afro hairstyles and when you want full coverage. The satin lining protects your hair by reducing moisture loss and hair breakage, keeping the style fresh and intact all day. The pre-tied element makes it perfect for when you don’t have the time to tie a wrap from scratch as you wear it like a hat. This head adornment combines cherry red, gold, and black colors that give off a splendid African look. This wrap is also suitable for a quick hair fix. If you struggle with tying wraps from scratch, this is a good option for you. 



3. Olusola Head Adornment

This particular head wrap is free-form handmade from Ankara African print fabric. It combines a mixture of blue, red, purple, white, and black. The fabric is designed to make it easy to style. You can use this wrap to compliment your natural hairstyle to get an African-inspired look. This head adornment is perfect for achieving ‘the bun’ natural hairstyle. This wrap can be worn with either a low or high bun to give that perfectly edgy and cultural look. Pair it with your hair down it. You can also slay this wrap with the wash and go natural hairstyle. The full coverage will keep your hair moisturized all day.



4. Rayowa head wrap

This African Ankara headwrap is free from combining light blue, fuchsia, white, and silver sparkle colors. The length of this wrap makes it easy to design a perfect headwrap style for your natural hair. You can achieve looks like the twisted knot and the twisted crown. These head wrap styles are perfect for lazy hair days. The fabric used for this wrap helps reduces the sweatiness of your hair. This makes it possible to wear the style for long. For long natural hair, you can wear it down. For short hair, you can wear it up, place the wrap over your head, making sure to twist the ends tightly while making the knot to ensure that you secure your hair perfectly. Get creative with the knot. I suggest a spiral knot or a bow knot. This will give you a chic girly finish.



5. Azuka Bow headband

This headband gives a sleek African modern look. You can get the perfect fit for you as it has adjustable elastic. It offers a non–slip grip perfect for natural hairstyles like the afro bun and puff. It is ideal for both curly and kinky curly hair. It is handmade to ensure the preservation of detail and also satin lined to act as protective gear. It combines beautiful fall colors of cherry red and pops of lime green. It has a bow that adds a cute feminine finish. This headwrap is a great way to achieve perfect natural hairstyles.



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Now that you have an idea of perfect head wraps for perfect hairstyles, you can achieve beautiful hairstyles using head wraps while still maintaining your hair's health. As an African woman, you deserve to feel confident and beautiful in your curly and kink hair. You also need to embrace your African culture and stay connected to your roots, and rocking African print headwraps is an excellent way to do that. They are more than a trend; they are cultural pieces that have belonged to us for centuries now. Headwraps can turn basic hairstyles into magnificent head-turning looks. In all honesty, perfect hair gives you undeniable confidence to face whatever life throws at you.