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5 Headwrap Styles That Are Perfect for Braids and Locs

This fashion reference covers headwrap styles that you can wear with braids and locks. Read the many ways to tie a scarf, creating swirls and bows!

Since the early 1700s, headwraps have been a statement in African attire for style and protection of the hair from weather conditions. When considering how to protect your braids and locs, you can choose a headwrap style! Use this guide to find the perfect style that you can easily create with quality fabric and beautiful prints that will keep your hair lasting longer between upkeep. 


Tying your headwrap in a front knot

You can wear a jumbo front knot headband with an eye-catching design at the top, resembling a chic swirl. This look is ideal for covering the top of your head when you want partial coverage, leaving your hair to drape around your neck. You can wear this headwrap style with tops that show more of your shoulders and your chest area. If you're wearing a solid color tee, you can wear a scarf that has paisley prints and a rich, solid color base. 

To achieve this style : 

Step 1: Place the hem of the scarf along the back of your head (nape)

Step 2: Once you have the scarf at the nape of your neck, pull the entire scarf to the front of your head so that you have two ends to tie together 

Step 3: Create a knot by connecting the two ends in the front of your head

Step 4: At this point, you should have a long loose piece of fabric, along with the knot that you just tied. Begin twisting the large piece of fabric that's loose and twist until your fabric looks rope-like. Since you'll only be working with one piece, turn the fabric (there won't be any ends to weave together)

Step 5: Once you have your loose piece of cloth twisted, begin turning your fabric while lying it flat at the top of your head. At this point, you will be creating the twisted knot. 

Step 6: After you have the twisted design the way you desire, tuck the loose end under your twisted design until it is snug. 



Creating an oversized bow

When you want to add something striking to your look, try wearing a headwrap with a jumbo focal piece in the shape of a bow. This look is classy and can be worn with casual and evening attire. This look is perfect when wearing jeans and a white or black cami. Depending on how you want to showcase your fabric, you can also switch things up with a yellow cami or an orange one. Depending on which side of the cloth you want to show, be sure to strategically fold so that the pattern within the bow is on display. 



Wearing a high turban style headwrap 

One of the most versatile yet straightforward looks is a high wrap style that covers most of your head, leaving a small portion of the front of your hair and edges exposed. With this look, you can wrap your braids or locks to protect them, and you can style your edges to create a soft, polished look. This look is best used with jersey-like fabric but can be used with any patterned fabric. Since this look will cover your entire head, this is the best way to showcase the details within your fabric.



Wrapping your hair into a crown-like twist

If you want an elegant look, you can try wrapping your hair so that your headwrap appears almost like a crown around your head. 

To create this style:

Step 1: Flatten your headwrap so that you have one long, rectangular piece.

Step 2: Place the headwrap over your head, with the ends touching your forehead (if your fabric is extensive, fold the material once and place it over your head so that the folded seam is touching your forehead and you have two loose ends). Tie your loose ends at the back of your head. 

Step 3: Once you have a knot in the back of your head from tying the loose ends. Two pieces will still hang, but they will be linked together. Take the two ends and twist them as if you were creating two-strand twists with hair. Twist the two ends together until you have one long twisted piece of fabric that resembles a rope. 

Step 4: Take one long piece and wrap it around the front of your head so that it creates a crown. 

Step 5: Tuck the loose end into the part of the scarf that is lying right above your ear. 


Wear your headwrap in a slim style with a side bow

If you want a more edgy look, you can wear a headwrap that will allow you to show more of your hair and personality. Try wearing a headwrap and tying it over your head by creating a thin headband-like rectangular piece. Wrap the ends into a bow. You can wear this look with a leather-style skirt and a sleeveless top. Add a focal necklace piece to create more of a striking element. 



Bonus Look: Wearing a headband as a headwrap alternative

If you want a quick hair accessory that will make you feel like a Queen, that's also fashionable and will add a feminine touch to your outfit, try wearing a headband! The Azuka Headband is a headscarf alternative that's made of stretch material to fit around your head in a crown-like manner easily and finished with a charming bow in the front. The overall design creates a chic, ruffle pattern all over. 



Wearing a headwrap is a great way to protect your braids and locs while remaining fashionable. Headwraps can match with your outfits, or they can be more of a centerpiece next to a monochromatic outfit in all black or white. Headwrap styles are easy to create, and you only need one piece of fabric. Once you have the style you desire, be sure to secure your headwrap by double-checking the ends to keep everything in place throughout your day. You can also use a wig cap over your head before you start the tying process. This will give your scarf more grip, keeping it stable. With so many designs you can create, a headwrap is worth every dime!