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5 Bold Statement Necklaces You Can Wear to the Office

Sometimes, the words ‘business casual’ gets easily misinterpreted as dull outfits or accessories. But, that isn’t always accurate. The truth is that lively and unique necklaces can also be work-appropriate and dress code approved like the ones on this list. You can have fun with color and style while still remaining professional and respected. So, Queen, don’t limit yourself to those tedious, repetitive necklaces and feel free to experiment with some vibrant and fun accessories. If you need some inspiration, here are five bold statement necklaces you can wear to the office!


5. ‘Daraja’ Dazzler Bib 

For those who don’t know, the name ‘Daraja’ means ‘one who is valuable and important to everyone in the African language. While you may not always be important to everyone in the world, let this necklace be a reminder you are valued to the one who created you. The Daraja’ Dazzler Bib is handmade and perfect for a lover of vibrant colors. 



While the necklace is made out of a subtle black felt, your eyes usually can not help but be mesmerized by its striking Ankara fabric domes and jewels. This bib would look incredible with a simple business casual black dress or a solid-colored blouse. With that being said, you can feel as good as you look with this accessory because all the materials used are made by local artisans in Africa and around the world! 


4. ‘Fawzaana’ Choker — (Black/Gold)

If you are still new to playing around with bold accessories, then this ‘Fawzaana’ choker is perfect for you. The black and gold beads are subtle enough to fit into any casual environment but stylish enough to add an edge to your outfit. The name ‘Fawzaana’ means ‘Salvation;Successful’ in the Indian Tamil language, making it a fitting accessory for those who thrive in the office. 



This choker is also perfect for those who have an active job, as you will not have to worry about the necklace getting tangled or being delicate.  We imagine this choker would look amazing if paired with a neutral-colored top or printed blouse. The choker cuff itself is handmade from gold twine and can be made to fit any size. The materials are also sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world.


3. ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib 

We can not control if our offices look uninspiring and boring, but we can control what we wear to the office. So, why not wear a bright bib like the ‘Manvi’ Luxe Bib. This necklace is made for lovers of color and eye-catching statement pieces. To ensure this piece stays the focus of attention, we highly recommend styling it with a simple white cardigan or a soft yellow dress! Its name ‘Manvi’ means ‘Peace of Mind’ in the Indian Tamil language, and you certainly will have peace of mind knowing how great this necklace makes your outfit look!



The bib itself is handmade with an adjustable gold rope tie. It features yellow and mint/chocolate brown marble beads and clear jewel stones embedded in a gold color setting. This piece is even better because you can support local artisans in Africa and around the world by purchasing this necklace; this is because all of these materials were sourced directly from them! The necklace also comes with free matching earrings, so go grab that amazing deal!


2. ‘Itoro’ Chunky Beaded Bib (Green)

If you are already comfortable wearing bold accessories and are looking for something new that will easily command a room, may we recommend looking into the ‘Itoro’ Chunky Beaded Bib? This chunky necklace is truly one of a kind and perfect for a woman who does not mind being the center of attention. To balance out the vibrant color, we think you should pair it with a neutral or solid-colored blouse or top. The name ‘Itoro’ means ‘Praise’ in the African language. People will certainly praise your style once they see you wearing this accessory. 



All the materials used to make the bib are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can feel good about your purchase. The handmade bib is made out of materials like striking green seed beads embellished with plenty of ethnic beads. 


1. ‘Basha’ Layered Chain 

Have you ever had a shirt that was a bit too revealing for work, but you still wanted to wear it? Of course, you could cover it up with a scarf, but what if you start to sweat? So you change into a different shirt, but — luckily for you — you won’t have to with the ‘Basha’ layered chain. The chain is long and thick enough to keep you covered and stylish enough to give your outfit a fashionable flair. 

The ‘Basha’ chain is ideal for women who want to experiment with bold jewelry but don’t want to be washed out by the vibrant and striking colors. This silver metal chain can go with anything because of its lack of color. Still, we suggest pairing it with a v-neck for extra coverage or casually with a white dress for a casual look. 



The handmade layered chain is made out of oxidized silver decorative beading, adorned with silver metal pendants in the middle. It also features small multicolored stones and a bell-shaped, beaded jhumka. As always, all the materials used on this chain come from local artisans in Africa and worldwide.  

In summary, wearing ‘work appropriate’ necklaces doesn’t always mean putting on dull accessories. But, listen, Queens, you can still let your personality shine through in these vibrant, captivating necklaces and remain professional. These accessories are also a great way to stay true to yourself and connected to your roots by proudly wearing these unique and culture-infused statement necklaces! We hope this article gave you the inspiration and confidence to wear one of these bold necklaces to your office! 

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