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5 Big Bold Statement Earrings You Can Wear Every Day

While experimenting with new jewelry is always fun, it does not hurt to have a few go-to jewelry pieces. Queen, just owning a pair of earrings you can grab in a rush and not worry about them not matching your outfit is already a huge relief for those with hectic lifestyles. You can just effortlessly put them on and focus on some more important things! So, Queen, while unique earrings are so fun to play around with, it is necessary to have a few reliable earrings in your jewelry box. Here are five big, bold statement earrings you can wear every day to get you started!


5. ‘Charu’ Glams - Mint Green

Spice up your usual outfits with these adorable mint green earrings. These earrings will showcase your elegant and sweet side while keeping your outfit interesting and bold. So, if you love glamorous accents like pearls mixed with bold colors like mint green, you will absolutely love the ‘Charu’ Glams in mint green



These earrings were handmade using supplies like pearls and clear jewel stones. Its matte mint green is complemented with glamorous gold accents. Its name ‘Charu’ can be translated to “Beautiful; Attractive; Pleasing” in the Indian Tamil language. This is very fitting because you will definitely feel beautiful, attractive, and pleased while wearing these stunning bold earrings.

You can pair these glamorous earrings with a sweet white or gold blouse and a cute pair of trousers. Or, for a more bold look, you can wear these earrings with a bright mint green dress with a fun printed cardigan. The choices are truly endless with these beautiful earrings!


4. ‘Chinara’ Large Studs — Fuchsia/Blue

Do yourself a favor and bring some color to your outfit with these vibrant large stud earrings. If you love colors and bold prints, you will likely become obsessed with these studs. They are easy to wear but effortlessly elevate your outfit with minimal effort on your end, and who does not love that?!

These handmade earrings were created using a bold Ankara African print fabric. They were named ‘Chinara’, and it can translate to “received by God” in the African language. This makes these earrings a great visual reminder that you are always received by God no matter what!  



These earrings are colorful and playful, so do not feel afraid to embrace their vibrancy in your outfit. You can wear a matching bright purple shirt with a red or blue patterned pair of pants for some more color. Then finish off the outfit with some striking black heels or flats! You can even wear some more gorgeous jewelry to bring out the color in your earrings!


3. ‘Chinara’ Stud Dangles — Purple

Make your outfits more interesting and captivating with these bold ‘Chinara’ stud dangles in purple! These earrings are perfect for someone who love dramatic and charming accessories that do all the talking for them! If that is you, then you will absolutely adore these earrings! 



The ‘Chinara’ stud dangles are handmade using a beautiful Ankara African print decorated with purple and gold accent beads. All of its materials were sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. As previously mentioned, its name ‘Chinara’ means “received by God” in the African language. 

With a bright printed blouse, these stud dangles would look incredible, possibly something with a purple, white, black, or pink hue. Then add on your favorite pair of jeans and some nude pumps to complete the look. However, with their versatile design, there are many more ways to personalize and style these earrings!


2. ‘Diya’ Dazzlers 

If you have an elegant and classy sense of style but still want to experiment with bold statement earrings, you will absolutely love the ‘Diya’ Dazzlers. Or, if you are just new to experimenting with statement jewelry, you should look into these earrings. These earrings have an elegant design that is versatile enough to easily fit in anyone’s closet; they are also easy to style and wear. 



The ‘Diya’ Dazzlers were handmade using lovely mini pearls attached to a bright gold frame. Its Jhumka, a traditional bell-shaped design, will easily rejuvenate any of your outfits! 

You can wear these earrings with something just as glamorous. For example, a white dress, nude pumps, and a stunning red and orange printed coat to add some color. However, a basic orange or red shirt and a pair of jeans could also work if you want to wear something a bit more casual!


1. ‘Amala’ Stud Dangles

Who doesn’t love adding a bit of shimmer to their looks? These stunning earrings will add a lovely iridescent and glamorous flair to all of your outfits effortlessly. By just putting these earrings on, you will be able to command every room you walk in without saying a word. 

These earrings were, of course, handmade using materials like a bounty of mini pearls and clear stone accents that have been embedded in a sun-catching gold brim and accents. There are beautiful jhumkas, a traditional bell-shaped design, dangling at the bottom of the earring.  



You can wear these earrings anywhere. We recommend styling these earrings with a stunning white dress with nude pumps and matching gold jewelry to create a more chic look for a more formal event. However, you can also wear them with a basic brown blouse and trousers for a more work-appropriate outfit. You can add more bold jewelry, like earrings and rings, to keep your outfit captivating!

See, Queen, your everyday earrings can still be reliable without losing their bold and captivating design. There are plenty of different ways you can style and wear them! You can wear them up with your favorite formal dress or wear them down with a simple pair of jeans. So, tell us, how will you style your favorite dependable but bold pair of earrings? We’re sure they look stunning no matter how you style them!