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How To Look Professional While Rocking a Statement Head Wrap

As we navigate further and further through the 21st century, the line between Western practices, such as office-based work, and African culture becomes more and more blurred. Now more than ever, it is becoming acceptable to embrace your culture in the public sphere, which makes it the best time to take advantage of what is becoming a more avant-garde attitude towards African cultures. With that being said, how many times have you woken up before a long day at work and thought ‘if only I could just throw my headscarf on and go about my day’, we’re here to tell you, you can! Instead of spending ages on your hair in the morning, you can learn how to fashion your headwrap in a way that screams ‘ready for work’. We know you’ll be using the time saved on catching some z’s, and not only will this boost your productivity at work, it’ll impact your general wellbeing in a positive manner. Here at Afro Indie, we heavily encourage the exploration of things outside the box, and this is no exception! To give you that extra bout of confidence that you probably need right now, we’ve curated 4 of our favorite professional headwrap looks that will take you from a complete nightmare in the morning to sleeping beauty!


1. Monotone Headwrap

Nothing says simple and professional like a gorgeous block coloured head wrap. This head garment from the Afro Indie website, the 'Ginika' incorporates two different shades of purple into one scarf, on the one hand, you have the elegant lavender tone that gives


Woman having bold fashion


any bland work outfit the subtle pop of color it needs, on the other hand, you have tiny accents of a deeper purple, that create a gorgeous color-blocked pattern. You can choose to wear it as a headband, leaving a cute bang in the front. A fair warning though - this will still require at least some styling in the morning, so if you want to completely avoid this and want something that’s easier to pull off, wrap your entire head up in the headscarf, and perhaps form a cute knot at the front or side of your head, Complete a cute blazer pants, or skirt, suit with this headwrap style and you’ll make one usual day on the jobless typical.


Woman wearing the African head wrap


2. Design Coordinate

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it has to be that coordination makes everything better, including your wardrobe! There’s a certain sleek edge that a matching headscarf and bangle will give your outfit, if you’re nodding along in agreement right about now, we’ve got the perfect thing for you! The lovely 'Dhakiya' wrap from the Afro Indie site literally matches perfectly with its accompanying bangle, ring, and earrings. If coordination is a competition, the ‘Dhakiya’ set 100% takes the gold! Rocking this beautiful bright olive toned set with an outfit that screams ‘all black everything’ will give you a gorgeous accented look. An over exaggerated side knot is always a go to style for a head garment. Or, why not give wearing it flat on your head a try? To pull this off, start by tying the knot to the back underneath your hair, and letting the tails of the wrap hang loose.



3. Pop of color

Typically, professional outfits tend to include sensible shoes and muted colors, but this by no means has to always be the case. With this headwrap, the 'Olusola', you’re automatically adding a pop of color, and personality to what could have otherwise been a basic, and frankly, dull blouse and slacks combo that every other woman at work is wearing. You can’t go wrong with a full coverage look, where the head wrap is knotted to the front. Or you can flip the wrap and knot it to the back - whichever fits your mood for the day, of course. The ‘Olusola’ can be worn with a cute turtleneck sweater dress and completed with a waist snatching belt, you’re sure to turn some heads with this number! The head adornments are only a piece of how you can jazz up your everyday professional look. Shop our accessories for some cute chunky, bold, and vibrant pieces that will complete your work wardrobe with personality.


4. Tie your headwrap accordingly

When it comes to the physical aspects of the headwrap, i.e., the colors, the embellishments, and the general opulence of it all, sometimes we must remember that it might not be the most important thing to consider. Whilst we’ve given you a few crazy ideas on fashioning your head wrap, we recognize that this might not work for everyone, some of us tend to go for a more simple, basic look, especially for work. Well, to that we say, not to worry, here at Afro Indie, we are firm believers in the saying ‘no man left behind’ or in this case, no woman left behind! If you’re wondering how to dress down the grandeur of any of the bold Afro Indie head wraps you love, go for a simple back-facing donut, or a high donut. What this does, is mimic a back facing (or high) Afro ponytail, which will naturally make your headwrap stand out a little less. Wondering how to pull it off? Click here to take a look at the style tutorial that’ll teach you all things head wrap!

As we all know, it can be hard being an African woman in a society as overwhelming as the one we live in. Unfortunately, this often spills into the workplace, with African culture, (and Black culture in general for that matter) typically being treated as unprofessional, or ‘less than. Ultimately, our main aim as an ethnic minority is to get to a place where we feel completely comfortable being ourselves in all aspects of life. An amazing place to begin our journey to self-confidence is the workplace. We know that we all still have miles and miles to go, but one thing we will always try at Afro Indie, is our bit, and we truly hope that this has been helpful!