How To Look Professional While Rocking a Statement Head Wrap

The embracement of African culture is being normalized and more widely accepted, not just in our normal everyday lives, but in the workplace as well. Let’s face it, it is so much easier to throw on a head wrap than it is to deal with your hair every morning, so we’ve included three professional headwrap looks from our website that will give your hair a break and your workplace fit some cultural flair. 

Woman having bold fashion
1. Monotone Headwrap
Nothing says simple and professional like a nice singular colored wrap. This head garment from our site called the 'Ginika' is an elegant lavender color that can give any bland work outfit the pop it needs. You can choose to style it how our beautiful model is wearing it-- head band style with a cute bang in the front-- or you can cover the back by wrapping the entire head up in the wrap and forming a cute knot, but still leaving the curls out to show off that beautiful hair texture. Complete a cute blazer pants, or skirt, suit with this headwrap style and you’ll make one usual day on the job less typical.
Woman wearing the African head wrap
2. Design Coordinate
Everything has a more sleek look when the designs of the accessories are similar. The 'Dhakiya' wrap from our site is perfectly matched with the bangles and earrings on our model. Rocking an all black workfit will allow for the accents to stand out more. An over exaggerated knot to the side is always a go to style for a head garment, or you can wear it flat to your head, tying the knot to the back underneath your hair and letting the tails of the wrap hang.
Woman wearing the African head wrap
3. Pop of color
Typically, professional outfits tend to include sensible shoes and boring colors, but with this headwrap, the 'Olusola', you can add some personality to that otherwise bland blouse and slacks combo. The full coverage of the headwrap knotted to the front is always a look, or you can flip the wrap and knot it to the back-- whichever fits your mood for the day of course. This look can be worn with a cute turtleneck sweater dress and completed with a waist snatching belt.   
The head adornments are only a piece of how you can jazz up your everyday professional look. Shop our accessories for some cute chunky, bold, and vibrant pieces that will complete your work wardrobe with personality.