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3 Steps to Choose the Perfect Statement Clutch

Who does not love buying a new, nice statement clutch? From Queen’s like you to inexperienced shoppers, everyone loves purchasing a stunning clutch. The feeling of owning a new beautiful thing is always marvelous. However, finding the perfect statement clutch can be slightly difficult if you do not know where to look. It is even more complicated if you do not even know what to look for! 

Queen, the reality is that you should do a few things before you purchase yourself a new statement clutch. Nobody likes overspending on something they will never wear or will not like a week after purchasing. So whether you are new to statement clutches or just need some advice, we are here to help! 


  ‘Ananda’ Tribal Clutch (Green)


To make the shopping experience easier for you, we have created three steps to follow to ensure you always end up satisfied with your purchase! So, here are three steps to take to choose the perfect statement clutch! 


Step One:Find the right size!

One of the keys to finding the perfect statement clutch is picking the right size. A clutch can look stunning, but it is not worth it if it is too small or big. While small bags might be in, they are not exactly too practical if you are looking for a go-to clutch. Same with oversized bags, having a bag bigger than you is not always a good thing. 

So, keep size in mind the next time you are shopping for statement clutches. If you are a petite person, maybe look for a clutch in a smaller size. Same if you are a tall individual, look for a bag that’s size is medium to big. 

Our ‘Ananda’ Tribal Clutch in Black is a perfect size for most! It is a medium size that would look stunning even if you are petite or tall! You can comfortably wear it without having to worry it looks too big on you or too small. 



The clutch is handmade with black canvas material and adorned with mixed metal embellishments of silver coins, bronze studs, and metallic beads! All the materials are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can feel good knowing how your bag was made! In the Indian Bengali language, its name ‘Ananda’ translates to ‘Happiness,’ making this bag a perfect reminder to put your happiness first! 


Step Two:Look for a complimentary color!

The color of a clutch can make or break it. The design and silhouette could be stunning, but it has an overwhelming or unpleasing color; it is not worth purchasing. Instead, you have to find a color that compliments your style and accessories. This is especially true if you are looking for a clutch you can bring everywhere. 

So, if you wear mostly neutral colors, you should purchase a brown, black, or white clutch. Or, if you wear pastel colors, find a light pink or white clutch. See, if you find a great purse in color, you do not necessarily wear it. At the same time, it might be beautiful, it is not exactly practical. You will not have anything to wear with it, and it might just end up sitting in the back of your closet. 

So while the bag might be tempting, if you have to buy a whole new wardrobe to wear it, it is not that great of a deal. With that being said, if you just want a nice statement bag for a special occasion, feel free to play around with color. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a stunning bag to wear only once in a while. 

A perfect example of a vibrant but versatile bag is the ‘Gasira’ Large Fold-Over Clutch. This handmade bag is made out of multicolored Ankara African print fabric. Due to its colorful fabric, you will likely have plenty of things in your closet to style it with! The options are endless with this lovely clutch!



The bag itself is named ‘Gasira,’ which means ‘One Who is Brave’ in the African language. We love how this bag will be a personal note to stay brave even during the toughest situations! 


Step Three:Check its practicality!

If you want a clutch that will last you a long time, you have to check its practicality. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you purchase your clutch. Will the material last you a long time? Can it carry your wallet and the rest of your essentials? Does your phone fit in it? You should check before buying the clutch; this way, you will not regret your purchase later. 

When it comes to practicability, our ‘Rishita’ Tribal Clutch is great for carrying all of your essentials. It can easily fit your phone, wallet, and even a small coin purse or notebook! 



The purse itself was handmade with bold tribal patterns and materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. The name of the clutch translates to ‘Joyful’ in the Indian Bengali language. So every time you look at this purse in the mirror, you can use it as a suggestion to be joyful and positive! This clutch is even better because its neutral colors make it versatile enough to be paired with almost anything! We love how multifunctional this accessory is! 

See, Queen, finding the perfect statement clutch just got that much easier. So, next time you shop for a clutch, remember to check its size, color, and practicality. Just doing a small check can save you money, time, and energy; all those three things are priceless! 

However, do not be afraid to experiment a bit with color and size. Nobody knows what works best for you except you! After all, rules are there to help you, not restrict you. With that being said, feel free to tell us which type of statement of clutch you plan on purchasing! We are sure it will look stunning!