3 Must-Have Beaded Cuff Bracelets To Upgrade Your Look – Afro-Indie Adornments

3 Must-Have Beaded Cuff Bracelets To Upgrade Your Look

This style guide covers the benefits of wearing a beaded cuff. Read to discover an array of outfit choices you can wear with a beaded bracelet!

Wearing a beaded cuff bracelet is a great way to add a sense of style to a boring outfit or add more spice to an already upbeat outfit! When choosing which beaded bracelet style you want, make sure you think about fit, design, and overall comfort. Cuff bracelets come in all styles and sizes. 

A cuff bracelet is exceptional, being as thin as a bracelet but as thick as a watch. In addition, since a cuff band wraps around your wrist, it's the best accessory to showcase beaded designs and patterns. Follow this guide to choosing the best Queen-inspired, Gawa style cuff bracelets that you can wear with your casual, evening, and professional outfits. 


Wear a beaded bracelet with shells and a medallion

A beaded cuff bracelet is an ideal accessory for wearing with a paisley or floral printed blouse. You can try wearing this look with floral prints smaller in size with more than one color design, including red, orange, greens, and blue. You can wear skinny jeans and flat sandals if you're headed to a festival or an outdoor activity. This look can be worn with flat sandals or even short boots or booties in a camel color. If you want to bring out the colors, try doing this with your handbag by wearing a crossbody. The best material for your crossbody bag will be suede-like material to bring the beading and shell design together since it will stand out against the soft fabric design of your bag. 

On your super casual days when you may just be running to the post office and grocery store throughout the day, but you don't want your outfit to be boring, try wearing light-wash blue jeans in a skinny or slim style. You can wear a high-collar blouse, or you can leave your look simple with a t-shirt. This style of the bracelet will also pair well with a graphic tee. If you choose to wear a graphic tee, you can pair your shirt with black destroyed denim and a colorful headwrap as well. Your headwrap can include blues and reds, or you can wear colors that aren't included in your bracelet but will pop next to each color. Go for a yellow or green scarf accessory! 



Wear a black cuff bracelet with business attire

If you need more of a neutral look, try a bracelet that has black and copper tone beading. This look is one of the easiest to style since the black color of the beads can be matched with both dark and light colors. You can also add other accessories to this look with stone studded earrings, or you can wear vibrant earrings with multi colors in a large circular or chandelier style. Next, pair your face with a white or black dress. If you choose to wear more vibrant colors, try colors that are the complete opposite of your bracelet, like sky blue or fuchsia pink. You can also wear various hues of green and dark brown if you want a darker shade.

This bracelet is also great for work when you have to wear a blazer and closed-toe shoes. You can wear black trousers in a cigarette style and a black blouse. Add a black blazer and cuff your sleeves. You can wear pointed-toe pumps or flat loafers. If you don't want your outfit to appear drab, try adding a pink blouse instead of a black one or a black cami in a silk-like fabric. Add a top-handle handbag that has gold or silver hardware. If you want your handbag to harmonize with your bracelet directly, wear a lock closure handbag that will contrast with the red bead details. 

When you want a smaller handbag, you can wear a top-handle purse that is circular instead of square. This will create a surprise component to your outfit and is also appropriate for business functions. You can also choose a quilted, black handbag with one strap or handle and a zip closure to quickly add and remove your items. 



Showcase African culture with a long beaded cuff

To add a sleek touch to your outfit, try wearing a cuff bracelet with all-over teal beads. If you're wearing a dress, you can add pumps to keep your look smooth. Wear a dress in a busy floral print, or mix things up with a checkered or stripe pattern! 

Choose an empire dress style if you're attending a formal occasion. However, if you're preparing for a more casual event, wear an off-the-shoulder or sleeveless dress. Your dress can be solid or printed, as long as your shoes complement the base of your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a black dress with silver embellishments and patterns, try wearing silver heels to complement. 

If you're wearing a vibrant short dress at a more dressed-down event, wear a printed dress and nude shoes to pull together the colors in your bracelet. For example, if you're wearing a geometric printed dress with yellow, blue, and red colors, wear strappy tan heels. This look is perfect for occasions that call for a dressy sense of an outfit, but that's not too overwhelming, like outdoor graduations and other ceremonies. You can also wear this style of bracelet with a chic jumpsuit that's perfect for important events. If you want to dress this bracelet accessory entirely down, you can wear black joggers and sneakers. Then, add a black t-shirt and a leather-style backpack. 



Wearing cuff bracelets are the ultimate hybrid between a bracelet and a watch. The look wraps around your wrist, but they aren't so slim that they have no additive effect on your outfit. Instead, they offer to cover your wrists in a way that stands out and is versatile between casual days and times when you need to dress up. The best advice is to wear your cuff bracelet with simple earrings, short necklace accessories, and vibrant nails in colors like pink and purple!