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4 Must-Have Accessories For the Holiday Season

As we get older, some of us will get to the point where we just don’t feel… festive. Is this you? With the year we’ve all had, we don’t blame you. Not to worry queen, we’ve got your back. Just like a child relies on Santa Claus for their yearly dose of cheesy goodness, we ladies deserve some of the love too. You might be wondering how you can get back to feeling the holiday spirit in no time, well we say - retail therapy! There's nothing like a gorgeous pair of gleaming new earrings or a pristine pair of shades to get you in the jolly mood. We’ve put together four striking fashion looks to pair with our Afro-Indie accessories this Holiday season. It doesn’t stop there either, all of these accessories are wallet-friendly, who said you can’t look fabulous without breaking the bank? Without further ado, here it is! Enjoy these easy looks you can grab straight from your closet. Check out what's on our wish list! 



As we all know, the general zeitgeist of the holidays is built around tradition, this includes your clothes! The color palette of the holiday season typically consists of a lot of greens, reds, burnt oranges, oh, and you can never go wrong with a royal blue in there every now and again. You might think that sticking to the festive uniform of a sweater and jeans makes you boring, but there are many ways you play with these colors and switch it up, taking your outfit from basic to beautiful in just a few steps. Grab a solid red sweater with sleeve cutouts and couple it with your favorite pair of blue jeans, if you’re feeling bold, go for distressed or ripped denim to take things to the next level, and for your feet? go with a pair of booties, white or black, you choose. This outfit combo goes amazingly with our 'Morowa' Tribal Africa Earrings. Nothing says wearing your heritage like golden hand carved Africa-shaped tribal earrings. To top off this look, add our 'Morowa' Tribal Cuff and 'Morowa' Tribal Ring. 



There are some things that just go together… you know? Like salt and pepper, sunshine and daisies, peanut butter and jelly, well the same goes for the festive season and turtlenecks! From the foolproof protection from the unforgiving frostiness of the fall and winter air, to the undeniable timelessness of the turtleneck silhouette, You can almost never go wrong with one of these. Just like with all timeless classics, go with a chic black turtleneck t-shirt, and pair it with leather contrast stitch straight-leg pants and vinyl combat boots to add a tinge of avant-garde style to the table of tradition. Whilst a turtle neck always adds a nice edge, it can definitely drown out the accents of your neck and shoulders by covering them up. To add some (much needed) color and definition to this classic look, we recommend adding the 'Gouri' Bib Set trust us, it’ll illuminate the whole look! The set is handmade with gold beads and gold pendant flowers. She comes with hand-crafted fuchsia and orange silk thread jhumka earrings. 


The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a dress or two, maybe for Thanksgiving at grandma’s house? Or that Christmas church service that your mom makes you go all out for? Whatever the festive occasion, you’re sure to show out if you go with the perfect sparkly little black number that’ll leave all eyes on you! Whilst style remains very high on our list of priorities, we mustn’t push aside the most important thing this holiday season: safety. The good news is, with our 'Zikora' African Print Mask Set, safety and style can exist in harmony. The mask is a comfortable, reversible, light-weight mask that can be used all year round. The vibrant color palette on the mask, which represents Africa as a whole will take your fit from a ‘nice dress’ to a ‘phenomenally crafted ensemble!’ with a simple added accessory. As if the mask wasn’t enough for you to want to get your hands on it immediately, the set comes with a matching tribal print headwrap, allowing you to bring a slice of African tradition to your holiday season. Check out our Instagram feed for headwrap tutorials. 



Whilst the festive season is largely characterized by going to events, visiting friends, and generally being out and about, you cannot deny that nothing beats those cozy nights in with the family, watching holiday movies with chocolate chip cookies and warm milk. To keep your holiday spirit at 100% during these nights, a lovely pair of soft velvet PJ’s will do the trick! This is the outfit that you want to go all out with, so choose a color that completely embodies the spirit of the holidays, maybe a green? Maybe a red? Maybe a royal blue? Or maybe all three! Oh, and do not skimp on the accessories, for a simple yet elegant ambiance that not many can pull off, take a look at the ‘Chinara’ Large Studs’ in brown and gold. This will go gorgeous with your festive pajamas, and when you find yourself falling out of love with the holidays, just taking a look at yourself in the mirror will put you right back in the mood. You might feel extra af for this, but chilling at home doesn’t mean you gotta take a break from killing your style game!



Style Inspiration: How To Wear the ‘Chinara’ Large Studs’



Now that we’ve set the tone for this holiday season, you're up next! Tell us how you would style your Afro-Indie accessories for the Holidays! Use the hashtag #WearYourHeritage to send in your photos. We CANNOT wait to see you all slaying in Afro Indie.