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10 Ways to Wear a Choker Necklace

A choker is a classic accessory almost everyone has in their closet. However, if you are looking into buying a new choker necklace, you might be wondering how many more ways you can style this timeless accessory. Well, luckily for you, Queen, we have created a few different ways to give you some outfit inspiration. With that being said, here are ten different ways to wear a choker necklace!


10. Wear it with a tank top

A simple, basic tank top is the perfect thing to wear if you want to make your choker stand out. This type of top will complement your choker without clashing with it or distracting from it.

A great choker to wear with your tank top is the ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in Lime Green/Silver. This choker was handmade using silver and lime green beads, as well as silver twine wire. A white or silver tank top would look stunning with this lovely choker! 



9. Pair a choker with a blazer

For a more professional look, we recommend pairing your choker with your favorite blazer. Both items will complement each other nicely and create a stylish look you can wear to your next meeting. 

The ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in Black/Gold would be an excellent choker to pair with a blazer. This handmade choker was created using black and gold beads and gold twine. The name ‘Fawzaana’ actually means ‘Salvation; Successful’ in the Indian Tamil language, so this choker can be a nice reminder that you are worthy of success and salvation! 



8. Try wearing it with a black dress

Achieve the ultimate 90s aesthetic by wearing a casual black dress with a choker! You will feel like the coolest person in the room when you wear this pairing. To spice up the look, you can wear it with a flannel shirt or leather shoes. The best choker to wear for this pairing is the ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in White/Silver. Its handmade design and white and silver beads will effortlessly match your black dress! 



7. Wear your choker with some jeans

For a more casual look, try pairing your choker with your favorite jeans. This laid-back look can be completed with a graphic tee or a basic top. This look is perfect for someone who loves a comfortable but stylish outfit. You can wear this outfit to hang out with your friends or to even run errands!



6. Pair it with a glamorous dress 

Make some of your most glamorous and stunning dresses stand out by pairing them with a beautiful choker necklace! There are few pairings as timeless as a beautiful gown and a statement necklace, so continue this trend by pairing your gown with a choker like the ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in Purple/Silver! This handmade choker was created using silver and purple beads, as well as silver twine wire. This choker would look best with a purple, white, silver, or black dress!



5. Wear it with a long, printed skirt

Chances are that when you wear a long, bold skirt, you usually wear a simple top to compliment your skirt. So, to keep your top half as interesting as your bottom, you should add a choker to your outfit! Furthermore, you should match your choker to your skirt to keep your outfit color-coordinated. Thus, if your skirt has a red and black pattern, wear a black choker. Or, if your skirt has a blue and red fabric, you could wear a red choker. So on, and so forth! 



4. Try wearing it with your favorite sweater

Make your cozy sweater more stylish by pairing it with a choker! Most sweaters are a great blank slate for any statement jewelry, so feel free to experiment with different color chokers. However, one of the best chokers to wear with a sweater is the ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in Hot Pink/Silver. This choker was handmade using hot pink and silver beads and silver twine. As always, it was made using materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 



3. Wear your choker with a button-up shirt

Everyone has a plain, old button-up shirt lying around in their closet somewhere. So, breathe some new life into that shirt by pairing it with a stylish choker. This chic pairing will give you a casual but smart look you can wear to work or to dinner with friends. The ‘Fawzaana’ choker in Orange/Silver, in particular, would look stunning with a button-up shirt. The choker itself was handmade using layers of silver and orange beads and silver twine wire.



2. Pair it with some business pants

A classic black choker would look stunning with a classic pair of business trousers. A choker, in general, always looks great in a professional setting because it is not too flashy and it is not difficult to wear. So, for a classy and professional look, you should wear a black or brown pair of trousers with a simple black choker! 



1. Try pairing it with a long dress

A great way to spice up a long dress is to pair it with one of your best chokers. A choker will compliment your dress without dangling in front of it or distracting you from it. This ‘Fawzaana’ Choker in Copper/Gold would look great will all of your floor-length dresses! The choker itself was handmade with gold and copper twine wire with gold beads. Its materials were also sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can feel good knowing how your necklace was made!



See, Queen, a choker necklace is a great versatile accessory that you can wear in plenty of different ways. It is a simple but stunning accessory that will elevate all of your outfits to another level! You can wear it with a glamorous gown or with your favorite pair of jeans. Hopefully, we gave you some outfit inspiration, but before you go, feel free to tell us how you will be styling your choker necklaces!