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10 Big Bold Statement Earrings for Fall

Queens, we’re approaching the season of bold, fun-loving earrings! Looking for a fresh and dressy way to wear earrings this fall without losing the remnants of summer boldness? Look no further; fall’s statement earrings are here to - quite literally – shine!

With fall comes more than one trend, but today, we’re focusing on fanciful earrings. This fall is shaping up to be the season of statement earrings, as sparkly, unapologetic earrings take center stage, pushing dainty options to the side to pave the way for crafty, multicolor dangles and heavy-metal super-stunners. 

While some statement earrings may seem daunting and too out-there, we promise that once you get stuck into the fun of it all, there’s no going back, Queens.

With that being said, we bring you ten big, bold statement earrings that are set to dominate the fall season. 


1. ‘Amika’ Dazzlers

These handmade beauties are gold and bedazzled with clear jeweled stones and pearly accents. With its Indian flairs, perhaps cultural celebrations or parties would be the perfect occasion to take these babies out for a good time. Sported with golden heeled sandals and traditional Indian attire that is typically decorative, you can’t go wrong with these statement earrings! Made with high-quality materials, the proof is in the pudding with the ‘Amika’ Dazzlers as they are somewhat weighted, but rest assured, these dazzlers are splurge-worthy. 

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2. ‘Charu’ Glams – Mint Green

Another set of statement earrings of Indian influence, this pair of matte green and gold statement earrings are both glam and versatile. Queens, go all out and wear these for a night of drinks with the girls! To freshen up your look this fall, these statement earrings would look exquisite with a white shirt dress, a clutch offering a pop of color, and heels of an evening. Keep your face fresh, with shimmery and glowy makeup, along with a half-up, half-down hairdo. Check you out!



3. ‘Chinara’ Large Studs – Orange

Beautifully handmade from Ankara African print fabric, we present the ‘Chinara’ Large Studs in orange to you, Queens. These fun and funky statement earrings are the perfect way to spice up your fall looks, with their molten orange color resembling all things fall! 



Style Inspiration: How To Wear the ‘Chinara’ Large Studs - Orange



4. ‘Chinara’ Stud Dangles – Purple

Queens, another pair of handmade statement earrings made from Ankara African print fabric, has made it to the list and for a good reason, with these blend-of-purple beauties taking on purple and gold accented beads that hang effortlessly, reaching just above the nape of your neck. 



5. ‘Nanda’ Oversized Studs

Queens, you are being called to unleash your inner diva with the ‘Nanda’ Oversized Studs! Of course, classic hoops never go out of style, but don’t underestimate the power of a bold hoop with exaggerated details to ramp up even the most essential fall outfit. These earrings offer an avenue to play with and incorporate cool-cut shapes into your outfits! For a sense of dramatized sophistication, pair these statement earrings with a black turtleneck, a black mini skirt, and thigh-high, heeled boots for a jaw-dropping look after the sun goes down.



Style Inspiration: How To Wear the ‘Nanda’ Oversized Studs



6. ‘Dani’ Oversized Studs

These stunningly unique oversized studs, integrated with rainbow-colored drop-down beads, offer you, Queens, an easy and effective way to inject some much-needed color into your fall wardrobe. A burgundy knit sweater, paired with chunky boots and faux leather pants, is the perfect treat for a cozy look on a casual fall day. Wear these to brunch or a day of shopping. Or, wear these statement earrings everywhere. You do you, Queens!



7. ‘Mohi’ Dangles – Fuschia/Orange

Beautifully detail orientated, the ‘Mohi’ Dangles in Fuschia and orange are silver statement earrings ideal for a perfect day-to-night transition. With Fuschia and orange beads to match, they dangle and sway to the rhythm of their wearer. So queens, get your hands on these earrings! They’d look incredible with a pink knit midi dress and are ideal for wear in and out of the office. 



8. ‘Liya’ Glam Dangles

Packed with turquoise, navy blue, pink, red, and silver gems, the ‘Liya’ gems don’t hold back- kind of like our Queens out there! These statement earrings aren’t for the faint-hearted and need to bask in the glory of maximum attention, where all eyes can appreciate their beauty. We’re thinking festive parties, upscale events- you all know the drill. The glimmering finish to these earrings makes for hair down a good look. So, queens, pair these earrings with a bright pink lip, and away you go to stop admirers in their tracks!



9. ‘Sushma’ Dazzlers

The ‘Sushma’ Dazzlers are enriched with Fuschia gemstones and mini pearls made from oxidized silver metal. Queens, if you want a pair of statement earrings that come to play in all the best ways, these earrings encompassing the best of color and texture are for you. For a bohemian look for one of the warmer fall days, accompany these dazzlers with a white linen shirt and neutral-colored, patterned flared pants. A bright lip with these earrings is a must. 



Style Inspiration: How To Wear the ‘Sushma’ Dazzlers



10. ‘Yasomati’ Danglers

Queens, subtlety has no game for fall, with extra-long earrings dominating the fashion sphere. For an impactful look, feast your eyes on the ‘Yasomati’ Danglers! Opt for dark wash jeans, a chunky belt with silver hardware, chunky black boots, and a bodycon long sleeve for an outfit on the casual side. Need an added layer? Throw on a faux leather jacket, Queens!



With fall bringing in colder weather, jackets often cover much of our outfits’ wow-factor, making these statement earrings an essential this fall to give your looks the pop they need, Queens! So have fun and remember, many of these can be worn for casual or dressy wear. 

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Which statement earrings are you putting in your basket, Queens?