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10 Big Bold Earrings Perfect for Spring

A new season is a perfect time to experiment with new styles and designs in your jewelry! It’s a great time to play around with new colors you haven’t tried before. So, Queen, if you’re new to bold designs, now is your chance to join this bandwagon! So to get you started on your journey, here are ten big, bold earrings that are perfect for spring! 


10. ‘Amala’ Stud Dangles

If you want a more glamorous look this spring, we can’t help but recommend these shimmering earrings. These stud dangles are perfect for all the future parties and gatherings you plan on going to this spring. So just put your hair up, wear your favorite dress, and let these earrings do their work! 



These earrings are named ‘Amala’ which means ‘The Pure One; Hope’ in the Indian Tamil language. They are handmade and decorated with a bounty of mini pearls and clear stone accents, all embedded in a bright sun-catching gold brim and accents. It’s finished with small, lovely jhumkas (traditional bell-shaped design) at the bottom! 


9. ‘Diya’ Dazzlers

Make your outfits more eye-catching by adding these dazzling little earrings! This earring is perfect for someone who loves an elegant and classic style! The name ‘Diya’ translates to ‘Dazzling Personality’ in the Indian Tamil language. So these earrings are a great way to show off your dazzling personality and style! 



These handmade earrings are handmade and have been embedded with mini pearls within a bright gold frame and a jhumka. These earrings would look incredible with a sophisticated dress or white blouse!


8. ‘Siri’ Dazzlers — Red

 If you have any fancy events to attend this spring, you have to bring these earrings with you! The name ‘Siri’ actually means ‘Richness; Beauty; Gold’ in the Indian Tamil language, perfectly describing these accessories. These earrings are gold and embody richness and beauty! 



The ‘Siri’ Dazzlers are handmade with materials from local artisans in Africa and worldwide, so you can feel great knowing where and how your product was made! These earrings were decorated with small mini pearls and hand-painted with a deep purple matte color.


7. ‘Charu’ Glams — Mint Green

These elegant earrings are going to be your must-have accessory this spring! These handmade earrings’ eye-catching mint green color is decorated with gold accents, pearls, and clear jewel stones for a timeless look! 



The name ‘Charu’ means ‘Beautiful; Attractive; Pleasing’ in the Indian Tamil language, and you’ll definitely feel beautiful, attractive, and pleasing wearing these lovely earrings! We think these earrings would look incredible with a floral sundress or with your favorite pair of jeans.


6. ‘Sushma’ Dazzlers

If you want something dramatic and captivating this spring, we recommend wearing these bold earrings. These versatile earrings are perfect to wear during a night out with friends or even casually run errands!



‘Sushma’ translates to ‘Beautiful Women’ in the Indian Tamil language. These earrings will definitely make you feel like a beautiful woman! The earrings are handmade from oxidized silver metal, with an intricately hand-carved design of peacocks dangling from a fuchsia flower jewel. It is finished off with small pearls at the bottom. 


5. ‘Chinara’ Small Studs — Green/Ivory 

For a more casual look, we can’t help but recommend these cool green and ivory studs! Their striking, laid-back design makes them perfect accessories to wear with a casual, flowy dress or your favorite graphic tee this spring! 



These studs are handmade from green, yellow, and ivory Ankara print fabric. All the materials used to make these studs are sourced from local artisans in Africa and worldwide. These earrings can also be a great reminder of your faith, as the name ‘Chinara’ means ‘Received by God’! 


4. ‘Jaiyesimi’ Ruffles

Catch everyone’s attention by wearing these stunning earrings this springtime! The earrings embrace the sweet and laid-back style spring usually brings with its own twist. We think these earrings would look gorgeous with a fuchsia tank top and a pair of jeans for a casual, feminine look!



These handmade earrings were created from Ankara Africa print fabric and decorated with a fuchsia flower accent in the center. As if you needed another reason to love these earrings, their name ‘Jaiyesimi’ actually translates ‘One Who Believes in Enjoying Life’! 


3. ‘Lalita’ Stud Drops — (Black, Red, and Green)

Are you looking for an elegant, sophisticated accessory? If you are, then these earrings are your best match! In fact, they are so smart that their name ‘Lalita’ actually translates to ‘Elegant’ in the Indian Tamil language.



These earrings are handmade; they were created with a floral jhumka (traditional bell-shaped design) that showcases multicolored hand-stained flowers and small beads that dangle from a gold base. We are obsessed with how versatile these earrings, they are perfect for someone who loves a vintage aesthetic and wants to elevate the level of their spring outfits! 


2. ‘Liya’ Glam Dangles 

These iridescent earrings are perfect for your spring afternoons, as they naturally glisten magnificently in the sun! Their name ‘Liya’ translates to ‘Beautiful; Intelligent; Ambitious’ in the Indian Tamil language, which makes a useful suggestion to stay beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious! 



These earrings are handmade using a mixture of colored stones, and it is accented with plenty of small silver bead balls! This colorful accessory is made from materials sourced from local artisans in Africa and around the world. 


1. ‘Morowa’ Tribal Africa Earrings

Flaunt your love for Africa by wearing these captivating gold earrings! These earrings are not only a great conversation piece, but they are multifaceted enough to be worn with anything! 



The handmade earrings themselves showcase the continent of Africa carved from gold brass! Their name ‘Morowa’ means ‘Queen’ in the African language, and these earrings will definitely have you feeling like a queen! 

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Start spring right by wearing some of your favorite bold earrings! Then, complement the warmer weather by using bold, bright, and light accessories. So, Queen, which bold earring will you be wearing this season?